Li Jiaxin sent an ICU to rescue the risk of vegetative people, this disease is too scary.

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Li Jiaxin sent an ICU to rescue the risk of vegetative people, this disease is too scary.

2022-01-18 18:05:16 47 ℃

The year is coming, everyone has become busy.

After years of observation, home medical kings found that the more you go to the year, the more surprising, the small accidents of various traffic, or the body's small harsh will come out to grasp the tail of the Lunar New Year.

This is not, the 51-year-old Broadai Li Jiaxin also stressed this time.

On January 15, Li Jiaxin said in the social platform, and he is almost into the ghost door, and now it is "回 一".

It is understood that when the admission examination, Li Jiaxin's blood pressure has not been able to measure the point ...

According to Li Jiaxin, this condition came, let her lying in ICU 48 hours, fortunately, rescued success, and now she is in restoration.

What is the beauty of the beauty?

On the evening of the incident, Li Jiaxin did not realize the seriousness of the problem.

In the middle of the night, Li Jiaxin feels that breathing is not smooth, but because of fear of trouble, thinking that the next day, I can call a private doctor to check, she pats a night.

However, the next day, after the doctor's inspection, Li Jiaxin and her family were shocked. According to the results of the examination, Li Jiaxin's situation was extremely critical: the heart rate can reach 150 per minute, the blood pressure has not been able to measure, the oxygen content is very low, and there is a risk of losing life at any time.

After 2 hours of emergency rescue, Li Jiaxin's lung water was finally drawn, saved her life. After living in ICU, after several departments of experts, I got a "strike" in Li Jiaxin's liver and kidney, and the body has multiple organs in the death.

Fortunately, she also consciously woken up, proved that there is still blood supply to the brain, otherwise the beauty of the generation will become a plants ...

In the past, the most beautiful Li Ka-shing, the most beautiful, but Li Jiaxin, but in front of the disease, the beautiful beauty will finally become a vicissitudes.

Women should pay more attention to cardiovascular disease

Although Li Jiaxin's reasons were not explicit, she was 51 years old, which was currently in the age of menopause, which reminded us that menopausal women pay more attention to cardiovascular health.

Due to the menopausal period and after, the female body can make the blood vessels, the main hormones of the obstruction - estrogen decline, therefore, in menopause, the risk of cardiovascular disease has increased.

Women have to check blood pressure, electrocardiogram and heart ultrasound during the menopausal, and control the waist circumference in daily life, prevent blood pressure and triglyceride too high, stable mood and perform moderately moderate training.

Another mood is comfortable and there is a very important ring. Due to hormone levels, menopausal women are easier to fluctuate, so they should communicate with their families, or more participation in social activities that make them feel easy to enjoy, avoid emotional fluctuations, keep a happy mood.

Li Jiaxin's incidence is in the year, so why do people suddenly have a sudden illness on the occasion of the New Year?

Why is the year?

Experts pointed out that the shortness of the disease is high, mainly the following reasons:


Young people are too busy

There is a lot of work at the end of the year, and the work pressure is very large, and it is necessary to prepare new year, gifts, people can't be divided into 3 parts. This fatigue accumulates, it is easy to cause immunity to decline, and even inspire some potential diseases.


The elderly is too cold

The temperature in the year ago is generally relatively low. The temperature difference in cold or one day will lead to frequent blood vessels, and those who have a bad vascular conditions are prone to problems.


Emotion is more fluctuated than usual

In this case, whether the elderly is still the same, there are many things in the end, there are more things that need to be prepared. They have the thoughts of love on their hometown, and there is also the need to prepare money and gifts to give their parents' relatives. Sighs, these emotions will be more strong than usual, or may affect the body.

Experts remind, the more fast, the more you pay attention to health. People with basic disease don't forget to manage the condition, do not forget to take medicine, monitor all relevant indicators.

Whether it is a young man or an older, you can do some soothing exercise, relieve emotions and stress, and to avoid sleep due to lack of sleep. Young people should avoid excessive overdraft, be sure to combine, in order to make a foundation for the new year!

Home Medical Jun

Whether it is a year-old woman or an older male, or the young people, the family medicine is recommended to do a regular examination, early discovery, and intervene early, don't drag the small disease into a big disease!