Pepper stewed pear, super power!I only know today ...

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Pepper stewed pear, super power!I only know today ...

2022-01-19 18:05:24 56 ℃

Pears is a common fruit, pepper is a kind of Spices, both eight-pole could not beat the original one, but now someone will put them together to make up a prescription diet, actually played out unexpected the effect, then the effect is what is it?

Prickly pear stew

Over to the edge of cough medicine

Yes, stewed pear and pepper together to cough, a lot of friends in the small mom when they are drunk stew of rock candy Sydney, as long as the drink bowls will be able to relieve the symptoms of cough, very magical.

So when paired with pears and pepper stew Why can play the effect of cough it?

Cough principle

Traditional medicine theory pears into cold food, its sweet sour and flat, not only without any toxic ingredients, but also has the effect Sheng Jin spleen, and stomach Jiangni. Wen Xin and pepper taste, you can warm in the cold, enhance the body's immune system.

These two food in stew, the effect can be both lungs, stomach two classics, effectively relieve symptoms of cough, phlegm at the same time play the role of.

Applicable disease

Common cough is divided into hot cough cough and cold and wind. Diet recipe different types of cough application is different. Prickly pear stew is mainly used for the treatment of cough.

If suffering from a cold cold should be mainly Xin Wen Xie table, and if for the common cold, then the application of the law Xin Liang Xie table.

Specific methods pepper stewed pear

A pear, wash, intermediate transverse incision digging core 20 into pepper, sugar 2, then good pear halves into the bowl, the pot was evaporated to about half an hour, a separable two pear once finished.

In addition, there is a small cough and cold remedies are also very useful, that is Bing Tangshui garlic.

Children with garlic 2-3 valve, the adults with 7-8 lobes, first Crush garlic, add a few pieces of crystal sugar bowl of water, first with the fire to boil, then simmer over low heat a few minutes, and finally boiled the amount of dose a small bowl, drink three times a day.

In fact, not only pears can be used for the treatment of cough, it can also be used to treat wind-heat cough.

Wind-heat cough

Fritillaria steamed pear

Cough frequency drama, Kesheng hoarse or rough, dry sore throat, cough unhappy, sputum viscosity or yellow, the thin yellow tongue. On behalf of symptomatic cough remedies have fritillary steamed pears.

Fritillaria steamed pear

Pears on the shank transverse incision, after digging into the middle of nuclear sugar 2-3 tablets, 5-6 tablets fritillary (Fritillaria want to crack into the end of pharmacies), the pears into a bowl for a good fight inside, on the pot and steam for 30 minutes, twice taking.

After either cold or cough and cold Fengreganmao, as long as there is a pear enough friends, and everyone standing cough coup, a good collection, and distributed to the group of friends know about it, is really very practical!