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Acupoints with cough

2022-01-21 00:04:33 45 ℃

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Entering in winter, due to cold air stimulation, plus the poor physical fitness, the resistance is lowered, some people, especially the elderly, easy to catch a cold, even bronchitis, induce asthma. what to do?

To prevent cold and catch asthma, you may wish to press Yu Fuzhu!

Yu Fuzhu

Yu, referring to Yuzhu; the government, refers to the management agency. This acupuncture point is in the chest, similar to the heart and lung, which is the important acupoint that leads the five dirty procresses, especially the heart and lung kidney three dirty.


Yu Fuzi is located in the upper chest, when the marga is lower, the front midline is 2 inch (the middle line of the middle line is wide, the kernel is below the positive).

Yu Fuzhu, is a pocket of the yin and kidney, with a plenty of asthma.

Chinese medicine believes that "cough is pulmonary disease, it is labeled in the lungs, and its book is in the kidney." For those who have poor physical fitness, resistance to decline, especially the elderly, most of the kidney is insufficient, can not be qi, cold and evil It is easy to induce the human gas machine against the lungs, which are symptoms such as cough, asthma.

The meridian skill public account suggests that Yu Fu acupoint is in the chest, nearly beneficially raised the lungs, far-replenishing and kidney, so that the gas machine is dive, the festival, let you breathe smooth and comfortable!


On the lower edge of the clavicle, the front midline is opened 2 inch recess, and the left and right are 2 points. (Will not pick up? Pay attention to "Meridian Skills" public account, click on acupuncture points or enter any acupoints in the public account!)


It can be used to finish the method, respectively, according to the double-handed finger, you can also hold the thumb, and eat two points according to the acupuncture points.

Multiple times a day can be pressed, about 2-5 minutes each time, and the acupuncture is partially micro-inflation.

Efficacy: In addition to the gas and asthma, massage the hole can also improve the dizziness, disgusting, distressed, and spitting symptoms when the ship occurs.

Two diet

Radish onion, white soup - cold cough

[Lying 食料] 1 radish, 6 onion, 15 grams of ginger

[Method] Three bowls with water will be cooked, then put onion, ginger, cook a bowl of soup, and even the slag.

[Efficacy] Xuanfei solution, phlegm and cough; treatment of cold cough, sputum, bubble, treat cold, turtness, etc..

Peanut Jujube Soup - Coughing

[食 材] Peanuts, jujubes, 30 grams of honey

[Method] Use water to boil the peanuts and jujubes, add honey to drink soup, take 2 times a day.

[Efficacy] Treatment of phlegm, treat cough, drink (body weight loss, bowel, chest rib, and short).

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