1 hour of double eyelid surgery, what changes can you bring?

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1 hour of double eyelid surgery, what changes can you bring?

2022-01-22 12:02:39 46 ℃

In fact, the double eyelid surgery is very fast, the whole process is even less than 1 hour!

Preoperative medical examination is prepared → Doctor and then communicate confirmation → Upline → on anesthetic → formal surgery → Complete!

Many young sisters said that there were some anxiety before making it. After doing it, it was a bit surprised, actually so fast!

From the perspective of medical perspectives, double eyelid surgery is not complex

At present, the mainstream double eyelid surgery is mainly eye synthesis. The principle is to make a cut in the eyelids of the beauty, remove excess skin and adipose tissue, then fix the eyelid skin on the desired height, so Of a heavy paste can be formed.

Generally, it can make the eyes of the beauty look more and more beautiful by doing double eyelid surgery, and the time maintained after surgery is also relatively long.

Can say that I want to make a double eyelid

Pick a weekend or rest

1 hour can harvest beauty

How do you guarantee quality so fast?

In fact, the two-eyed surgery process is slow, and the XIAO fruit after surgery is not affected, and the surgical process is personally operated by the doctor, and does not with any instrument. Therefore, the double eyelid surgery can do a good job, look at the doctor's technology!

In addition to the doctor itself, choose the formal plus strength and reputation!

Regular hospital guarantees safety. Even if the two eyelids are also incisions, regular hospitals can guarantee sterile operations, formal anesthesia teams and nursing teams, and people who have peace of mind during surgery!

How does the doctors can look at TA's personal surgery case. Powerful doctors are willing to share the cases of TA! Second, the type of surgical type of each doctor is not good, find the doctor who is suitable for you, and is very important.

See comments and reputation. The evaluation of the insiders is very precious, and it can get valuable evaluation from the insiders in the insiders, and the experience is used to talk to you by facts.

Finally, I want to say that both eyelid surgery can now do it, and I want to find a doctor who is suitable for myself is not particularly difficult. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital consultation, which may spend more time and energy, but these are worth it. In the process of consulting, you will know the situation of your eyes and the shape, width and surgical plan for yourself. Then I will get more and more understanding this aspect, and then consider the price and surgery cases of various hospitals and the surgery, and then make decisions.