"", Fry!The woman is almost ... vigilant!This thing has many people in things.

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"", Fry!The woman is almost ... vigilant!This thing has many people in things.

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Usually encountering the toilet or sewer clogging,

Many people will choose to buy bottle dredges

I tried to solve the problem.

But this is chemical,

It must be strict in accordance with the instructions during use.

Otherwise, it will eventually do it in minutes.

Ms. Huang, Jiande, Zhejiang

Opened a homestay,

Some days ago

The sewer is frequently blocked,

Ms. Huang fell into a bottle of dredges

Accidentally happened

Left eye "is a little bit."

▲ Ms. Huang's hospital diagnosis book

Ms. Huang opened the homestay

Unlike ordinary residential buildings,

The sewer here is 1-2 months

You need to ask a professional worker to dredger.

Every time it is a small overhead.

In order to save costs,

Ms. Huang decided to buy a pipeline dredger dredge.

When used in the first few times,

"It feels very good, cheap and fast."

One day in December last year, the wrong way of use made her "the shock" - "I went to the waterway to pour half bottle, I saw it bubble, and then the '' fried." Just 15 months The baby is still in the bedroom, scared by the explosion.

Ms. Huang and her husband drive to hospitals outside of more than ten kilometers. At the hospital emergency room, the doctor's examination diagnosis is the left eye corneal and conjunctival burn. The doctor told her "" If it is nearby, it may be blind. "

After returning home, Ms. Huang and her husband carefully viewed the instructions for the use of pipe dredges. Pour in half of the bottle at a time, the use of the dose is excessively the main reason for this accident. And throughout the process, Ms. Huang did not wear gloves, masks and glasses, etc. to do appropriate safety protection. Although I know the right way of use, this time, I still have a psychological shadow to Ms. Huang.

What is the pipe dredge agent?

Why is there such a big power?

Original dredge

Most of them are based on sodium hydroxide alkaline ingredients

When sodium hydroxide is met

Will produce a lot of heat

Increased heat in a small space of the pipe

Pressure increase

at this time

The liquid will splash from a narrow pipeline

And release gas, very corrosive,

It can easily burn people's skin.

Doctor reminds:

The patient is accidentally burned by liquid, don't apply items such as toothpaste, soy sauce, flour, etc., so it will only get worse. If it is a small range of hand burns, flushing with flowing water in the first time, disinfection of iodol or alcohol. Apply a burn-in-burn to the hospital or go to the hospital.

If there is a dredgent dredge, it may cause oral, esophageal, gastric injury, and severely lead to the stomach perforation, scientific treatment, and it is necessary for medical treatment. If there is obvious uncomfortable, or splash to your eyes, it is recommended to immediately go to the nearest hospital.

Everyone must strictly use it

Dosage and method according to the instructions

No short-distance contact

In addition to "burning"

The dredge is still an unleurveable harm

Children's bad food

So if there is a child at home

This type of corrosive goods must be properly stored

Beware of children touch

Small dredge

Its power, really can't look small ~

At the end of the year

Each household is ready to make a clearance.

Everyone is doing a good health

Also pay attention to safety


Source: Qianjiang Evening News