What should the old man always insomnia?Pay attention to this 5 points to help improve sleep quality

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What should the old man always insomnia?Pay attention to this 5 points to help improve sleep quality

2022-01-20 18:04:13 44 ℃

Many elderly people have poor sleep quality, although I slept very early every day, but it is easy to sleep, enter the deep sleep time, wake up, it will be tired, it is easy to hurt, and this situation will be improved by good way. People can only promote the health of the body under the adjustment of high quality sleep, while delaying aging and improving the resistance. So, how to improve the elderly sleep?

1, don't wait for a long time during the day

The elderly is not good, the most important thing is not to sleep in more than a long time during the day, should develop regular work habits, fall asleep early, fixed the biological clock, so that approaching time will be dilemma, you can enter sleep. Some people have not sleeping at night, choose the daytime, but I don't know how to stay in more than a long time, there is no sleepy situation, it is easy to insomnia in the evening, but also follow the correct job principle.

2, increase the feeling of fatigue

There is an appropriate exercise to increase the feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, and have a difficulty to sleep, usually can also improve sleep quality. Some elderly are not sleepy and the amount of sleep is too small. If you think that you are old, you can't act too much, so as to avoid damage to your body. In fact, you can master the skills, step by step, control your strength, you can get good, in motion method In the case, the resistance is enhanced, consumes some energy, and sleeps in the night, which is also a way to relieve insomnia.

3, release pressure

Eliminate negative emotions, release the pressure, sleep in the nerve stable state, and you can find a lot of sleep quality. Some elderly people have a trivial thing in their homes, so they are highly nervous and easy to worry about all day, sometimes encountered some tricky problems without solving and negative emotions, and the impact will be deteriorated. If you can know how pressure is released, you can keep your mood well, in your easy condition, you can sleep.

4, diet adjustment

The elderly is easy to insomnia is a common situation, and it is possible to improve by diet adjustment. Many types of foods in life have the effect of safe sleep, and the various ingredients inside can make the nerve function, and some people are insomnia and plant neurological disorders. I recommend that the elderly choose millet, longan, honey, etc. Nutrition can assist in improving sleep quality. Those who are irritating, increasing digestive pressure and excitement, should be taboo.

5, create a comfortable sleep environment

In the case of a bad sleep, it is easy to get worse. If the sleep environment can be improved, it will sleep. Some elderly sleeping environments have not kept good, cold weather did not pay attention to keep warm, hot weather did not reasonably cool down, sleep in uncomfortable places, usually sleep well. In addition, there is no quietness, often have no noisy sounds during sleep, and it will be difficult to sleep. If these points can be adjusted, create a comfortable environment, usually have a lot of sleep quality.