How to keep the cold?These 4 tips have been collected!

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How to keep the cold?These 4 tips have been collected!

2022-01-21 00:04:59 55 ℃

As the saying goes, "Small cold, cold into ice group". The cold is the last holiday in the 24th holiday, which is the coldest period in the year. When the big cold holiday, the yin and yang gains of the human body is in the time when it is quite slow, so health should comply with the principle of "Tibet" in the winter. Today Xiaoli will share 4 health tips.

01 diet

The cold is the turning point of winter hidden and spring students. From the perspective of diet and health, pay attention to more warm food in daily diet, to resist cold and calm. Meat like lamb, beef and other nourishing spleen and stomach, the function of temperature and kidney supplement, the fish in the fish, the jaundice has the effect of liver blood, Wenyang benefits. But during the cold, some hot foods are like spicy, and the barbecue category should not be eaten to avoid disturbing.

At the same time, it should be noted that foods often eat high or nourishing food in winter, it is easy to complete the head, produce side effects such as fire, mouth dryness. It is recommended to take some vegetables properly, do it, can warmly can't get angry, such as eat more radish, green vegetables, cabbage, etc.

Among them, raw radibut is resistant, and the rude lard is cool, and there is a "small ginseng". In the abundance of the dishes, you can do a cabbage radish paa soup to eliminate excessive fats in the body. When you eat hot pot, as you can add some cabbage, tofu, etc., help to dissolve the heat of hot pot.

This can not only balance the diet, alleviate the spleen and stomach burden brought by high protein food, but also make a good sweep for winter health, and transition to the light diet of the spring.


Living in "five cold"

The cold water is rare, often the cold wave is cooling, and it should pay attention to the wind, especially this "five cold".


Winter is the season of cervical spondylosis, because the neck is the "fortress" of the human body, not only filled with blood vessels, but also many important acupuncture points. So go out and choose the garment or scarf of the garment of the collar, try not to let the neck naked.


After the cold, "cool dry" is more obvious, rhinitis has become a lot of people 's troubles, but it may wish to "cold" with cold. " It can enhance the immunity of the nasal mucosa every morning to enhance the immunity of the nasal mucosa, which helps to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal congestion, sneezing.


Runny nose, cough, headache ... cold cold is the most common problem in winter, the symptoms are lighter, and some of the qi-mean solutions can be worried.


Holding waist helps to dredging, strong waist and solid kidney. The specific approach is: After both hands are hot, press the lumbar eye, stop for a while, then force down to the tail vertebra. Do 50-100 times each time, every morning and evening.


As the saying goes, "Everything is from cold, and the cold is born." It can be seen that the warmth of the foot is very important. Wear warm shoes and socks during the day, you can use hot water bubble before going to bed at night to achieve smooth blood, improve the efficacy of sleep quality.

03 exercise should be appropriate

As the saying goes, "Winter moves moving, less troubles; winter lazy, drink more than a bowl of medicine." Winter sports not only enhance physical fitness, but also improve body disease resistance and adaptability to climate change. However, avoid excessive exercise, sweating too much, avoiding yang with sweat, it is damaged.

Exercise should be selected in the places where the square will be carried out, and the sports project can choose fast, jogging, square dance, etc. according to your preferences. Sports intensity is based on his own physical condition, with the best, smog, and snow, it is best to suspend exercise.

04 love to tease

The so-called "warmth is warm, warm, warm, warm". It means that the heart is strong, the gas is smooth, the blood is smooth, and the whole body can warm. So in the big cold season, we should be safe, pay attention to adjust your mentality, keep a relaxed and happy, optimistic emotions, to avoid emotional fluctuations, doing heart flat, thus anger, can't be big, big sadness.

You can get more activities in the sun, and participate in colorful cultural events, attach importance to the combination of moving, moving fitness, quietness, and good health.