These 22 cases must be made in time to make a colonoscope, and An An Xin is a big year.

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These 22 cases must be made in time to make a colonoscope, and An An Xin is a big year.

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"The age is so light, how can the intestinal trunks have problems, why do colonoscopy?"

"I am very stool every day, there will be no problem in the intestines ..."

"The intestinal mirror is very painful, will not poke the intestines" ......

Maximum young patients, usually there is no intestinal discomfort, but the bowel mirror has found that there are rectum or colon polyps, some polyps pathology or even high-level epithelial endicoma - cancer precancerous lesions,

More colorectal cancer patients must not be used to do colonoscopy, and after the diagnosis, it is often progressing period.

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Near the Spring Festival, take the empty make a bowel mirror!

Due to the symptoms of colorectal cancer, there is no symptom in the previous period. When symptoms, it is often no longer early.

Moreover, most of the colorectal cancer is evolved in the evolution of the intestinal polyps, and the process is slowly hysteresis. Just makes a colonoscope in time, you can find a polyp and cut it, in exchange for 5-10 years of intestinal treatment for a long time.

Not long ago, the famous clinical medicine magazine [willow knife] published the latest research, and the number of intestinal cancer can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer to reduce the risk of more than one-third, and can save countless lives.

This study lasted for nearly 20 years, funded by many research institutions in the UK. The study found that the lower half of the large intestine can prevent 35% of intestinal cancer in this site, saving 41% of the patient's life.

The study follows up to more than 170,000, with an average follow-up time for more than 17 years, 40,000 of more than 40,000 colonoscopy. This is the longest to study whether the colonoscopy can effectively prevent intestinal cancer.

Another authoritative report is a large study involving 25,000 people. Research and analysis found that there were no colonoscopy in a large part of patients who died of cancer.

In contrast, the history of the past 20 years has been found that colonoscopy is reduced by 61%, of which the risks of the right colon cancer have been reduced by 46%, and the left cancer has decreased by 72%.

Li Zhaoshen's academician said: a colonoscope, you can guarantee that you have no problem in 5 years, you will not have intestinal cancer.

Busy for a year, so easy to pay, may wish to make an appointment of the bowel mirror!

You will thank my suggestions!

What is the colonoscopy?

Simply put, "colonoscopy" is a slender and flexible rubber hose, and the head is fitted with light, camera, and biopsy pipes, and flushing and inflatable devices. Under the direct view of the physician, along the intestinal cavity along the anus, slowly enter the large intestine, and reach the end of the cities and small intestines;

The colonoscope is a hose with light and camera.

The patient's lateral position, "colonoscopy" enters the large intestine by the anus

During the inspection, it can be wetted at any time to flush the intestines, or be inflated, so that the intestines go out so that the doctor is more clearly observed; the cold light source and high-definition camera in front of the colonus will be transmitted in the intestinal On the screen, you can see the situation in the intestines in time; if you find something that is long and long, or the intestinal itself has an abnormality, you can use the biopsy, clamp, and send the cellopathological examination under the microscope. .

You can find that the lesion is discovered and removed

The mirror is equipped with a flushing mouth to clean the intestine

Can also support the intestinal tract through the inflatable mouth

The image of the intestinal disease is found through the image transmitted by the camera.

Using biopsy pipelines, clamps

The tongue tissue is sent to a pathophone to make further inspections, which can identify the nature and extent of the lesion.

Is it very painful to do colonoscopy?

With the improvement of doctors in the microscopic technique, the pain pain has been significantly reduced; the inspection may have a certain degree of pain or pull discomfort, as long as the doctor is active, most people can be successfully completed.

Even in the abnormal tissue in the intestine in the biopsy, if there is no nerve distribution on the polyps, it will not feel pain. Therefore, most people can tolerate colonoscopy without "analgesic".

But if you are still "I am very embarrassed", you can also choose the "unhaneous mirror" under anesthesia. If you sleep, you will have any feelings.

Due to the colonoscopy, if there is a slight abdominal pain, the bloating feels, you can gently knew the abdomen or move it. It takes time to find a doctor.

These people suggested to have a colonoscope

(1) There are symptoms such as blood, black and other symptoms, or long-term tissue tuberculous test positive;

(2) There is a mucus, pus and blood;

(3) Most of the stool, not shaping, or diarrhea;

(4) Difficulties in the near future or irregular stool;

(5) Tell the deceased deformation;

(6) Long-term abdominal pain, abdominal scoris;

(7) The weight loss of unknown causes, thinner;

(8) Unknown causes anemia;

(9) The abdominal block of unknown reasons must be clearly defined;

(10) Unexplained CEA (carcinozym antigen) raised;

(11) Long-term chronic constipation, long-term treatment;

(12) Chronic colitis, long-term medication, long-term treatment;

(13) Doubt colon tumor, but barium enema X-ray examination negative person;

(14) Abdominal CT or other checks found that the intestinal wall thickened, requiring exclusion of colorectal cancer.

(15) Dueinance, hemorrhagic lesions can be found, determine the causes of bleeding, and can be stopped when necessary.

(16) Has suffered from blood insecticide diseases, ulcerative colitis and other diseases. (17) Review of the intestinal mirror after colon cancer. Patients with colorectal cancer generally need to review a colonoscope every 6 months to 1 year.

If preoperative obstruction, the colonoscope cannot be examined for all colon, and the colonoscopy should be checked 3 months after surgery to clarify other parts of non-colored polyps or colon cancer.

(18) It has been found that there is colon polyp, and it is necessary to remove the colonoscope;

(19) Review of the intestinal mirror after columoscopic meat.

It may be recurred after agoscistectomy and should be reviewed regularly.

Pelvet adenoma, serdate adenoma and high-level glycopene polyps are easily recurred and cancer, and it is recommended to review a colonoscope every 3-6 months.

Other polyp recommendations are generally reviewed every 12 months.

If you review the colonoscopy is negative, then review it after 3 years.

(20) The histori of the family of colorectal cancer should conduct colonoscopy:

If there is a colorectal cancer in the family, his straight relatives (parents, children, brothers and sisters) should do colonoscopy even if there is no symptoms or discomfort.

A large number of research proofs:

If there is a person who has colorectal cancer, his straight relative (parents, children, brothers sisters) is 2-3 times the normal population.

(21) The crowd of the historical history of colon polyps also needs colonoscopy.

(22) People over 40 years old, especially long-term high-protein high-fat diet and long-term alcoholics, it is best to test a colonoscopy in order to find some early colorectal cancer as soon as possible.