Can running slim?Come over, you can lose weight, but it is easy to encounter a platform period.

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Can running slim?Come over, you can lose weight, but it is easy to encounter a platform period.

2022-01-19 06:06:04 58 ℃

With the development of the times, more diverse diet, although the food and clothing problem is resolved, however, more and more people develop bad eating habits, leading to an increase in obesity, and weight loss has become the most popular topic . Especially in recent years, weight loss has become a habit most people living in the. Especially for girls, as long as over a hundred weight, body fat a little, it would surely cried to lose weight. However, weight loss is not a simple matter, can not succeed in a short time to lose weight, we need a long stick. So, a lot of people to lose weight is the attitude of a whim, and so enthusiastic after Tuisan, weight loss becomes boring, coupled with weight loss requires some effort, resulting in most people fail to lose weight.

Anyway, obesity not only affects the body's physical beauty, but also hazardous to their health, so weight loss is necessary to do one thing.

When it comes to weight loss, I have to say, a popular form of sports - running.

Running is a young and old Safe movement, I believe most people have done, at the same time, they also run as a habit of life. In the weight loss process, running is the most used, because it is simple and convenient, is not limited to space, has a good weight loss, but also bring many benefits. No matter what age, running is good exercise, not only lose weight but also to promote good health, so popular is not running no reason!

Maybe you've heard these words, you want to lose weight, then go running; a bad mood, a step to run it. But having said that, people often say that running to lose weight, it is running in the end can not lose weight? Efficiency and running to lose weight then?

Running can lose weight, but the results vary. Running to lose weight is well known, especially for body fat rate is relatively high for people who use running to lose weight, the effect would be more obvious in a short time you can clearly see the rapid weight loss. However, if a relatively low percentage of body fat people to lose weight by running, keep running so long will not change anything. Because body fat rate dropped to a certain extent, the body will gradually adapt to the exercise intensity, thus fall into the plateau, while running on the platform and most likely encounter.

Whatever the sport, its level of efficiency related to weight loss related to exercise intensity. Running in the lower level of intensity, while jogging intensity is lower, a low-intensity exercise. If the long-term way to lose weight by jogging, then weight loss is very limited, which is due to the process of jogging your heart rate volatility is not, fat burning efficiency is relatively low. Another is a sprint to lose weight, spend a few minutes to finish two kilometers, although this Run mode, your heart rate volatility will increase, but the running distance is too short, not enough time to cause the body to burn fat, movement is over, but also not meet the criteria afterburn effect, therefore, lose weight efficiency is very low.

Ignore warm-up before running, ignoring stretch after running, which is most people are doing the habit, and this habit can lead to inefficient running of fat burning, and also increase the chance of sports injuries. Of course, if you do not control calorie intake, the body's daily calorie surplus, so weight loss can lead to low efficiency.

Situation caused by the level of efficiency of weight loss there are many, so we need multi-pronged approach in the weight loss process, to develop good habits, in order to promote weight loss efficiency.

Running intensity is not high, easy to encounter plateau, how do?

First of all what is said plateau? Popular speak, the plateau is the bottleneck, it can not increase, and may also lead to a decline. Take running, once caught in the plateau, running has no effect, no matter how long you run, long run, she still can not lose weight, or even fat. Running encounter plateau of how we want to do? In fact, it's easy to solve, most people know how to do, but just do not want to do or be ignored!

Adjust the diet to control calorie intake, break through the plateau

Although exercise can help us to successfully lose weight, but diet is also essential. If only exercise, not diet, not to control calorie intake, do more exercise is a waste of time, because the diet is the culprit leading to obesity. As the saying goes, one-third practicing seven to eat, only the control diet, reduce calorie intake, promote weight loss efficiency can help us to successfully lose weight. Do not maintain a single diet, not to eat high oil and salt, high-sugar, high-calorie food, intake of protein, eat all kinds of vegetables, such as: spinach, cabbage, leek. Time to eat three meals a day, not diet, with attention to nutrition. Only good eating habits in order to improve the efficiency of fat burning.

Increase the long run, increase the intensity

In the course of the campaign, caught one of the reasons plateau with exercise intensity where relevant. Once the body adapts to a certain exercise intensity, it is difficult to break through, but if you want to change this situation, it is necessary to increase the intensity, in order to better help us break through the plateau. Can increase the long run, you can also increase the rate of running, raise your heart rate, allowing the body to burn fat into the best state, in order to effectively burn fat. In general, when you want to maintain a long-running within 30 to 90 minutes at the most reasonable, short duration, limited fat burning efficiency, duration is too long, vulnerable, affecting their health.

Adjustment break

If you want to have to achieve weight loss through run, you must stick to it, I believe this is very clear.During the running process, some people's runs have been improved, because they think that the more running, it is easier to thin.But in fact, running excess will only lower weight loss effect, and it will make the body injured, and it is not conducive to breakthrough platform.So, don't just take a look, let your body rest well.Only keep your body in a good state, you can play normally during the running process, easier to help us break through the platform.During the run, I don't know if you have a platform period?If so, how do you break through the running platform?Welcome to leave a message, discuss together!