Essence with ultrasound to navigate, do a good job in med-non-medical scout

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Essence with ultrasound to navigate, do a good job in med-non-medical scout

2022-01-22 06:04:45 54 ℃

On the evening of December 24, 202, China (Hunan), 23rd, Raise, Sierra Leone Medical Team, successfully arrived in Freyton, after half a month of epidemic isolation, medical team quickly launched medical work in Ms. Friendly Hospital.

Currently, only one X-ray machine and a B / Super instrument throughout the Semi-friendly Hospital image department.

Therefore, for the clinical work of the 23rd of the Medical Team, in Slaylone Medical Team, especially in obstetric and emergency patients, ultrasound is an important investigator in the medical team and local doctors, and play an irreplaceable role.

The Semi-friendly Hospital is the main visit hospital in Chinese in the Sierra Leone. Due to the poor local traffic conditions, many patients need to take more than 10 hours from the remote mountainous area.

Ultrasound instrument equipment is relatively old, poor resolution, and ultrasonic doctors need to make full use of their long-standing eyes to make a diagnosis.

Xiaojient, deputy director of the aid medical team, from Xiangya Third Hospital, Central South University, engaged in ultrasound, mastering the abdominal, superficial, cardiovascular, obstetric sects, etc., with rich clinical experience, is currently The only ultrasound doctor in the friendly hospital.

One day ago, a local Chinese found that the neck is a mass. I am afraid that I have suffered cancer. I have never dared to come to the hospital. Later, I will persuade my colleague. After more than 10 hours, the hospital is involved in the hospital.

Xiao Jingdong application ultrasound equipment carefully observed the patient's thyroid mass, with a long-term B-ultrasound work training, finally determined as a thyroid cysts, old bleeding, excluding cancer, surgeon Zhao Xi according to this report, the patient finally put down Heart, stepping on the back of peace of mind.

A local pregnant woman, pregnancy has been 34 weeks, found that the fetal activity is reduced, she and her family are very nervous.

I know that Chinese doctors have been working on the Semi-friendly hospital. After arrogant, they have passed the Xiajun East, and the patient's amniotic fluid is less, and the umbilical cord is 2 weeks.

Doctors have been treated in time according to this situation. After 1 week, I found that the ultrasound found that the fetus returned to normal. She said that I would like to thank Chinese doctors!

With the further development of medical work, ultrasound examination is more frequent in medical team. When various medical doctors need to identify diagnosis, they often invite ultrasonic doctors, Xiao Ji East is also asking, and do their best.

In recent weeks in medical work, Xiao Ji East has launched an ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal, gynecology, fetus, and cardiovascular and other fields. It provides services to clinically professional medical work, and give full play to the role of scouting, to do health for patients. Escorting, adding bricks to the Central African Friendship Construction.

Xiao Ji East said that as a communist party member, Zhiro Party members came to Sierra Leone to participate in the aid and non-mission, which is the trust and glory of the organization.

Although the conditions are hard, the diagnosis and treatment task is heavy, however, there is a call of the motherland, the call of the mission, will not be afraid of hardships in the future, do a good job in the medical record, dedicate their strength for the support of the motherland.

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Record: Xiao Ji East China (Hunan) Episode 23 Raised the deputy director of the Xiangya Third Hospital, Sena-South University, Slaylon Medical Team