These four abnormal sweating phenomena, common or bad signals, suggestion collection

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These four abnormal sweating phenomena, common or bad signals, suggestion collection

2022-01-21 06:13:09 41 ℃

Our traditional Chinese medicine often said that "sweating is the blood of the blood", "Huang Di Night" said: "People are sweaty, all in Valley, Google", "sweat, essence", here " "" The fine "is Jin Liquid, sweating in the Jinjin liquid, sweat is the product of Jin Liquid metabolism, while the spleen and stomach is the biochemistry of Jinlu fluid and blood, the source of delivery, the air of the body is responsible for adjusting the discharge of sweat, if the camp Strong, sweat will be normally discharged, not only can help human body detox, adjust the body temperature, promote metabolism, improve immune function, maintain yin and yang balance, and nourish skin, regulate gastrointestinal function, weight loss, etc.

Diabetes patient sweating properly, is also conducive to hypoglycemic, improving physical functions, but pay attention to, I emphasized that proper sweating, slight sweating helps the health of diabetic patients, and many diabetic patients in real life Sports, often exercise to sweat, exhausted, this is very wrong, this will only be more ordered, excessive consumption of blood, and diabetes should also pay more attention to his sweat symptoms, once there are several The phenomenon of dishwat is very likely to suggest some diseases.

1 sniper:

If diabetic patients find yourself not only directly cold sweat, and also accompany the face of pale, flustered, hand shake and other symptoms, it is necessary to be alert to hypoglycemia symptoms, this point I have repeatedly emphasized many times in the previous article. Once the patient has hypoglycemia, pay attention to the supplement of food, especially if some candy can be added to the sugar to rapid sugar, prevent coma, syncope, and should also monitor blood sugar. If the hypoglycemia symptoms are still alleviated after eating, be sure to go to the hospital right away.

2 Interpretation or systemic sweating or less sweat symptoms

For example, some diabetic patients will have lower limbs, especially the sweating of the foot, but the upper half-length sweat, and some diabetic patients have a systemic sweat or a sweat, and some diabetic patients are full after eating. Sweating, etc., there are above these sweating abnormal phenomena, often indication that diabetic patients are in poor blood glucose control, and many people may have already had diabetes neuropathy.

3 night sweat

The typical manifestation of night sweats is that the patient is sweating and sweating very much, but wakes up and takes a while, sweating is scattered, we all know that high blood sugar is conducive to breeding bacteria, many diabetics are excessive, taboo, long-term disease Waiting for the cause, it is malnutrition, the physical quality is very poor, and the immune function is very poor, so diabetes patients are often likely to distinguish other diseases.

4 sweat has a diaper taste

If the diabetic patients have found their sweat, there is a taste of urine, and after the sweat is dried, salt grains are formed on the skin, and the skin is particularly itching, and even the taste of the smell in the mouth, there is a nausea to nausea and other phenomena, very It is possible to imply that kidney lesions have emerged, and even have met the uremia.

Therefore, sweating seems simple and common, but in fact, there are many learning questions, and diabetic patients want to stay away from sweating abnormal phenomenology, keep your health, prevent complications, and return to the bottom, the key is to do the most fundamental daily hypoglycemic control.

In this case, I will share it here. Welcome to me, I am the Gao Lu Dong, if there is any other diabetes, I can give me a message in the comment area.