O'Kek's continued invasion of Beijing and has added!The culprit is actually a bad habit of many people!

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O'Kek's continued invasion of Beijing and has added!The culprit is actually a bad habit of many people!

2022-01-19 18:04:45 35 ℃

The SAR is also broken.

On January 16th, Shenzhen held an epidemic prevention and control conference: two new diagnosis in Shenzhen, one of which is the O'K trencher. When the news came out, immediately set off an uproar!

So, how does O'K 戎 land in Shenzhen? From the Notice of the Shenzhen Safety Entrance Committee, we found the answer. This case is a 21-year-old woman, mainly engaged in the processing and reception of overseas refrigeration chemical reagents. She did three nucleic acids on January 8, 10, 12, 12, and the result was negative. On January 15, she had an accident in the fourth nucleic acid. On the same day, her first screen was positive. The next day, the review is also positive, and the gene sequencing results of O'K克 tunnel strains. More terrible is that she stayed in multiple public places before they were confirmed. At present, Shenzhen has been seal on her stay, the whole city is alert, and the O'Kek will attack the battle.

Coincidentally. Before the O'Kron landed in Shenzhen, the capital Beijing has been defense first.

On January 15th, the Beijing Health Jiterary Committee announced at the press conference: a new case of native new coronary pneumonia was confirmed in Beijing, which is positive for the O'Kki variability. The case did not have outdated Beijing in the near future, which means she didn't know when she started. I didn't know. After two days of traceability, the results came out. A case recently received an international email. The international email issued from Canada on January 7th, and the United States and China Hong Kong finally arrived in Beijing. On January 11, the case opened the email, and he was fever on the next day. Two days later nucleic acid - Okocra. At present, Beijing has collected 22 environmental specimens of this international mail, including 2 outer surfaces, two inner surfaces, and 8 paper specimens, nucleic acid detection is positive, and detected Otkek .

The conference site. Li Lei photo

Up to now, there may be 8 people in the transportation, and the nucleic acid detection results of the nucleic acid detection of nucleic acid detection in addition to the case are negative. In addition, the collection of 54 international mail environments specimens that have not been detached in another location, 5 positive were detected, including 4 positive packages in 1 positive paper.

The Beijing CDC laboratory conducted all genome sequencing, gene sequence analysis showed that viruses belongs to Voc / OMCRON variants (BA.1 evolutionary branches). There are differences in the O'Trick variability of Beijing from the past cases and the recent domestic and foreign provincial (city) (cities), are not part of the same spread chain; part of the strains separated from North America and Singapore in December 2021.

In summary, combined with epidemiological history, suspicious item sample detection results, and gene sequencing results of the case specimens, it is possible to infect viruses through foreign items.

Many provinces (cities) have also reported the spread of cold chain or non-cold chain items. In the near future, there have been many reports in overseas mail and other items. New crown viruses can survive at low temperatures, and the risk of transmission of winter substances increases. At present, the global O'K tunain strain is high, and it is reminded everyone here:

First, we will minimize the purchase of overseas goods during high-incidence.

Second, if you receive an overseas mail or item, you should properly wear a mask and disposable gloves, reduce direct contact and communication.

The third is to pick up in fixed location as much as possible and have no contact handover. If you need to sign, keep your secure distance with the courier. Fourth, it is as good as possible when you take it. Don't take it home. If you need to classify your waste; if you need to take home, you can use a chlorine disinfectant or 75% alcohol to completely disinfecting internal and external packaging. 5. After processing the mail, pick up the gloves in time, carefully use the hand disinfection or clean your hands, replace the mask, avoid using uncleaned hand touches, eyes, nose.

At the end of the year, we are facing Delta and Okeki's dual challenges. So what should our people pay attention to? Ten million roads, establish a health first responsible person awareness is always the first. First of all, insist that he must not leave the country, do not go to the medium and high risk area. Secondly, cooperate with the regular epidemic prevention and control management, actively wear masks in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, theater, stadiums, and test temperature.

Zhang Wenhong also said that the effect of new crown vaccine is remarkably effective in reducing the intensity and mortality, especially the third needle vaccine can increase the level of antibody to several tens of times.

At present, the proportion of the three-needle vaccine in my country is not high. We must prepare for persistence and viruses, we must arrange the vaccine as soon as possible!