Eight kinds of vegetables are diabetes "natural enemies", do you know?

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Eight kinds of vegetables are diabetes "natural enemies", do you know?

2022-01-23 12:05:42 59 ℃

Diabetes is a lifetime disease, although complications can have serious fatal consequences, but as long as control is properly controlled, it can delay the occurrence of complications. And this, diet control is the most important part.

Diabetes is a lifetime disease

Experts have said that diet control is the most important horse in the treatment of five driving carriages in diabetes. The diabetic patients control the diet is not single-controlled sugar, and the total calorie intake should be controlled, while equalizing nutrient intake, small amount, quit smoking limit liquor. The window of the meridian is prompted to develop a diet plan, weigh the diet, regular quantitative meals, and quantify the daily total heat intake.

How do diabetic patients scientifically diet?

According to the interpretation of experts, the total calorie intake should be calculated based on the situation of each person. First, you need to calculate the standard weight of diabetics. The formula is: standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105.

The actual weight is normal in the standard weight of 10%, less than 10% is thin, and more than 10% is overweight. Second, check the table determine the heat required by the weight per kilogram and calculate the total amount of total required to every day. The formula is: the total calories required daily = standard body weight (kg) × amount of weight required per kilogram.

Eight kinds of vegetables are diabetes "natural enemies"

It is obvious that the best-controlled diet is vegetables. Many vegetables have a good help in hypoglycemia, then, which vegetables are "natural enemies" of diabetes? Today, Xiaobian will recommend several common "natural enemies" vegetables.



Caihua can also have a very delicious taste, so many people like to eat. Moreover, there is a mineral chromium in the cauliflower, and chrome can effectively regulate blood sugar, improve glucose tolerance.



The peas and caravans are rich in chromium, which can promote insulin secretion.


Green pepper

This is an option that makes many people unexpected. In fact, please teach the sun elements to promote the absorption of the cells to sugar, which makes the meal have not risen too fast. Histose can be adjusted.


Studies have shown that hollow dishes can help secondary diabetes patients control blood sugar, especially the purple hollow dish effect.


broad bean

The dietary fiber in the broad bean can be rich in a certain extent, and the magical is magically, it can prevent hypertension complications.



Cabbage is rich in vitamin E, which can promote the secretion and formation of insulin in the human body, thereby regulating blood sugar.



This is mainly considering from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine believes that Yam Jianpi Yisheng, Zi N & Nensi, and diabetes are largely associated with the human body's liver and kidney spleen, justice.


Four seasons

However, it is necessary to remind, and the four-season beans must be heated to 100 degrees Celsius or more to be completely cooked, otherwise it is easy to happen.