What oil is the most unhealthy?Soybean oil?Doctor tells you the truth

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What oil is the most unhealthy?Soybean oil?Doctor tells you the truth

2022-01-21 06:15:09 70 ℃

It is already quite satisfied in a temporary lack of lack of lack of lack of material, and now everyone has a good condition. Peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, olive oil ....., etc., all kinds of edible oils will be dazzled, do not know which one is suitable for yourself.

However, "soybean oil" that has always been held for healthy edible oil is actually unhealthy, and there is online circulation: "Soybean oil is synthesized by chemical solvent, even if it is true from soybeans, it is also genetically modified or used by chemical method. Long-term eating is not good for health! "

Is these statements about the Internet? Today, Dr. Yang took everyone to discuss this issue.

Soybean oil as the name is the vegetable oil extracted from soybeans. Nowadays, the general extraction method is mainly two, one is a physical crushing method, and the second is to use chemical leaching method, and two oil-free methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The physical crushing method is to directly squeeze the oil in the soybeans, the method is relatively rude, the oil is not high, and it is easy to participate in impurities. The advantage is that there is no addition to add, everyone will feel relatively natural.

The chemical leaching method, high oil rate, can also effectively remove impurities in soybean oil, but this extraction method is not accepted by the public. Many people will read the chemical solvent as long as they hear "chemistry", which will learn the chemical solvent, actually extracting soybean oil to add certain organic solvents, but this is only to improve the oil rate, and after subsequent processing will pass through the "six off" process, ie skimmed, Degradation, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, deacrodizing process filtrate the impurities in the bean oil. The last remaining is the real soybean oil. This production method is actually more pure, and it is healthier and healthy.

The unhealthy statement on soybean oil is mainly published by foreign journals "endocrinology", which is pointed out that in soybean oil contains trans fatty acids, these substances increase obesity, diabetes, and will affect neurological diseases. Inducing autism, elderly dementia, depression, etc. The speech published a sensation of the world. Many scholars have begun to understand soybean oils, and formally understand soybean oil in the institutions headed by the US Department of Agriculture. The US agricultural part is 100 g soybean oil containing 0.533 g of trans fatty acids. In fact, the trans fatty acid is not limited to soybean oil. Everyone is producing most of the cakes, biscuits, french fries and other foods have used oils containing trans fatty acids. The reason is that the trans fatty acid cost is low and easy to save. . Soybean oil is just just after the production process, it will cleave a small amount of trans fatty acids, in fact, this can be completely ignored.

The World Health Organization explicitly points out that the human intake of trans fatty acid safety is 2.5g, but in fact, the normal person can take 30G soybean oil every day, it is already the limit, in this limiting trans fatty acid only Only 0.16g. This amount is completely safe, which is visible, saying that soybean oil is unhealthy and completely rumors.

On the contrast, soybean oil also contains a variety of phospholipids, β-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin D, lecithin, linolenic acid, etc., which are nutrients necessary for the human body.

Animal oil

The most common animal oil in the daily life, the fats of animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, etc., can eat animal oil in the past era of the previous material, but the standard of good family conditions. Why is it now good now, but it is not recommended to eat animal oil?

The reason is that animal oil is mainly saturated fatty acids, which is the main risk of increased tri hymosis, which can deposit and blood vessels cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases to cause vascular hardening.

Some friends will still ask, why did people eat at that time, are we eaten now? In fact, Dr. Yang also came from the countryside. I used to eat lard. It is really not easy. If you say ridicule, it is afraid that the intestines are rustic and quickly hang, and it is almost rare to eat. Do you say that this can harden blood vessels? Instead, everyone is now good, every day, big fish, this saturated fatty acid is almost excessive intake, and it will naturally be good for health.

2. Soil method

The earth law autosary refers to the most primitive physical crushing method. Seeing that everyone may oppose, this obviously does not have any additives, why is it not healthy?

In fact, everyone only knows the physical crushing method, but everyone ignores many of the process of extracting oil floors in oil. Some small workshop health is very worries, followed by oil due to the storage or transportation of raw materials, it may incorporate a lot of impurities, such as mold, xylomycin, moisture, phospholipid, protein, free fatty acid, pigment, heavy metal Wait. In addition, it is necessary to cause many problems because there is no harmful substance in the separation of special methods. For example, autobilization may contain oleo olein and mustard. Eat this oil that contains mustard olein and mustard can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and may also affect fertility.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone is best to eat oil oil. If you must eat more, you should pay more attention to the oil and oil extract, reduce the breeding and incorporation of harmful substances.


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