Ma Li has exposed the diaper, fat to 200 pounds: What happened to her?

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Ma Li has exposed the diaper, fat to 200 pounds: What happened to her?

2022-01-21 18:08:32 62 ℃


Hi winter to spring is connected to nine months of pregnancy bitter sweet.

One woman said that children are the happiest moments in life, but rarely mentioned, immediately after the woman had a baby face torture a variety of complications.

Recently, a section on the popular video interview Mary, Mary probably content to the media, to share some of their innermost thoughts and physical change their stage of pregnancy.

Video Mary revealed her figure severe aliasing during pregnancy, weight soared to 110 pounds from 190 pounds.

You know, Mary can be considered a happy twist of the pillar.

As the entertainment famous actress, Mary their body is also very seriously.

After all, anyway, so fat body for future development is also very bad.

There are a lot of people might think, after giving birth, body fat can be restored to its previous appearance.

But in fact not everyone wants.

Simply put, in addition to the child plus amniotic fluid outside, all gain weight during pregnancy is a kind of "fat", it will not be automatically restored after giving birth.

Mary, too, after giving birth, always wanted to return to the previous figure, but until now it has not done.

The reason is because body fat after the birth, Mary suffered a lot of doubts, those words unsightly, and have experienced Baoma who, basically exactly the same.

In addition to pregnancy weight soared, the situation after the pregnant Mary is not optimistic.

Mary was born in 1982, until the end of 2019 before the official declaration of pregnancy, 37 years old, she obviously belong to older mothers.

Plus not doing postpartum recovery, Mary serious separation of the rectus abdominis.

Although it has been over a year's time, but she's very serious damage to internal organs, it is extremely difficult to recover.

However, plagued by Mary faced not only these, there are more embarrassing - incontinence.


According to Mary said she could not accept any shock, and sometimes may just sneezed, urine leakage behavior will appear, which made her very upset.

The key is that this is no way to control her own thing.

Only mothers who had a child, will know how uncomfortable this situation.

Perhaps "incontinence" in the eyes of many men, may feel like a joke.

However, these subtle details, occur all the time in everyone's side.

Just compare this topic privacy, not many people will pay attention.

Most people subconsciously believe that the star has a professional team of nutrition, postpartum body as always, as if a child is very usual for them.

But in fact, children who can not avoid injuries, stars are also deeply troubled, birth-old actress is even more dangerous.

For example, it won the MTV Asia Awards Hong Kong and Taiwan Golden Melody Award for most popular female singer Ella Chen (S.H.E combination of Ella).

Two years ago, Chen Jiahua in the last three minutes of exposure show children documentary film.

Video, Chen Jiahua initially wanted to try to produce in the water but did not succeed, so he chose the natural production in bed.

From Ella Chen's facial expression it seems, whether it is hard when the throes of pre-production rolls production, let her pain.

Fortunately, her husband is very responsible, full beside her gentle comfort.

Netizens have said after seeing the movie touched, praised Chen Jiahua bravery.

And she had a group of family and friends is accompanied by envy, many users also playfully called her "the world's most prolific accompany pregnant women."

In fact, Chen Jiahua postpartum situation is not optimistic.

According to media broke the news, because the production of difficult relations, Chen Jiahua cause uterine and bladder prolapse.

In addition, she has also been plagued by urinary incontinence, sneezing, running or jumping and other actions will be leakage of urine, severe to the whole pants were soaked.

Because the symptoms can not cure, she could finally let through the bladder suspension surgery to improve the situation.

But her pay is worth it.

After the respondents, the Ella Chen talk to each son is a look of happiness looks like.

Even praising his son too cute to live in a particular Shihai, that she had conceived the idea for a second child.

But she also admits that she's nearly 40-year-old, baby things can only go with the flow.

Perhaps this is the so-called "weak this woman, for the mother is just" it.


But then again, "incontinence" in the end is how the same thing?

Why so many stars in the postpartum period had "urinary incontinence" this disease?

"Urinary incontinence" refers to the involuntary leakage of urine phenomenon.

This is a common disease, it can be caused by various reasons, including urethral sphincter dysfunction or bladder dysfunction.

Mainly as follows: happily laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping, running for the bus, even when hand weights will not help to leakage of urine.

Some patients just produce urinate, have not rushed to the toilet, urine will leak out.

Fortunately at home, but if it is in public, they would make themselves very embarrassed.

Is, therefore, the quality of life of patients with urinary incontinence sharp decline, not cough in public, laughing, body show, heavy foul smell, social interaction is greatly limited.

In addition, urinary incontinence will affect the work of patients and reduce the opportunity to participate in social activities, and severe psychological problems thus formed, a huge mental trauma will be.

Data show that the probability of the occurrence of urinary incontinence patient "severe depression" is about three times the ordinary people.

It is not exaggerated that "urinary incontinence" has a serious extent to the public's stereotype, which is already an inevitable medical topic. Explain the diaper, then talk about the cause of female stars after childbirth.

First, a group of data was said that according to the investigation studies issued by the Beijing University Institute of Urology, women, mixed urinary incontinence and acute urinary incontinent inchementation were 40.4%.

As for the cause, it is usually due to the production, reproductive system infection, and hypervilion.

Many women cause the pelvic floor muscle relaxation due to pregnancy and multi-product, and the damage to the pelvic in the breast will affect the urethra.

After middle-age, women have gradually aging with age, the body is gradually aging, and the estrogen levels have decreased, and the support ligaments around the urethral and bladder and muscle relaxation, and the functional degradation of urethral sphincters.

In addition, excessive obesity or long-term constipation, increased abdominal pressure, resulting in excessive pressure to the pelvic floor support, and also cause pressure urinary incontinence.

That is, it is not just a female star, most women will suffer from this.


However, these are not the focus.

The key is that everyone lacks medical knowledge and is affected by traditional concepts. After many women suffer from urinary incontinence, the medical treatment is very low, and the treatment of treatment is very unsatisfactory.

There is data indicating that more than 70% of female urinary incontinence patients are immersed, it is difficult to express, but I don't want to go to the hospital.

There are many middle-aged patients who mistakenly believe that the diaper is avoided.

This also leads to the patient to choose a tolerance, don't go to the doctor.

Professor Liao Liao, China Rehabilitation Research Center, said: In women's life, it is necessary to pay great attention to the pregnancy delivery and the prohibition of urinary incontinence in these two periods.

It is found that you have urinary incontinence, you should actively seek medical treatment, with doctors to conduct treatment, carry out the necessary exercise, and improve the effect of cure.

Don't feel embarrassed, because this is not a shame.

Don't feel embarrassed, sorry.

The sooner the treatment, the better the effect of recovery.

Moreover, only completely creating it, can really solve the embarrassment in life.