10 kinds of Chinese medicine practices: strong fitness lever!

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10 kinds of Chinese medicine practices: strong fitness lever!

2022-01-21 06:13:23 50 ℃

Free study of Chinese medicine acupuncture

1, clapping therapy, 2, "Hands therapy", 3, 手, 4, Hold the fist, 5, palm arms, 6, shoot face, ear, head, neck, abdomen; 7, close, 8, spine, 9, gastrointestinal exercise, 10, pull

★ First, clapping therapy:

People who have a cold, 20 minutes, colds will alleviate; drunken people, clap their hands to shoot sweat, drunkenness is gradually disappeared; people who are weak, arrhythmia, clapping for two or three months, symptoms will improve Hypertensive people clapping, blood pressure will decline; people of diabetes clapped, blood sugar index will gradually normal; gout, dizziness, headache, nose allergic people, will make the disease gradually healed; spiritual loss, easy fatigue, people with fire , Clapping will slowly improve symptoms ...

Why do you have such a magical effect? Because there are hundreds of acupuncture points in the hands, oscillating the gas veins when clapping, drive the twelve meridians and the Eight veins (containing the two veins) cycles, and can also put the tips of the cold in the human body from the fingers discharge. "The therapy" can be assisted to treat various acute and chronic diseases.

Generally, the most common acute disease has cold fever, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough. The most wonderful place to "clapping therapy" is, consciously have to have a fever, when the forehead begins, quickly clapping the hand, you can relieve the fever symptoms. Of course, it must be effective, don't be afraid of pain, the better the effect, the child can take the child's hand, I would rather make the child to cry, don't let the child need.

"Therapy" can improve immunity and is very effective for people who are easy to catch a cold. Usually, it can reduce the number of colds. If you have a cold, hurry to clam your hands, you can also make colds such as headache, nasal congestion, and cough accelerate.

Cancer cells are anaerobic cells that can be propagated without oxygen. "Therapy" can supplement oxygen in the body, so it can protect normal cells in vivo to inhibit replication of cancer cells. Cancer is in the end, the body is very weak, seeing food does not want to eat, even if it is barely eating is also a little taste; in addition, cancer patients are very afraid of fear, and the spirit is endlessly collapsed. "Therapy therapy" is a very masculin method, which can boost the masculine in the body, open the appetite, make people confidence, energetic, so "clap therapy" can fight cancer. Of course, whether the success of anti-cancer is, it depends on whether it is good to cooperate with food therapy and Chinese medicine therapy. "Therapy therapy" can improve the pain of the whole body, cold, cold, dizziness, headache, liver disease, gastric disease, elderly brain force degradation, myopia, myopia, old anthropical eyes, etc. The hand is handicapped, just make all diseases on the body and mind have improved, relieve pain.

1) Solid palm practice method:

The ten fingers open, the hands of the palms of the palm, the finger is slammed by force, and the maximum force is used to clap its hands (the sound is the most sound). The advantage is that the strike surface is the most complete, so that the effect is best for creating disease; it is the disadvantage that the noise issued by the exercise is uncomfortable, only suitable for the openness.

2) Empty palm clapheate therapy

When you put your palm bow, your fingers should still open it. When you take it, you can shoot the edge of your fingers and palms, but the second instruction, the third design, and the palm part can't shoot, this clapping therapy Because the strike surface is reduced, the effect will be some, but as long as you take a good time, it will not be invalid.

3) Local clamping therapy

That is, with the four fingers of the right hand, the left hand on the right side of the right hand, take the left side of the left palm with the left side of the right palm; the lower part of the left palm of the palm of the palm , Take the upper part of the left phone with the lower part of the right palm, take the palm of the left palm of the palm of the palm, take the palm of the palm of the palm.

4) Back to the side of the hand, double tiger mouth, bow hands, palm, palm, hand to shoot

The left and right hand is shot, the left and right hand is shot, and the palm should be bent, take the other hand in the palm of the palm; with a hand knife, crack down the palm of the other; take the palm of the palm of the palm, two hands holding boxing Take another shot. When the right foot moves forward, the left foot is going forward, and the time is approximately a few minutes. The advantage of this shooting is the six meridians in the hand - the hand is too yin lung, the hand is Shao Yin Jing, the hand is covered with the heart, the sun is small, the hand Shaoyang Sanjiao, the hand Yangming is stimulated. This can promote the function of cardiopulmonary small intestinal three.

2, pay attention to:

1) Method: Seriously take it for 15 minutes, 100 below / every minute, continue 15 minutes (any posture).

2) Sitting, standing with hand,. Say while shooting, placing hands in the original place, can be casual.

3) Drink some boiling water or fresh juice before and after clapping. After the shoot, the spirit is cheerful.

4) If you want to have a lot of chronic diseases, patients still have to cooperate with other methods, pay attention to diet, and taking symptomatic Chinese medicine.

5) At least half an hour after "clapping therapy". If you encounter a red light is the best time, if you turn the window, the sound is not easy to pass, and noise is made. One side is waiting for green light, one side claps, make good use of zero time, two in one game.

6) Pregnant people should not be too intense, otherwise there is a hurting tire, and the "clapping therapy" is also, it is not advisable to make too loudly, otherwise the love of the fetus will be frightened. Therefore, pregnant women should only use hollow palm, or use local beats. If a woman comes to menstruation, it can be paused, otherwise menstruation is not easy to stop. 7) When the old human body is weak and two feet is weak, when the "clapping therapy", it is best to take a side, or take a side to step, if just sitting, two feet do not move, qi and blood perfusion too much, double The foot will be more powerless, don't!

★ Second, "raise therapy":

The principle of "raising therapy" is: there are six editions in our hands, namely the heart, lungs, heartbar, large intestine, small intestine, three-focused, their blood is smooth, involving our nerves Status, digestive conditions, respiratory conditions, excretion conditions, sleep conditions. When we raise your hand, we will naturally fill the blood for these six meridians, and it is also forcing blood and blood to pass through these six scriptures; so that qi and blood are not sufficient to deposit into the internal organs, and the purpose of detoxification. If you want to make the "raising therapy" to get the biggest treatment, it is best to use stand-up "raising therapy", that is, while holding hands, letting your feet about standing, so it is easier Make the qi and blood into the thighs, calves, the foot, and promote the smoothness and strongness of the six qi and blood. The six through the feet are liver, spleen, kidney, gallbladder, stomach, bladder, and whether their smoothness is closely related to the human liver and kidney stomach.

METHOD: The two arms are straight, and the two sides of the body (not a forward priority, nor is it vertical to the top of the head, arbitrary in the palm of the palm, standing and sitting).

Just started to practice "raising therapy", only 5 minutes, can be gradually entered, if you want to achieve obvious treatment effect, you will continue for 20 minutes. No matter which kind of raising therapy, the time will be very uncomfortable, and there is a bitter of soreness. However, the wonderful place of this work is being sore. The phenomenon shown by soreness is blocked. In order to last for a long time, the arm must mobilize many blood and blood, in the process of mobilizing the blood, there must be an obstruction to cause soreness. As long as you have to endure the acidacacacinca, the phenomenon of soreness will definitely, which means that the blocking has been opened. The cause of blocking is the toxin of the body, that is, the material of the harmful body, such as uric acid.

Toxins in the body can also be said to be (pollutants), mostly the human body after absorbing food, the product of metabolism, "That is" more, more ill, eat well, die early ", They often stay in vascular, muscles, bones, joints, and voids. Make the body slowly, aging.

Note: When you raise your hands, you have to have no heart, the more the heart is better, the worse is getting better, you can not hold your hand, or watch TV. The heart is more almost, the more put it, the better the effect. When practicing therapy, if the day, with the natural progress of Kung Fu, the skin of the two arm is gradually reduced, the meridian is very comfortable, and the whole body and mind become very comfortable.

When practicing therapist, you can continuously shake both hands, or keep your hand, but the arms cannot be sagged, nor can it be held toward the head. When you are sore, you can put down the rest for a while, and if you can continue to privilege for 30 minutes without jitter, you can make a variety of incurable diseases, including cancer.

★ Third, the hand (5 ~ 10 minutes or heavy 100)

There are Sanyang and Sanyinjing in the hands, and the gas veins are smooth or not, with the health of the heart, the lung, and the health of the intestine. Therefore, the handsome people can determine this person, the lungs, and the large intestines are not good. The purpose of the hand is to pour qi blood in the arm, palm, finger. Its role is to unblocked the meridian of all hand. When you take your hand, you can increase the strength of your legs, bringing the blood to the blood, play the decrease of the purity, and the fell of turbidity. There are also three yang culture and three yin. It is unbelful whether the gas veins is related to hepatobiliary, spleen and stomach, kidney, and bladder function. Therefore, you want to strong these organs, you can't exercise the legs, feet.

The two feet are separated from the shoulder, the double knees are slightly flexed, the upper body is angry, the face is facing front, the hands are simultaneously joined, and the palm is in the back direction. The power of can consider with personal physical strength. The advantage of heavy scoring is the effect of exercise, but the shoulders will be sore everywhere, and they will habpe it in a few days. The advantage of being light is relaxed, but it must be a little longer.

★ Fourth, the box (very simple):

With two hands, you can put your fist, to strengthen your hands and bones, thereby strengthening the peripheral nerve to promote the health of the whole body. This action, the biography is from the "Damo Yi", for strong body, quite effective effect, it is said that Yue Fei has practiced this practice and creates the arm of people.

★ five, palm of palm arms

There are six meridians, cardiac scrutts, lungs, heart, large intestine, small intestine, three-focused, see the figure below:

Method: The left and right hands shot the arm in the arm, the outside: take the left arm in the left arm, outside the right arm, outside the right arm, outside, and take each other. Time is approximately minutes. It can be taken according to its own situation.

1, there are 9 acupuncture points in the hand, this meridians directly related to the health of the heart, this meridians are not smooth, they will behave as: hand, armpit, swelling, chest tightness, face, arrogance, dizziness Wait. By clapping, the cardiovascular system and nervous system disease can be cured, such as heartache, palpitations, cardiac, epilepsy, vomiting, sore and shoulder elbow pain. The hand is fluent and the hearts of the capital: "Lingshu · Merida": The heart of the heart is in the heart of the Yinxin envelope, from the chest, the heart enclosure, the next voice, the streamers Sanjiao. Support: Take the chest, under three inches, go to the underarm, cycle, the row is too yin, less Yin, in the elbow, the lower arm, the two ribs, into the palm, the finger, End. Its support: Don't pocket, point your end.

2, there are 11 acupuncture points in the hand too much, this vein is not smooth, the lungs are full, asthma, cough, clavicle pain, shoulder pain, urine yellow, etc. The hand is clapping the hand too yin pulmonary, then you can cure the throat, chest and lung disease, such as cough, asthma, cough, injury, throat, cold shoulder, chest pain, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, etc.

3, there are 9 acupuncture points on the hand, this vein is not smooth, the throat is dry, upset, thirst, forearm numbness, swearing, hand fever and two eyes fainting. The hand is clapping, and the hand is small, it can cure the disease and neurological diseases in the chest and heart site. For example, heartache, palpitations, coronary heart disease, insomnia, dry thirst, thirst, epilepsy, internal pain in upper limbs, etc..

4, the hand Yangming's large intestine has a total of 20 acupuncture points. This meridians mainly related to the human digestive system, the digestive system has problems, people will "get angry", throat, teeth will be painful, there will be acne on the face , Freckles, alien, etc. Stimulating the shot, Yangming's large intestine, the acupoints such as Sanli and Hegu, you can cure the spotty diseases and eyes, ears, nose, and throat and other five sense diseases. For example, deafness, plaquaculture, sore throat, bloating, diarrhea, skew, constipation, closed, edema, upper extremity, high blood pressure, etc.

5, the hinges of the hinges have 19 acupuncture points. This vein is not smooth, the body will appear deafness, cheeks swell, sore throat, neck pain, pain, shoulder sechior pain, upper arm pain, front arm pain and other symptoms. Cut this meridians, you can cure the disease of the abdominal intestine and the thoracic, heart, throat and other situations. For example, headache, eyelid, milk, milk, waist back pain, malaria, jaundice, epilepsy, etc.

6, Hand Shaoyang Sanjiao culture has 23 acupuncture points, this vein is not smooth, the body will appear deafness, tinnitus, ear hurt and throat pain. When you shoot this meridians, you can cure deafness, tinnitus, ear hurt, eyes red swelling, edema, unfavorable, enuresis, and shoulder arm pain.

★ Six, shoot face, ear, head, neck, belly

1, the massage face

In the two-handed finger, the mass is surrounded by the two eyes, the nose, the mouth is surrounded, to maintain the visual nerve, olfactory nerve, taste nerve.

Pulling around the ear with two fingers, because the ear has a ear. Needle valve is also one of the methods of treating Chinese medicine. There are many acupoints in the ear, the gas machine of the ear, and the health of the whole body. So use the time of walking fitness, while pulling the ear with two hands, it is also great to help the overall health of the human body.

2, pull massage ear, press the massage head

Pull the massage ear and use both hands, while turning by pressing the entire scalp. Chinese medicine acupuncture has a so-called "scalp needle". The "scalp needle", that is, the acupuncture of the acupuncture is used to treat disease. The gas machine that can be seen is also the health of the whole body, so take advantage of the opportunity to walk the fitness, and press the finger turns to press the entire scalp, for the human brain function And the whole body is very helpful.

3, with both fingers press the front and back and both sides of the neck. The neck is the bridge of the head and the chest and abdomen. There are six Yangjing, and there are many cavities, and they will be referred to every day, massage, and health is also helpful.

4, pointer, massage chest:

Press the ribs and sternum with left and right fingers. This can strengthen the function of lung breathing. The above spleen, liver, stomach, and nephrid are also ribs. Therefore, it is also possible to press the ribs and also help the function of liver and kidney spleen and stomach.

5, massage back

Hold a fist with two hands, then massage the back and the spine in the back of the box. There are many bladder acupuncture, and each section of the vertebrae has the cavity of the Emperor, and there are many massages to help the human body's health.

Du Mei is the Governor of the Hymens, and the six Yangjing is in the Dajiahui, and the Dusel has the effect of regulating the Yang Jing, which can resist the evil, and can warm the meridians and moisturize the internal organs. Two hands holding a boxing of fist in the back of the foreigner, you can benefit the kidney, strong waist and aphrodisiac, support the righteousness.

While massage the acupuncture points, you can also massage the acupuncture points on the back of the bladder, so you can detoxify while tonic kidney. The effect of creating strikes will be more obvious.

6, the palm of the palm of the end of the vertebrae, the outer side of the left and right hips

Take this place to strengthen the gas of the Dovernor, which promotes bowel movements, and bowel movements are detoxification. It is time to take the left and right hips. This is the place where the left and right hips are passed. Taking a bladder will help diuretic, diuretic is also an important mechanism for human detoxification. Finally, it is necessary to beat the outside of the left and right buttocks. This is the potential to promote bile secretion. Balls help digestive, defecation, and health is also important.

7, reflect the massage of the body

Left and right finger press, massage the upper belly and lower abdomen. There is a total of the upper abdomen and the lower abdomen, the foot Yangming stomach, foot Shaoyin kidney, foot Taiyin spleen, foot ocher liver through. Turning tapping or compression massage this two, helps strengthen the function of spleen and stomach liver and kidney.

There are 28 acupuncture points on the left and right sides of the foot, and the liver is one of the most important meridians of the human body detoxification. The liver is not smooth, there will be hyperopumps, diarrhea, chest tightness and enuresis. The massage of the liver is pressed, and the liver bold disease, urinary reproductive system, nervous system and ophthalmology disease are cured.

There are 21 acupuncture points in the full veins, this meridians are not smooth, the human body will have a tongue, stomach pain, bloating, 嗳, whole body weakness and other symptoms. Massage stimulating foot and sorcerer spleen can regulate the spleen and stomach, cure spleen, stomach and other digestive system diseases.

The Foot Yangming Gastric has a total of 45 acupuncture points, and the meridians in the massage can be cured in the gastrointestinal digestive system, the nervous system and respiratory disease. For example, gastric disease, bloating, vomiting, throat swelling and stroke hemiplegia, etc.

8, shoot the bladder

The sun bladder is the most acupuncture point, which is mainly responsible for the human genitourinary system, nervous system, respiratory system, and digestive system. Take a squeezed sun bladder can cure malaria, enuresis and urinary disadvantageous diseases. The sun bladder is one of the most important veins of the human body detoxification.

Foot Shaoyang is the longest one in the twelve meridians. This meridians are not smooth, often have symptoms such as bitterness, stool dry, yellow and yellow, shoot the left and right hips, stimulate the foot and Yanyan, you can make the liver To enhance the digestion of hepatobiliary, blood supply and detoxification. Foot small bile is smooth, and the toxins in the body will be discharged in time through the intestines. Therefore, foot Shaoyang gallbladder is the most critical meridian of detoxification.

★ Seven, close (Tibetan is called "treasure gas"): there is a significant annealing effect, which is very helpful for people who are very angry.

If the limbs are hypoxia, the limbs will feel weak; if the brain is lack of oxygen, the brain will become uncomfortable; if the heart is hypoxia, the chest will feel stuffy, it becomes a heart, so it is not happy. Professor Wabber, a Nobel Medicine Award, found that lack of tissue cells were prone to cancer when the oxygen content was less than 65% of the oxygen content in the human tissue cells. So maintenance of health, and strengthen the lung function is the first step. The lungs are the largest internal organs in the human body. It is necessary to force the disease. But the effect of practicing "treasure bills" is the most direct, fastest, has auxiliary role in treating all diseases, and its importance even exceeds Chinese medicine. The reason is that it can raise rapidly in four or five days, strengthen people's lung function. After adequate oxygen, the whole body cells, the organizers, organs, five internal organs, and the limbs can be operated normally, and it is not easy to have hypoxia.

The most basic effect of "treasure bottle" fitness law is to improve the body's immunity, and stick to the refining. In addition, one of the important effects of practicing "treasure bills" is to prevent cancer. The cause of cancer has a multi-end, which is a very important reason is hypoxia, cancer cells are cells that need to be propagated without oxygen. If the human body's blood is deficient, it provides the incentive of cancer cell reproduction. If you have made a determination to practice "bottle gas" every day, it is recommended to buy an electronic timer. It is very clear for a time you can close. If you haven't bought an electronic timer, you temporarily use a watch to calculate the number of seconds each closed. It is best not to calculate the method of an unusual number of times, because it is difficult to accurate.

1, the most concise method:

Suck a vacant, wait until I can't stand it right, then suck it next, so that the lungs are more full, at this time, it can continue to close 10 seconds or 20 seconds. After you can't stand it, you can follow the third time, continue to close A total of a few times in this case, the principle is to suck it again, and it cannot be closed again, and finally call out of the nostril. This method can make the air of the lungs extremely full, and there is no empty air.

2, advancement practice: first breathe a breath, then press the finger to press a nostril, force the air in the lungs from another nostril, immediately after it is exhausted, then press another nostril, then Emine the air in the lungs, so repeated, after three suction three shots, the air in the lungs, that is, start to stop breathing, after about ten seconds to twenty or three seconds, the whole body will feel very sad, can be gently Suck a breath, then close, after a while, the whole body is sad, then it is not breathable and then sucks the second port, and then close it. So only one breath, after three to five times, it is no longer able to absorb again, then take out the air, so I practice "treasure bills".

3, most investigating practice:

With the nostril suction, then stop breathing, then tighten the belly, so that the belly as much as possible to the lumbar, under the neck, but the face should be kept in front of the front, and the head is not marina. At this time, the chest naturally, the diaphragm is naturally mentioned, and the two shoulders are also slightly up. After a while, I consciously endure, I can't exhale, but I can continue to make up for three or four, so that the lungs are extremely full, if it can keep 60 seconds without breathing, the effect is better, at least 15 seconds is effective .

Note: Although it is more awkward, it is not too hard to use the progressive law. People who have not practiced this method will be very uncomfortable, it is very uncomfortable, feels swearing in the head, some people will hurt, some people will hurt, these phenomena don't be afraid, I will habits it after a few days. If you can not exhale every 60 seconds, you will be enough every day. Generally, patients with chronic disease will practice at least once a day, and have time to practice twice. Every time I practice ten; the child practiced three times. ★ Eight, spine (can keep the spine soft):

1, bending around (30 times): The first two foot stops and shoulders wide, then bend on the right, bending the neck, the greater the curvature, the more the ear is to go toward the ground, so the left place in the ground, There is a spring. One right left is just right with breathing. People with chronic rhinitis, headache must do 200 ~ 400, the effect will be very good.

2, bending forward (30 times): Also the first two foot stops and shoulders wide, then cross your fingers, the palm is down, the body is bent forward, exhale, try to make your palm close to the ground. Gradually to the end, it can be attached to the ground, then straight up.

3, bend behind (30 times): The body is bent back, first make the face toward the sky, and then try to make the head to the ground, so that the body forms an anti-arch shape, the chest and abdomen, the lumbar. At this point, there is no inhale or no breath, and after the back, it will follow the backup, so it is once.

4, rotate back (30 times): Two feet do not move, the head is rotated to the right back, the body is also reversed with the head. Also mixed or sucking. After rotating the right rear, then rotate to the left rear, and the breathing is also made. When rotating, the head can be rotated to nearly 180 degrees, so the one right left is once. People who do this action will be dizzy, can close their eyes or slow down.

5, the head is suspended (7 times)

The short-footed method is that the body is lying on the hardboard bed (the spring bed is not suitable) supine, first raise the head, approximately twenty or 30 cm long, 40 cm high is not. Then lift the feet, the height is the same as the head, and the knee can be slightly flexed. Then keep this head foot is floating, the body is in a v-shaped posture, until it is not supported, can put down the rest. After the rest of the second, then the same action is done, a total of 7 times.

The purpose of the head foot is to make the waist, the back, abdomen, with gastrointestinal, bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, and testicles are tightened, thereby promoting the blood to change, and the circulation is good. It is a most subtle internal organs that can promote internal organs to prevent internal organs.

6, 跪 倾 (30 times):

Ming knees squat on a hardboard bed or on the floor, people who have pain in the knee can take a towel or blanket. The body is going to be straight, 90 degrees with the calf, the double foot plate, the foot is close to the floor or bed, and the hips cannot be sitting in a foot. After tapping, one side is sucking, and the body is tilted behind about 40 degrees or 45 degrees, and the chin should be attached to the neck. In other words, the back is not facing the sky, but towards the top. Then the body restores the straight position, exhale, so this is a total of 30.

The purpose of this action is to exercise the strength of the abdomen, the back, waist, and the foot, thereby benefiting the health of the internal organs. Its curative effect is broad, can treat chronic diseases in gastrointestinal, bladder, ovaries, uterus, kidneys, pancreas, liver, etc.

★ nine, gastrointestinal exercise (also known as abdominal breathing, 3 ~ 5 minutes)

This kind of intra-abdominal respiratory is originally known as the gastrointestinal disease, is called "gastrointestinal movement."

Ten, pull the band:

"Human old tendon", the whole body is short, it will become stiff and uncomfortable, the blood circulation is poor, the metabolism is slow, so the hundred disease

1, pull the belly: kneel on the bed or in the cushion, let the foot back on the bed or in the cushion, then follow the two feet to pull the left and right sides, then make the hip trunks, sit on the bed or mat, then let the body slowly Back. Let the head touch on the bed or pad, then slowly lying down, face the sky, back on the bed or pad, keep it over 60 seconds. This action often leads to the acid pain of the foot, should be patience. I have been alleviating for a long time, can't stand it.

2, pull back ribs: divided into two pulls. The first is, first straight straight on the bed or the pad, then touch the knee in the forehead, at least 10. At the time of practice, the legs should be stretched straight, try not to make the knee up to the bow. The second is that sitting on the bed or mat, makes two feet, the palm, the two-legged toe, then touched the pins with a forehead, at least 30. It's hard to meet, it will encounter it.

3, pull legs: the leggus is called "legs", its action is to open the two legs to the left and right sides. At the beginning, the hips are very high, but as long as they are not discouraged, they can keep the bed surface or pads, so that the two legs are always line.

4, pull brain (efficacy is to relax the shoulder bones, shoulder and shoulder inflammation):

Put the back ridge with the palm of the right hand, the palm is outward, and the finger is facing up.Then, with the left hand finger, the left shoulder is down, and the right hand finger hooks each other.At least two handica, middle finger, non-name, and ring finger hook.If you can't get it, you can use the rope to make a rope ring.Hold the rope ring in the left hand to the back, let the right hand of the finger hook, then pull up with the left hand to pull up, the handburin should be patience, pull the minutes and let go.5, pull neck body: stand, two feet and shoulder width, then make the body bend to the right side, must be bent to the right ear hole toward the ground, then make the body slowly bend to the left side, also bent to the left ear toward the groundSuch a left and right, have been continuous, at least 3 minutes, probably 120.If there is a chronic rhinitis, this gymnastic action is at least 10 minutes a day.When the chronic rhinitis is good, you can reduce 3 minutes a day.