Japan "Why" is the least fat child?Look at the three meals of people, I don't say it!

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Japan "Why" is the least fat child?Look at the three meals of people, I don't say it!

2022-01-21 00:05:20 53 ℃

In this survey, there is a phenomenon that the experts have some accidents, that is, the obesity rate in Japan is actually ranking the most, and the average obesity is only 3.7%. It is understood that the diet of Japanese residents is different from China, but my country's obesity rate reaches 7%. Why is this? You may wish to understand it.

At the same time, eat carbon water three meals, why is the Japanese?

Although Japan and China's eating habits are the same, it is also carbon water on a day, but it is undeniable that the detailed dietary difference is still present. Because of these differences, the obesity gap between the two is so obvious.

Reason 1: Japanese carbon water consumption is relatively small

I believe that people who have eaten a daily typion know that most of the Japanese materials stores are the beauty and exquisite, but the volume is generally less, and when eating, the dishes are all on, and the taste of food is mostly light. Although there are many types of each meal, the fat and sugar of the truly intake have little less, and it will naturally be obese.

Cause 2: Japanese cooking

Most of China's food is heavy, such as Sichuan cuisine, Lu, Hunan, etc., all the taste of heavy and heavy oil. Long-term consumption of such foods, the fat content of the body will increase, and it will naturally appear obesity. Plus in recent years, the development of food in the food market is getting better and better in the food market, and the consumer group has also increased year by year. It has also become one of the key reasons for obesity.

Confused Japanese food, mostly based on cooking dishes, such as vegetable soup, taste, soup, etc., although there are some fried foods, but the quantity is less. When some families have dinner, they will deliberately put less oil, salt, so few people with obesity in Japan.

Reason three: Japanese sports is generally more

Japan's obesity ranks the world's top, often movement is also one of the root causes of this phenomenon. Here, there are some passive movements, in addition to people's active movements, such as Japan's traffic is not very developed, plus more townships, and most of the tram driven on the main road, plus Japan has no similar For vehicles such as shared bicycles, if the Japanese have the needs of travel, there is a condition to drive itself, and there is no condition to rely on a walk.

Because the intake of fat and sugar is less intake, plus daily exercise is relatively large, so the Japanese are generally thin, and they can explain.


In fact, no matter which country we are, what kind of food and cultural influence, in daily life, want to have a healthy body, develop a good eating habit and living habits are very critical. Now many people want to lose weight through dieting. It turns out that if there is a good eating habit, you can have a good figure even if you eat carbon water a day.