O'Kek is orthogonal, but the WHO has passed good news, the epidemic has been terminating?

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O'Kek is orthogonal, but the WHO has passed good news, the epidemic has been terminating?

2022-01-22 06:04:43 57 ℃

As new crown epidemic continues to ravage around the world, the virus is constantly changing, and the rapid spread of the O'Kek tunain strain is faster and more infectious, and even more infectious infections. The global mixed is covered, and countless people smell the wind.

However, compared with the previous variant, O'Koi infected people are obviously symptomatic, in Europe and the United States in Europe and the United States, and many patients have only such as cough, runny nose, fever and other symptoms. Isolated, after you take medicine, you will reach health, far from hospital standard.

In addition, according to the Global Times, the World Health Organization has passed a good news on January 20th, that is, the South African epidemic of O'Kek's poison has occurred, and the number of new people declined daily, the number of deaths and the number of hospitalities are Decline trends, the dawn tentacle of victory can be.

Therefore, more and more optimism believes that the new crown virus is "flu", infected O'K戎, even if the new crown vaccine can also form "group immunity", the global epidemic is expected to be terminated. But many experts emphasize that O'Kron will end the epidemic idea is time.

First, the mortality rate and hospitalization rate of South Africa have indeed fell about 80% compared with the first few waves, but it may be related to two factors, that is, South Africa is many patients with young people, and the physical quality is higher; The epidemic has brought enough strong immunity to the South African people and is also a non-negligible factor, new crown vaccine and the injection of the reinforced needle to reduce mortality and hospitalization rate significance. Therefore, it is not advisable to end the South African epidemic attribute to Okock "flu".

In addition, O'Kki, who has breakthrough infection, will become a global hope of community immunity. Many European and American people do "natural vaccine" as "natural vaccines", think that "population immunity" can occur when 80% and more people infection, even deliberately infectivism, but this intention seems to be in O'K戎.

Because the disease control experts have found that Okeki has new features, which is more likely to infect rehabilitation and injection of new championships than previous variant strains. That is, even if everyone is infected with O'Koi, it is impossible to block its communication, and the virus is still able to constantly infect others, and it will continue to happen. At present, there are many patients who have infected new crown viruses worldwide. .

Finally, the most easily ignored is that the probability of lack of O'Kki Recovery will appear sequelae, far more serious than people's imagination. Flu flu, cold, etc., there are few sequelae, but O'K is different, and the initial symptoms of patients may not be serious, but the dependent side effects may be similar to other strains.

For example, Chinese guys working in South Africa were infected with Delta poisons, but they were infected with O'K, although it has been turned over, but left a lot of sequelae. Spaired, fatigue, fatigue accompanied, take a few steps to start chest tightness, and the sense of olfactory will fail.

A woman in Japan has also warned everyone. O'Ker should not be despised. There is a fever, vomiting, severe headache, cough, etc. after infection, and can't be simply concatenated as a cold.

As for O'K戎, which direction will eventually develop, there is no clear conclusion. However, regardless of how viruses varies, cut off the transmission pathway and infectious sources, protecting susceptible people is the most effective way to prevent, preventing the best way to prevent neoguan pneumonia and sequelae is not infected.

If you don't do it completely, the new crown vaccine and the enhancement needle play a key role. Although it is a bit of a strong sense of conventional, new crown vaccine effects, but can be found in the past research, and the vaccine still has scientific significance in reducing the critical rate, mortality, and sequelae.

Inoculating at least one needle vaccine prior to infection, the risk of gehe fog, fatigue, and emergency respiration, etc. may be lower. However, there are also small people that the situation is even worse after vaccination of new championships, which may be related to personal health conditions, for those sequelae problems brought by autoimmune diseases, the vaccine may only be temporarily active, fatigue, etc. will also appear again. .