Your "hemorrhoid" is saved, low temperature radio therapy let you get rid of it

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Your "hemorrhoid" is saved, low temperature radio therapy let you get rid of it

2022-01-24 06:03:28 48 ℃

Hemorrhoids are the most common anorectal disease, the saying goes, "Ten nine hemorrhoids," Jie illness at any age may, with increasing age, the incidence is also constantly on the rise.

Its traditional course of treatment is very painful, severe pain, "hemorrhoids," persons are fully understood, many patients had surgery, still restless, each time the dressing is painful continued.

Recently, the hospital anorectal minimally invasive introduction of the new "low-temperature radiofrequency intervention therapy" to solve the "hemorrhoid" who have troubles. RF therapy minimally invasive intervention can be applied to a variety of anal surgery, the therapy time is short, almost non-invasive, rapid postoperative recovery, more effective, get the thumbs of many patients.

Hemorrhoids RF intervention area

Hemorrhoids always repeated, minimally invasive treatment solution trouble

Mr. Zhang is a troubled years of hemorrhoids, 3 years ago stool with blood, after they may also accept their own tumor, three years appears intermittent bleeding, anal prolapse mass was progressively increased, also accept their own slow . By chance, Mr. Zhang learned that hemorrhoids can be treated by minimally invasive manner, so hold the mentality of "try" came to the hospital Anorectal treatment.

After admission, anorectal Zhao Wenjiang Dean detailed assessment of the patient's condition, the patient is mixed hemorrhoids, decided to adopt the "external hemorrhoid surgery hemorrhoids hypothermia + HF minimally invasive therapy" for treatment. Surgeon from Beijing expert Professor Dong Ping, doctors Zhaoyuan Zhang and Wang Hongjun assistance, the entire operation took less than 10 minutes, a few hours after surgery patients can get out of bed on the second day of anal discomfort eased significantly. Mr. Zhang had doubts have vanished, and gave high praise.

Professor Dong intervention with low-temperature radiofrequency therapy for patients

Mixed hemorrhoid surgery patients


What is a low-temperature radiofrequency intervention?

RF intervention therapy is low through the blood vessels of the hemorrhoids, loose tissue and muscle fiber Treitz piercing pin electrodes hemorrhoid mucosa multi point radiofrequency ablation, focal and subsequent tissue necrosis, postoperative tissue by absorption, adhesion and healing muscle fibers , atrophy and lifting effect on hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoids prolapse and bleeding obtain the effect of radical.

Radio frequency early intervention can effectively prevent the further development of hemorrhoids, and can be repeated radiofrequency intervention in a given period, and ultimately achieve the purpose of controlling its development to an advanced stage.

Less than 3 seconds for each point treatment operation, simple, 3-4 hemorrhoids only 3-5 minutes, no damage to the anal canal and tiny lesions to achieve minimally invasive or non-invasive.

Professor Dong patients in the clinic for the treatment of hemorrhoids


The advantages of low-temperature radiofrequency ablation are those?


Anorectal experts

Professor Dong Ping

Chief Physician

Beijing anorectal (Erlonglu Hospital) experts

Beijing Medical Association Advisory Board anorectal Professional Committee

Former vice president of the Chinese Medical Association Professional Committee of anorectal

Technical Director of Beijing East Medical Management

Anorectal engaged in clinical work for 40 years, served as director of anorectal surgery department, director of endoscopy, there are thousands of cases of endoscopy and endoscopic surgery experience, he has completed a million cases of anorectal surgery.

Good anorectal difficult diseases and surgical treatment of complex anal fistulas. Medicine published more than 20 papers, has participated in anorectal monograph written work and preparation of anorectal science books. The main research projects as "micro-electrode radiofrequency treatment of hemorrhoids," "anorectal dynamics of clinical research in the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases" and so on.

Zhao Wenjiang Dean

Chief Physician

Master Instructor

Hospital Hospital, vice president of Jingdong reputation of the United States

Good use of laparoscopy gastric, colorectal cancer surgery, anorectal fistula hemorrhoids anal fissure and other diseases minimally invasive surgery, completed more than 10 research projects, writing more than 20 research papers.

Became a doctor 30 years, various types of diseases skilled completed general surgery, conventional surgery and minimally invasive surgery, such as gastric minimally invasive cutting, cholecystectomy, common bile duct exploration, thyroid, appendectomy, inguinal hernia repair, and the like splenectomy; skilled complete thyroid cancer, breast cancer puncture ductoscopy, an MMT minimally invasive treatment, breast conserving surgery and radical treatment; skilled anorectal disease diagnosis is completed and the conventional surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

Wang Hongjun

The attending physician

Jingdong Fitch US Hospital Anorectal doctors

For many years engaged in general surgery, general surgery accumulated in a profound theoretical knowledge and rich clinical experience.

Good at treating severe hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, incarcerated, anal fistula, abscess, a variety of high complexity, relapsed and refractory anal fistula, perianal abscess, anal fissure, constipation, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, abdominal pain, intractable perianal itching, anorectal stenosis, rectal prolapse, anal sinusitis, anal, anal rectal pain, treatment of anal papilloma has expertise.