Chairman Mao often "does not cooperate with" doctors, once said to the health doctor: Confucius has stomach disease

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Chairman Mao often "does not cooperate with" doctors, once said to the health doctor: Confucius has stomach disease

2022-01-19 18:04:34 45 ℃

The medical staff around Chairman Mao, always focusing on his physical condition and puts forward some health suggestions in time. However, Chairman Mao's attitude towards the doctor, he often does not agree with some doctors' views on their own body, and they are not willing to turn around them.

According to Mao Chairman Wu Lilin, Comrade Wu Lilin, Chairman Mao said many times, said, "I have five-flavored medicine, called eat, drink, pull, sprinkle, sleep. These five aspects are normal, I have no disease. My body is very clear. "

Confident optimistic Chairman Mao (image)

And said: You have no need to follow me, I am nothing, you should go to the hospital to give those people who have sick. If I have something here, I need you, I will call you.

It is really sick. Chairman Mao is not so willing to take medicine, and he is not willing to see doctors.

Chairman Mao believes that the doctor cannot be too superstitious, "Don't give people a medication because of a small disease." "A person itself has the ability to fight the disease.

Self-capacity fighting bacteria (image)

At that time, the victory is made, then it is exempt from the medicine, and the resistance will also be enhanced, and a good thing. "If your own resistance is insufficient, you can't overcome the disease. At that time, I used it to help him, and I am still not too late."

This may be the reason why Chairman Mao is unwilling to use it easily.

Diet is a very important aspect of physical health. To this end, the medical staff is based on the age, physical condition of Chairman Mao, often suggesting what Chairman Mao should eat, what should I eat, what to eat, what to eat less.

Chairman Mao and Health Doctor Wang Hebin (Image)

In fact, Chairman Mao has always been more casual, never picky, there is no special requirement. Of course, he is not willing to change some of the eating habits that have been developed because of others or suggestions.

In this regard, the old man has a statement: "What do I want to eat, explain what my body is missing. After you eat, you can be digested, then you will explain the head. So, no one is" command ' I don't eat, ask me what to eat. "

Therefore, the doctor does not recommend some pigs such as high fat, pig belly, etc., and he is not mistaken. Some protein nutrients are almost never.

Chairman Mao likes to eat small fish in ditch, shrimps, do not like to eat sea cucumber, abalone and other mountains; like to eat multi-fiber green leaf green dishes, and the taste is decertor.

Small fish in the trench (image)

Don't like a fine grain, like to eat brown rice miscellaneous grains. He often eats "2 meters" (big, rice millet, divered together), often adds some sweet potatoes, taro, lily. In the old age, the old man still likes to eat old corn, sweet potato, etc.

Not only that, on the meal, Chairman Mao also has its own regulations, that is: "One is not hungry, I am full."

While adhering to his "Diet", Chairman Mao also entered the way to prove its correctness and rationality to those medical staff.

One day, Chairman Mao said to his health care doctor Xu Tao: "Kong Lao Fi is very stressed. Fish and meat are not fresh, food color change is not eaten, cooking is uncomfortable, don't eat, these It is very well in the standard and requirements of health and health. However, the old man is sick! "

Chairman Mao (image)

Xu Tao listened to a surprise, thought: How did Chair Chairman know that Confucius has been sick than more than 2,000 years ago? I have never seen the history of this aspect! Although Xu Tao is unknown, but it is inconvenient to ask, I have to say: "President, I didn't pay attention to this problem."

After listening to Mao, I looked at Xu Tao who was a little, I smoked the smoke, and then said: "You should diagnose the doctor. According to my opinion, Kong Lao Fi has stomach disease."

Understanding Chairman Mao, Xu Tao did not help but frowned, and the god looked at Chairman Mao, and couldn't help but ask: "How do you know?" How do you know? "

Confucius (image)

Chairman Mao saw Xu Tao and asked, just smiled and explained: "Kong Lao Fan advocates 'food is not tired, he is never sow'. After he makes something so fine, then enjoy it, is it clear?"

At this time, Xu Tao Ming finally be white, Chairman Mao was changing the way to interpret his diet - why? Why is it so much? Or usually, ordinary is good!

Yes, almost all the day is in the high-intensity of Mao, the diet is not in the law, nor does it deliberately care.

Such work, lifestyle, according to medical related theories, is very easy to trigger a variety of diseases, affecting health.

Chairman Mao (image) in the working work

However, the Chairman Mao has almost no problem in other aspects, in addition to insomnia.

Later, Xu Tao passed observation and research found that Chairman Mao's work habits of long-term development, so they could not afford it.

In addition, in the revolutionary practice, the "people" of the "people" developed by the fertility is also good for Mao's health.