21 new hair in one day!Doctor reminds: someone has not woke up ...

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21 new hair in one day!Doctor reminds: someone has not woke up ...

2022-01-22 18:05:03 54 ℃

According to the statistics of the emergency center of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

In the first day of this year's National Day holiday, the center of patients with alcohol poisoning is approximately twice as long as the holidays! This is still not a non-ambulance method to send medical treatment of the medical department of Ningbo University Medical College, Zhu Feng, deputy director of the emergency department of Ningbo University, received 4 drinks from 1 point in the morning of October 1st to 8:00, causing complications Patient! Today is the first day of New Year's Day

Friends and friends are inevitably gathered to drink alcohol, you should be careful

50-year-old man came to Ningbo to find a job

Drinking a meal, I didn't wake up ...

Here, it is a person who is "not drinking unpleasant" that Zhu's doctor has encountered in emergency diagnosis. Old king (pseudonym), 45 years old. After dinner at night, after a half pound of white wine, the paralysis kept vomiting on the bed, and he accidentally vomited into the lungs. After being sent by the family to emergency, diagnosed as inhaled pneumonia, the oxygen saturation is ultra low. The doctor said that if the vomit blocked the main branch, breathing, the heartbeat can disappear instantly. Xiao Li (pseudonym), undergraduate is read. After a lot of drinking in a holiday event, there is a lot of drinking in a holiday event, causing the cardia to tear, and the vomit is inhaled in the lungs, causing inhalation pneumonia, throwing a pus and longitudinal isolation. It is more than ten days in the ICU, and the mother is incredible, how can it drink like this. Daguan (pseudonym), 30 years old, full-time driver. Because of the relationship, it is hard to drink almost. I finally came to a day without business, and my brother was drinking. As a result, he didn't wait for each home. He didn't feel the emergency, just arrived in the rescue room because of his palpitation, just arrived at the rescue room. Fortunately, the doctor seized the salvation of gold for 4 minutes, and finally pulled him back from the lifeline. The doctor said that this is a low potaemia caused by drinking, and further triggered a malignant heart rate. If it is a step, it is dead. Small hole (pseudonym), 20 years old. It was found that there was no provincial personality in the lawn lying down at home downstairs, sent from 120 to emergency. Wake up in the sky, I found that I have to go, I have just walked, I remembered that I didn't bring my home key, so I recalled the "absurd" of the previous night - he and his friends were so uncomfortable, and after the footsteps were unstable, they found no brings. The key is from the balcony of the next door neighbor. It is attempted to turn into their own balcony. As a result, he stepped on the air. After listening to the doctor, further examined, found his thoracic fracture, blood gas chest, pulmonary contusion. Final hospital stay for more than half a month. Old Yang (pseudonym), in 50, from Guizhou to Ningbo. Before looking for a job, first arrange the wine with friends. As a result, excessive drinking has induced cerebral hemorrhage, and half of the limbs can't be moved. When I got home alone, I fell into the dung pit. When the police station was discovered to emergency, there was a thicker ulcer, and the digestive tract was bleeding. Different from the luck of the small hole, Old Yang has never woke up.

Water-after drinking should be particularly vigilant!

The two most commonly used drug-free complications of the hospital, that is, vomiting into the pulmonary inhalation, oxygen saturation, and vomiting create a cardia to tear, digestive tract, and alcoholism, drunk trauma, etc. . The doctor reminds that the wine is still as little as possible, especially the person who has basic diseases, liver diseases, stomach diseases and alcohol allergies, and must be carefully drinked, and during some drugs, such as taking the cefosporine one week and then a week, taking high blood pressure Do not drink alcohol during the drug. If you have frequent vomiting after drinking, you must be very vigilant: one is if he is sleeping, be sure to adjust his posture, guarantee him to vomit, the head is biased to one side or the head is a little lower, don't be flat, beware Vomiting into the trachea or lungs; Second, pay attention to his vomit color, if you drink light wine such as liquor, the vomit has brown or red liquid, there may be digestive bleeding, be sure to seek medical treatment in time, If you drink red wine, it is difficult to judge, it is recommended that the insurance is sent, and it is also sent to the doctor.