Does the bone implant metal?Doctor: It is necessary to depends on these factors!

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Does the bone implant metal?Doctor: It is necessary to depends on these factors!

2022-01-20 00:03:48 59 ℃

Bones refers to the hard-working tissue in the human body, and they are also known as internal bones in the clinic. There are 206 bones in the interior of the human body, and they are interconnected between joints and ligaments. The purpose of the bone is to support and protect the human body and maintain normal activities. At the same time, the bones can also produce red blood cells and blood cells, and store minerals!

Once there is a more serious bone damage, in order to promote bone recovery, the body can operate normally, some patients need to use metal to reconstruct and fix the bone. At present, metal implants on the market have multiple types, such as steel plates, screws, artificial joints, etc., different diseases, different parts, and metal implants used. Then the problem is coming, if the metal of the in body is implanted, do you need to take it out, what factors decide whether to take it out?

1. Age factors If there is a bone problem in children or adolescents, after implantation of metal substances, as the bones return to the bones, the metal needs to be re-taken out to avoid harm to the body. The reason is because children and adoles are in growth and development, and the bones will grow, and the metal does not grow up with the growth of the bones. If the metal is not taken out, then it is originally implanted. There will be changes, or even affect blood vessels and nervous systems. Therefore, children and adolescents need to take the implant after bone recovery;

2, the skeleton of surgery needs to be carried out under the external stimulus, and after the body is implanted into the metal, the bones lack corresponding stimuli, and the future may develop into osteoporosis. Moreover, long-term allowing metal objects accept strength from the outside world, which may cause fracture of metal objects. Therefore, if the portion of the metal is implanted, it is necessary for a long time to receive external force. For example, the elbow is part of the elbow, it should be taken in accordance with the doctor's recommendation, and the opposite is to see personal situation;

3. Looking at the type of implantation as mentioned above, metal implants have multiple types, and different types of metal objects are different, and whether they need to take out their specific types. For example, steel plates, screws, and rivets, etc., the effect they play is to stabilize the bones, promote the recovery and healing of fractures. Therefore, when the bone healing, they do not have the necessity of existence, and the implant is taken out by surgery. And if it is an artificial joint change, it means that the patient's joint is seriously damaged, lost value, and the artificial joint replaces the original section work, this situation does not need to take it;

4, see the physical quality to take out the implanted metal, means that patients need surgery again. The patient's specific body state is the key to affecting the success of the operation. If the patient's age is large, the immune function can be weak, there is a serious cardiopulmonary disease or cardiovascular disease, there is a serious bleeding tendency and coagulation disorder, and cannot withstand the risk of surgery. In this case, it cannot be forced to take out.

Written in the last: All in all, whether the metal implant in the body needs to be taken, it needs to be comprehensively considered through many aspects, after all, the specific physical condition of each patient is different, so the specific situation is different. Patients should actively listen to doctors' suggestions and arrangements, if there is a disadvantage of metal, it is necessary to keep surgery in time.