Another doctor died, only 41 years old!Colleagues send a circle of friends, and tears after reading ...

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Another doctor died, only 41 years old!Colleagues send a circle of friends, and tears after reading ...

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The dead is already awkward, the living is alert!

Author: Ye Yusong

This article is authorized to authorize the medical feast, please do not reprint without authorization.

At 8:40 am on January 19, Director of Children's Orthopedic Director of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, due to the invalvation of sudden heart disease, unfortunately died!

According to the public information, the Director of Niu Xiangqiang graduated from the Sichuan University Huaxi Medical Center Outer Scientific Trauma Professional, Master's Master, Major, Major Technique, Treatment of Children's Fracture. Serving the International Orthopedic Association (SiCot) China Children's Orthopedic Committee, the Standing Committee of the Department of Disabled Rehabilitation Professional Youth Commission of the China Disabled Rehabilitation Association, Deputy Director of the School of Pediatric Scholarships in Henan Province.

After the death of the cattle, his colleague Zhengda San Affiliated Hospital Reproductive Center, the director of the first spring tears:

Sigh sense, like a dream, so fresh and thick and elegant orthopedic talents! I still remember the patients in the past, I remember the video of each frame! 41 years old is concerned about a doctor! Unlimited grief and regret! Walk all the way, Director of the Cow!

After watching the tube director, I don't feel the white tears!

A child died once again, and once again refresh his age. It is confused and confused.

Doesn't medical treatment really really a curse of God, is a lock that lost the key, can't be solved?

Some people say that such a thing, which industry has happening, is the cause of human body, not a profession.

Some people say that people often only see what they want, this is called the Dartmouth Indians and Polloston Tigers Effect.

As a doctor, if you are dissatisfied with the reality of your work, these will be mapped to the brain, and pay attention to some topics that can resonance. At the high death rate of youth doctors, if we compare the mortality rate of youth doctors and the peers of the same age may gain a less biased answer.

These words are theoretical, and there is no problem. But the question is, doctors who have died early in the earlier, not a temperatureless news, but a fresh life!

In front of health, doctors have no exemption. As a doctor, I have seen the unfortunate death, there is always a sense of material injury, I can't help but tears.

Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle.

Every sudden doctor is leaving, every time I don't have medical treatment, we should have pain in pain, find the root, ask for reason, which one is the last straw? What makes them difficult to withstand this life?

A doctor's sudden death is, although there are many reasons, but the extrusion of the body is an indisputable fact. In particular, the doctor of the Tunic Hospital, the burden is extremely heavy.

Whether it is a big hospital, the doctor caught the earlier, or the small hospital door can be launched, and the doctor sets for the birth. At the end of the root, many times a counter cycle produced by the country in terms of medical treatment.

Medical health is a business unit, saying is good, in fact, it is still self-loss. That point to allocate the nine bull, how can the hospital be unfolded? How can the doctor may not be desperate to see the patient's income?

In this way, the big hospital is inexpensive, forming irons, the patient can not be seen, the doctor works great, the spirit is high, and the long-term load work, completely lost private time. Strong body will also be crushed!

Especially the orthopedic doctors, when surgery, a continuous station is a few hours, or even longer. But then you will only hard support. The result is not only physical strength overdraft, but it is very easy to have the last straw to overwhelmed by the last straw, but also the tragedy of sudden death.

On the one hand, young doctors think that they are young, they have to toss, have wear capital, and they think that their body is very good, not very well-intentional health, even if it occasionally uncomfortable will not cause height Pay attention to, so sudden death, always prevent causing.

In fact, every sudden death will have a long period of time in a high-intensity working condition and the mental nervous, as long as you pay attention to your own care and review, most of you can avoid sudden death. The tragedy occurs.

This, I hope that everyone can pay attention to and pay attention.

On the other hand, the medical formation of the seesaw phenomenon has increased the leverage of the young doctor who had a young doctor. The medical resources of the University Hospital are high quality, people are full; the patients with small hospitals are scarce, difficult to maintain. This type of Matthew is superimposed, inevitably caused tired, and free panic.

To change this situation, the national level must take the decision of remediation, further increase the investment in medical and health care, sag, re-balance the distribution of medical resources, and change the income gap between the medical doctor's income gap.

In particular, we must strengthen the investment of small hospitals and community township medical care, let the three-level diagnosis and treatment of roots, let more doctors dare to go to ordinary small hospitals and grassroots township community to employment, and don't worry about income is too low. Only in this way, the labor intensity of the doctor's doctor will decline, and the patient will be more comfortable. If the contradiction between doctors and patients will decrease, the doctor's sudden death will inevitably decrease.

Finally, I still wish the deceased!

Director of the cattle is going well!

I hope that the other side is blooming, there is no endless overtime plus, there is no endless night, there is no clinical work pressure such as the thoughts of the abyss!

The dead is already awkward, the living is alert!

Everyone walks, burying the head, also looked up!People live, not just all work, but also have a star sea.In the rest of the work, I have some time to give yourself and my family. There are too many things to complete a medical record more than many things. I will see a patient, more important!

A good doctor is inevitably a healthy doctor, love patients, love parents and family; pay attention to work, and pay attention to the hot life.Instead of do not care about itself, be a desperate Samir, ignore the body alert, this is contrary to humanity.

Because it is good, it is better to do it!

You fall, left is a parent of the frost, there is no adult child, and there is no admirable "hand of the hand and the old man" 铮 ... ...

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