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Longhua Hospital famous Chinese medicine: Wang Lin

2022-01-21 00:05:33 50 ℃

The beginning of the establishment of the hospital, Longhua Hospital, Shanghai Hui gather a lot of Chinese medicine was famous for hospital development has laid a solid academic foundation of Chinese medicine and culture. Generations of Long healing people for inheritance and development of the pharmaceutical industry forge ahead in unity, temper forward, emerged abroad Medical Masters, academic inheriting experience of instructors, the National 973 Program chief scientist, Cheung Kong Scholars, chief scientist Qihuang projects across the old Chinese medicine, a representative group of people Qihuang scholars, Shanghai and other Chinese medicine.

In order to better implement hospital "talent strong hospital" policy, the hospital launched the "Longhua Hospital, Chinese medicine" single work, a total of 39 experts have been awarded the "Longhua Hospital, Chinese medicine," the title, they are the backbone of the development of the hospital, launched special "Longhua Chinese medicine hospital "column, let us feel their presence. Today, let us follow the Xiaobian approached Longhua Hospital, Chinese medicine practitioners Wang Lin.

Longhua Hospital, Chinese medicine

Wang Lin

Healer reflections

Honesty and innovation, the essence of heritage

Resourceful Zhiyuan, hearts and save the world

Wang Lin, MD, chief physician, Professor, master tutor, a visiting scholar at the University of Liverpool. Affiliated Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital, Chinese medicine, is currently on Longhua Hospital, South Hospital District Nephrology director of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Yiping national old Chinese tradition studio head, vice president of Chinese Medical Informatics Association nephropathy Branch CHINESE Medical Association credits will be immune Standing Committee, China Society of Chinese and Western medicine kidney disease Branch Youth Committee, the World professional Committee of the governing United emergency, the national Natural Science Foundation of China Han Shen expert combination. Mainly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of refractory nephrotic syndrome clinical and research work, as well as internal medicine teaching Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. As the first person in charge presided over the national, provincial, city bureau-level project more than 10, published 97, which SCI5 articles, monographs 5, as the people of the second invention obtained national invention patents 4 research results were given Shanghai Science and technology progress Award, Chinese Medical Science and technology progress Award, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine Science and technology Award and other provincial and municipal academic awards eight, won the Shanghai Science and technology, Shanghai outstanding young medical talent, the second session of the "Shanghai science and Education of Party Youth science and Technology innovation system talent Award", the first integrative medicine outstanding contribution to youth and other honorary titles.

Heritage of old TCM academic essence, promote academic development

Under the tutelage of renowned Integrative Medicine Nephrology everyone Professor Chen Yiping, won the teacher of the Heart. In clinical practice, energetic, active exploration, summing up finishing, inheritance promote academic experience and thought the old Chinese medicine, with outstanding contributions. Under the guidance of instructors, carding system, summarized, concise "good offices Sanjiao cure kidney" theoretical system, and strive to practice in clinical practice, achieve significant clinical efficacy and good social impact. The Professor Chen Yiping academic thought to publish monographs, published in the form of papers, patents and hospital preparations promotion and transformation for the benefit of the broader chronic kidney disease patients.

Refractory to carry out clinical basis membranous nephropathy series of studies to explore the scientific connotation of "rule from focus" on the treatment of membranous nephropathy

Refractory membranous nephropathy in recent years, the team sought to capture the focus of disease, in the leadership of Professor Chen Yiping, Wang Lin as the main researchers involved in the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Project "Shenqi granule membrane kidney" treatment of membranous multicenter study of kidney disease, the study fully confirms the traditional Chinese medicine treatment safety and efficacy of refractory nephrotic syndrome, became the first paper in clinical studies national authoritative international magazine published kidney traditional Chinese medicine treatment of refractory nephropathy.

To further optimize the TCM treatment programs to promote further improve the clinical efficacy, Lin led the team carried out a series of in-depth research, carried out the first in the country for the first time predicted gene targets related to the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive program of treatment of membranous nephropathy, results suggest that: genetic background differences may lead to kidney Shenqi film obtained and the efficacy of the different mechanisms of gene level, with the family of HLA gene copy number variations affect the play Shenqi film side effect of kidney; PLA2R subsequently carried out an anti-antibody levels associated with efficacy of Shenqi granule membrane research, the study found, the anti-PLA2R antibody levels series to assess help predict patients with membranous nephropathy respond to traditional Chinese medicine treatment; "rule from focus" on the treatment of membranous nephropathy is an important Professor Chen Yiping "good offices Sanjiao cure kidney" theory part, put forward in recent years, Wang Lin "gut microflora play a crucial role in the pathogenesis and prognosis of membranous nephropathy, focal treatment which is reached by improving the intestinal microflora imbalance of immune regulation thus contributing to the alleviation of the disease." the scientific hypothesis, prospective, randomized controlled clinical study in order to identify disease-causing aspects of gut microflora disorders, explore therapeutic targets, reveal the scientific connotation.

Efforts to explore the clinical effect of the real world post-party prescription under the name of the old Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to make solid work for the extension of the slow process of renal failure

Over the years, Wang Lin has always been oriented to improve the clinical efficacy for refractory renal disease, clinical research:

IgA nephropathy is the first cause of primary glomerulonephritis in my country. Because of its pathological performance, the disease is prolonged, can cause glomerular hardening, intermediate fibrosis, medium-term IgA nephropathy can be rapidly progressed The end of the nephropathy, still lacks effective treatment methods. Professor Wang Linjing, Professor Chen Yiping, Professor Chen Yiping, "Sands Sanx", IGA nephropathy, thinks that Sanjiao and its part of water disorders participating in IGA nephropathy and development, early, middle two concentrated spleen lungs, gradually The gas injury and the yin are boundless; in the middle of the night, the disease is deeply underde, leading to the liver and kidney yin, finally until the wounds and the yang and the yang deficiency or yin and yang. She organized a large number of precious clinical data in the past two decades, and the system assessing the long-term efficacy of the Chen's series to treat IgA nephropathy. It has confirmed that traditional Chinese medicine treatment has a significant protective role in the long-term renal function of the medium-sized IgA nephropathy; Early, the more conducive to the protection of residual renal function. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most common and most severe microvascular complications of diabetes. Once the clinical protein diaper is entered, the lesion is irreversible, which is an important cause of end-stage renal failure. According to the "Mediation Sanx" treatment of kidney, it is believed that diabetic nephropathy "start focus, final focus" is the path of pathogenesis, early treatment is focusing in Clear focus, re-uses clear heat, medium, late treatment In the middle, lower second focus, especially warm-to-spleen and kidney; Wang Lin led the team members based on the "real world" data analysis method, systematic assessment of the long-term efficacy of Diabetic kidney disease (DKD) in IV, yin and yang. The results of the study confirmed that the Kidney Kidney Cofferd can improve the renal function of CKD3-5 diabetic nephropathy patients, and improve the role of renal function is independent of hypoglycemic effect, and the earlier, the top Chinese medicine is treated to delay the role of renal dysfunction. The more remarkable, the duration, suggesting that early Chinese medicine involves involving the treatment of diabetic kidney disease.

Create a branch of renal department, create a "mediation three-focused" practice base

In August 2014, according to the hospital deployment, Wang Lin came to the Longhua Hospital Pudong Branch (now Shangnan District, Longhua Hospital), creating a kidney disease. Since Jianke, Wang Lin always adheres to the development of medical skills, creating the development concept of characteristic specialist. It is based on the construction of the Chinese medicine studio. It is based on the advantageous disease species, and vigorously develops a comprehensive treatment system with significant traditional Chinese medicine. The construction of nephrology department in Pudong Branch has become a practical base of Chen Yiping's "Medium-Medical Sanjiao" to cure the kidney system. Wang Lin was closely integrated with modern micro pathological theory and modern micro pathological theory, optimized the characteristic treatment, and obtained significant clinical efficacy. In addition, the characteristic outpatients such as chronic nephropathy management outpatient, nephroglyphosis, and the "winter disease" and "kidney disease extraction" and "kidney disease extraction". At the same time, it is always "forwarding the treatment target of chronic renal disease" as a focus, in order to achieve the goal of "early truncation of chronic kidney disease", improve the health awareness of patients and potential patients, and vigorously carry out popular science publicity work, annual average Popular patients have more than 20 hospitals, 5 to 6 times of clinic activities / year, and science publicity drafts / year. With the increasing significance of the specialist advantage, academic impact has expanded that the current departments have been extended from 17 in the beginning of Jianke, amplified to 49 open beds.

Wang Lin fell in the overall development of the team. Since the establishment of the department, the department has received 1 first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. 1 of China International Industry Expo, 1 second prize of the Chinese Medical Association Science and Technology Progress Award, inventive 4 patents, more than 10 items and provincial and ministerial levels have been cultivated in various categories. Pay attention to the cultivation of backup power, focus on teaching teaching in clinical medicine, get praise from Chinese medicine renal section, get praises from hospitals and base students, have received "excellent total teaching", "excellent teaching papers", "Excellent Teaching Papers" "Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine PBL Excellent Code of Classics", Linhua Journal of Clinical Medical College, "Good Master Act" and a teaching award such as a master's degree in the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

High-profile, know the line! Wang Lin has always used "inheriting the essence of famous doctors, promoting kidney disease recovery" as its own responsibility, and do everything possible to support a clear sky for the majority of chronic kidney disease!

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