Eggs eat more gallbladder stones?Take a few days a day?Note that this kind of person is not suitable for eating ...

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Eggs eat more gallbladder stones?Take a few days a day?Note that this kind of person is not suitable for eating ...

2022-01-22 00:04:12 56 ℃

Experts: Li Lin, Ph.D., Dr. Zhongshan College, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor, Zhongshan Food Safety Expert

Eggs are a common food in daily life, rich in nutrients. Boiled eggs, fried eggs, fried rice ... eat five flowers and eight, which is deeply loved by many people. But nutrients are rich, they like to eat, but also pay attention.

Recently, Mr. Wang in Hubei loves eggs. There are 4 days per day, more than 6-7, plus drinking water, suffering from gallbladder stones.

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Many people see this news has produced questions, eat more eggs, can really eat gallbladder stones? How should eggs eat? Eat egg yellow or good protein? Tell you the answer today.

Eat 4 egg gallbladder every day, why do you have a long stone?

Gold gallstones is a common multi-occurred disease in surgery, depending on the composition, which can be divided into cholesterol type, cholorin type and mixed type, which is the cholesterol stones.

Although cholesterol is a gallstone, it is also a nutrient material that is indispensable, mainly by liver synthesis, and the liver can provide 1.0 to 1.2 grams of bisukoids every day; there is also a part of the secondary source from eggs and other foods. Sexual cholesterol. In addition to the metabolism, cholesterol is discharged into the intestines through bile discharges.

The cholesterol is poor, and lecithin can be kept to maintain its dissolution. If the cholesterol is too large or the lecithin in the bile, the cholesterol cannot completely dissolve, resulting in crystallization or precipitation, forming a mud-shaped stone, a long time, will Forming the stones of the "stone" and gradually grows, stimulates the walls of the gallbladder, leading to pain.


The cholesterol content in eggs is not low, and the cholesterol content in an egg is about 185 mg (an egg yield is about 17g in an egg, while cholesterol is 1085mg / 100g in egg yolk), and eats four eggs every day means approximately near. 740mg cholesterol, far more than 300 mg / day recommended intake, so the human body needs to discharge excess cholesterol, during which excess cholesterol exceeds bile carrying capacity, which ultimately leads to stones.

At present, the study on eggs, cholesterol and health has not yet been concluded.

The researchers of the Harvard Public Health College believe that cholesterol in the diet can not significantly increase the cholesterol in the blood; dietary cholesterol will simultaneously affect good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein HDL) and bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein LDL) Therefore, the effect of cholesterol is required to be considered in the food system. A Summary of Dietary Cholesterol and Blood Lipids, Blood Liphthrin (LDL) and Cardiovascular Diseases were not determined in the review of dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

In 2021, the Zhejiang University team published a study of "PLOS Medicion" believed that eating more eggs with higher cardiovascular disease, cancer, all due to mortality, mainly due to high cholesterol in eggs; "European Public Health Magazine" published the study of China Agricultural University, believed that more than 6 eggs per week were considered to rise 35%.

There is also a study that cholesterol and bile acid metabolism is closely related to the intestinal flora, and diabetic patients may lead to abnormal cholesterol metabolism. Therefore, the study of "American Heart Association Journal" believes that diabetic people should limit egg intake.

How many eggs eat each day are appropriate?

Although the best food consisters of eggs have not yet final conclusions, there is hardly more than 3 egg consumption per day.

Overall, eat eggs, you need to put it in the dietary structure. If the meat, milk, aquatic products, etc., can reduce the intake of eggs; but if the vegetarian is dominated, it is slightly to increase the intake of eggs.

my country's meal is mainly vegetative food, so China Resident Denual Guide (2016) It is recommended that "40-50 grams of egg per day", "China's healthy lifestyle prevention of cardiovascular disease" in February 2020 recommended health adult People intake 3-6 eggs per week.

What kind of nutritional value is egg?

As a cheap, convenient and nutritious food, eggs should not be just as "high cholesterol food." It is a good source of protein, and a 60 gram of egg-free whole egg contains 6.3 grams of protein (approximately 3 grams in protein, 3.3 grams in egg yolk), which belongs to complete protein, amino acid mode and human body. The pattern is closest, easy to digest.

At the same time, eggs are rich in vitamins, except for B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium, iron, zinc, and zinc and other minerals, and rich lecithin, choline and lutein, with the cerebral cognition, Memory, exercise, sensory functions are related.

Good egg yolk, or good protein?

Some people like egg yolk with a taste, some people like proteins that do not contain fat. Although egg yolk contains high cholesterol, it is also rich in choline that can improve memory, while the content of minerals and vitamins is much higher than protein. Throw away a taste, from a nutritional point of view, all eggs are the most ideal choices.

Each 100 g of nutrients (born) protein Egg Yellow carbohydrate / G0.733.59 protein / G10.915.86 fat / g0.1726.54 cholesterol / MG01085 vitamin A / μg0


Vitamin D / μg


Vitamin E / μg



Vitamin B12


Folic acid / μg



Choline / Mg



Calcium / mg



Iron / mg



Phosphorus / mg



Sodium / mg



Table 1 Comparison of nutrients in eggs and egg yolk (data source: US Department of Agriculture)

Due to the high fat content of eggs, it is a more healthy way to reduce the cooking method of egg oxidation of egg oxidation. Compared to fried eggs and scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, hibiscus, eggs, etc.

Will you eat eggs, can you eat eggs?

Eggs should be cooked mainly because the excretion and eggs of poultry are completed in the breasted cavity, so the residual bacteria in the surface of the egg are in the feces, and high temperature can kill the pathogens, improve the safety factor of eggs. However, if the sanitary conditions of the eggs are good, the original bacteria is low, and occasionally eat will not have safety issues, but considering the antibiotic factor (not heat-resistant) present in the raw egg and the shorter fluid is short. Digestion process, long-term eating eggs is still not a good choice.

Of course, not all people are suitable for eating eggs, coronary heart disease, high cholesterolemia patients, gallstone patients, renal dysfunction, cirrhosis, and protein allergies are not suitable for eating eggs. If it is hyperlipidemia, diabetes, it is recommended to less than 3 per week.

Responsible Editor: Xu Hang