From cancer late to tumor disappeared, Nie Weiping recalls: doctors want to give up, I ask for surgery

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From cancer late to tumor disappeared, Nie Weiping recalls: doctors want to give up, I ask for surgery

2022-01-22 00:03:45 44 ℃

Winner, this is a term in Go, which means that the situation is not optimistic.

In 2013, chess San Nie Wiping took the most important step "winner" of life, when he was suffering from rectal cancer, swimming in the edge of life and death, fortunately, as he waited for a lifetime, He won, the tumor in his body has disappeared, no recurrence in 9 years. Xiao Ai wants, his experience is worthy of everyone.

In 2013, Nie Weiping suddenly found himself with blood, but he did not pay very attention, only thought it was a disease and anal fissure, and it would be good, but did not expect symptoms that are getting more serious. Until the colleague brought to the hospital for examination, he learned that he had rectal cancer.

"The people 's rectum is about 15cm long, and my tumor has grown to 10cm!" Nie Weiping recalled his experience in the media interview, and it seems to be used to be high wind waves, and tone is very calm.

Nie Weiping's illness found too late, late to the tumor has been wearing sausage wall, late to do not dare to easily move the knife, late to Nie Weiping may not keep the anus, life will be with the urine bag.

In the face of the death of step by step, many doctors advised him to conservative treatment, and the risk of surgery in cancer was very risks. Nie Weiping refused the conservative treatment. In his opinion, conservative treatment means giving up.

"Waiting for death is definitely not my style!" Nie Wanping did not fear, he insisted on the treatment of surgery, fighting for himself. In this dangerous life and death, Nie Weiping encountered Zhou Zhixiang, who was colorectal surgery in the Cancer Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences, to win the chance of life.

After confidential analysis, the Zhou Zhixiang team has developed the treatment plan for advancement of therapy, and the tumor growth and reproduction of the tumor before surgery, creating the best conditions for surgery. However, Nie Weiping's condition is very unauthenticated, and the gap between tumors and normal tissues is completely disappeared, it is difficult to separate, and the surgical difficulty is like climbing Everest and challenges huge.

Dr. Zhou Zhixiang relieves the anus, urethral and sexual nerves with excellent clinical experience and using laparoscopic innovative surgery. After surgery, the freshman Nie Weiping returned to chess and continued to engage in the loved Go career.

Professor, the attendess of Nie Lao, believes that after the treatment, if Nie can make an anus for an anus, perhaps to a large extent to avoid dragging to advanced rectal cancer. The anus is not only able to touch the early rectal tumors, but also to the cancerous disease - polyps of rectal tumors - polyps, these can intervene in advance, but check only 5 yuan.

Unfortunately, Nie has been starting in 1980. I have never been used in more than 30 years. I don't check it. I don't have any disease. When I check the cancer or what is scared. Zhou Zhixiang recommends that there is a young trend in the incidence of intestinal cancer in our country. It is recommended that people over 40 years old do an anal test.

However, such a cheap and practical examination has 80% of adults refuse to do it because it is very special. The anus tutin requires a doctor to explore the anus of the patient with a finger to touch the anal tube and the rectum, and there is an abnormality.

Because the rectal cancer is low, the doctor can detect the anus, check whether there is a lump or touch, bleeding, etc., help the doctor find patients with acne, inflammation, tumors and other diseases.

If the doctor can further sense the size of the mass in the patient, the doctor can further sense the size of the mass, and it is necessary to further examination. The rectal refers are so powerful, it can be said that the doctor can find 80% of rectal cancer in 2 minutes by anal inspection, helping us to avoid cancer's stalks.

Early symptoms of rectal cancer are not obvious, etc., many people have been ill. Therefore, if the following symptoms occur, everyone must pay attention.

1, rectal irritation symptoms

As the tumor increases, most rectal cancer patients will have intestinal stimulus symptoms, and the stool is used to change, and it will be frequent.

2, blood

Blood is one of the most common symptoms of rectal cancer. 80% of patients with rectal cancer will have blood, and there will be bleeding when severe.

3, intestinal narrow symptoms

Since the cancer swollen into the shavles of the intestinal wall, the intestinal chamber is narrow, causing abdominal discomfort. There is a symptom of stool, difficulty in bowel movements, air deflative pain.

4, weight loss and weight loss

Since tumor growth requires nutrition, when the tumor occupies most of the energy of physical intake, patients often have unexplained weight loss.

5, anal pain and anal incontinence

Tumor invading gods will cause continuous pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral, and even increasing anal piraphic muscles, causing anal incontinence.

The symptoms of rectal cancer are very complex and diverse, and various symptoms varies from person to person. In daily life, you should always pay attention to physical condition.


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