Popular: Winter new crown virus environmental communication risk large pilot tricks how to protect

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Popular: Winter new crown virus environmental communication risk large pilot tricks how to protect

2022-01-18 18:06:12 47 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, January 18 (Reporter Pengshi) Due to the winter people in indoor activities, inhalation of viral aerosols and contaminated object infected viruses increase, experts suggest that people pay attention to the environment for winter new crown virus environment Protection.

The person in charge of the Biological Sol Laboratory of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University, is advised to tell reporters that environmental communication is that there is no direct intersection between "time and space" between health people and new crown infections, but through the virus emission of infected people. Sol (including ground resuspension and waste liquid), or contact the nose and nose to cause infection after contact with the surface of the contaminated object.

It is necessary to publish an example of an environmental dissemination of an environmental dissemination of an environmental communication. Most of the previous research on new crown virus environment is limited to epidemic investigation, and the promotion of the Muslim team in Beijing Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for many means for the cause of a hotel outbreaks, found Environmentally spreads the new crown virus indexing basis. The team uses environmental monitoring data covering air, surface, object surface, etc., combined with video surveillance, epidemiological surveys, and gene sequencing data analysis conclusions, the hotel's epidemic outbreak is mainly caused by environmental dissemination.

To say, the hotel's zero patient (an overseas traveler) and a fast food store employee infected two hotels next door, there is no intersection in time and space, and there is no direct physical contact, but they find them infected by all genome. New crown virus is highly homologous. Analysis and study found that the hotel cleaning staff cleaning the hotel rooms to transfer new crown viruses carrying overseas travelers to other places, fast food store employees in the dormitory laundry room, stairway, etc., infected these viruses .

The study also found that after the hotel isolation control, the high-concentration new crown virus is still detected in the closed space air sample, confirming the high risk of enclosed spatial aerosol propagation viruses.

To say, daily environmental monitoring can be low-cost, effectively assisted the current "dynamic clear" epidemic prevention general policy. Especially for air detection of closed space such as public bathrooms. For the high-frequency surface of the crowd, the surface of the building, the airport, the hotel, etc.

So, for the people, how can the new crown environment spread in winter? To be lush, it is necessary to wear a mask in a closed, semi-closed public place, avoid stay for a long time; in a small public space, if there is conditional, we should try to increase ventilation air ventilation; contact public facilities, after the handrail, no hand Ministry of disinfection should not touch the nose; take the public transport to protect, take a private car or take the net, try to open the window ventilation and reduce the risk. When you have a meal outside, you should try to shorten the time, select the lowest position of the population and a good ventilation, and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

In addition, due to new crown viruses are afraid of hot cold, maintain infectious activity for a long time in low temperature environments, resulting in the frequency of influenza nuclei in China.

Related experts Tip Test the list of positive imports, do not buy these goods that are pollutious or suspected by new crown viruses or suspected contamination.

In response to overseas mail may contaminate new crown viruses, it is possible to flourish that express delivery from overseas is contaminated by new crown viruses. Due to the loss of moisture, the new crown virus on objects such as wrap or envelopes is easily released in the air. In terms of relatively high concentration, it is easy to cause inhalation infection. Therefore, in the process of processing express, especially from the express delivery area, it must be carried out in the hangover and safety wear mask.

Hu Ligang said that in order to reduce email, cold chain and other contact propagation risks, mainly pay attention to the cleaning of the front items, self-protection in contact (such as wearing gloves, masks) and self-opening after contact. (Finish)