Zhang Xi pure four-flavored medicine is a basis for treating various pain.

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Zhang Xi pure four-flavored medicine is a basis for treating various pain.

2022-01-21 06:13:21 44 ℃

Percussion is more common, and can be seen alone or in a variety of diseases. Pain, can be seen in all parts of the body, the nature thereof is different, and the part of the pain must be taken into account, and the appropriate drug must be selected. It seems that it seems complicated, but in fact, the treatment of pain has a very good foundation, on the basis of this party, the corresponding addition or subtraction, and can work more. What is this queen?

The medical path of the pain, nothing more than "No, it hurts" "It's not a hurt" "The painfulness" said, but the main pathogenesis of the clinical, and the main pathogenesis is still "not painful." Since "it is not painful" is the main pathogenesis of the certificate, the blood circulation and phlegm, and the tongue pain should be the basic governance of the heart.

The active Effect of "Medical Central Record" is a victory. The active Effective, and the "medical class", and its parties are made up of Dang Gu, Danshen, ram, and the raw drugs of 4 flavor composition, with blood circulation and phlegm, and the gas reluctance. Clinically, when using the party, according to the "disease" of Western medicine, the patient's specific cause, pain, pain, pain, no effect.

According to the "disease" diagnosed by Western medicine, often do the taste

Tri-neural pain plus rediary, licorice, whole 全, Pueraria, 蜈蚣, white peony, Chuanxiong

Sitting bias gods, pain, alone, white peony, land dragon, leeches, knees, thousand years;

Shoulder, surrounding inflammation, Pueraria, Ma Huang,, 细 辛, white peony, Chuanxiong, leeches

Rheumatoid arthritis plus 公 藤, 蜈蚣, 细 辛, 制川 乌, 制 乌, 房,, live;

Pain-resistant arthritis Gay Lingxian, Dilong, Turmeric, Sea Ganvan, Chuan Knee, Papaya, Road Tong, Tiger Cum, Chuan Tong;

Heart shaft Pic Chuanxiong, red peony, licorice, peach kernel, safflower, fragrance, three seven;

Gallbladder, kidney cramps plus rediary, licorice, five lilies, Puhuang, wine rhubine, Bupleuria;

Cancer pain, plus sputum, whole 蝎, hive, white peony, fine

Herpes simpler, ganquin, lunch, dragon, Bupleurum, Astragalus, 蚤, 青 黛, 杖;

Intercostal neurot pain plus firecracker, rediary, licorice, truth, turmeric, 休, tulip

Cervical spondylosis plus Pueraria, white peony, live, leeches, safflower, brunette, Chuanxiong

Dysmenorrhagus, motherwort, Zeland, fragrant, Chuanxiong.

According to the different causes of pain, do the following taste

Because of the cold, Chuanchuan Grass, Guizhi, and Appand, Eponum, Dry Ginger, and Sink;

Because of the heater choice gypsum, honeysuckle, turmeric, land dragon, tigpes, cork, Qin Wei, etc .;

Due to the false people, add Astragalus, Codonopsis, antlers, and ripe yellow, etc .;

Because the consumer is selected to increase the yellow, leeches, soil worms, peach kernels, mahriti, etc .;

Due to the choice of white mustard, soap pod, gallbladder, Lai Zizi, etc.

Atractylodes, coix seeds, grass fruit kernels, anti-self-contained, sea styles, etc.

Because the accumulator chooses to choose the hawthorn, chicken, Lai Zizi, the wine is yellow, etc .;

Penang pieces, thunder, usa, etc.

Due to the choice of Kunqu, seaweed, licorice, chickens, Welling fairy, etc.

According to the pain of the pain, generally do the taste

Head pain, choosted Chuanxiong, white peony, Pueraria, live, whole 全, hive, landlon, etc.

Chest pain

Stomach pain, choosted with Bupleurum, truth, rediary, licorice, Chuanxiong, fragrant, Yanhusu, fried Sagnami, etc .;

Thinkle pain, choosted to Bupleurum, Tulip, Turmeric, Red, Skin, Qingye, etc.

Abdominal pain, choose Shaoquan, Xiangfu, Chuanxiong, Yanhuo, Wuli fat, yang, etc .;

Low back pain, chooses Eucommia, continuous, Basilian, golden long ridge, etc .;

Neck, ridges, back pain, choosted to Chivan, hive, ephedrine, fine, live, white peony etc.

Upper limb pain, chooses to play swoof, windproof, 蜈蚣, ephedra, etc .;

Lower extremity pain, choosted to Chiangchuan Achyranthes, Welling Fairy, papaya, alone, leeches, etc.

According to the pain of the pain,

Painful people, choose Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Bupleurum, Truth, Guangxiu, etc.

Stiring, choosing safflower, peach kernel, leeches, three rides, 术, soil mites, wine, etc.;

Percutaneous pain, choosted to add white peony, white mustard, fine, 蜈蚣, whole, hive, etc .;

Mechanic, choosted with Red Labor, licorice, fried Sagnami, Yanhusu, Wuli fat, Yong Huang, etc .;

Traction pain, choosted to Guangen, white peony, Chuanxiong, red and white

Tour pain, choose windproof, fragrant, land, white peony, etc .;

Doodle, chooses Astragalus, Atractylodes, Guizhi, jujube, white peony, etc .;

Pendant, choosted to fry Sagnami, orange, cumin, etc .;

Jumper, chooses to add Delgong, purple Ding, Dragon, Red Paki, Tiger Cum, and Waiting.