The study found that the glass bottle is more harmful than the plastic bottle, what is the reason?Is it harmful?

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The study found that the glass bottle is more harmful than the plastic bottle, what is the reason?Is it harmful?

2022-01-24 12:04:13 61 ℃

After the advancement of social development, many convenient products appear in front of the public, because it is too convenient, it will be addicted, and if you want to quit, it will become difficult. In today's society, the convenient items will think of a plastic product, which is applied to all places, and it has been fully in-depth to everyone. The adverse effects of plastics to humans and the environment are also huge. Therefore, in order to create a better environment for humans, it is also for people's health, it also gives relevant recommendations, which is to use plastic products as much as possible. Second It is to do waste of garbage, don't litter, even if it is the case, the harm of plastic is still very large.

But now there is a statement, it may refresh your cognition, the original plastic is not the greatest, the optimistic glass products are more harmful than the plastics, even 4 times, can you imagine? Glass products are also visible everyday. The key issue is that no one is conscious of such a big harm. Let's take a look at it.

Let me talk about it, what hazards have plastics bring?

The University of Adelaide and the Southern Australian Health and Medical Research Institute have found that plastics contain a hazardous substance, called phthalate, if the human body is in contact, will increase cardiovascular disease and hypertension The risk of suffering, such a problem, mainly this substance will disturb the endocrine system, making the body metabolism deterioration, and the risk of malignancy of metabolic diseases will naturally rise.

Dr. Barbara.e.corKey, Barbara.e.corKey, said that there is more useful in daily use of plastic products, which may affect the secretion of insulin, thereby increasing the chance of diabetes. It is also related to the harmful substances in the plastic product, too much, and the hormone secretion will cause adverse effects, which will increase the probability of suffering. In the "Pediatrics" magazine, there have been two research reports that there is a relationship between plastics and children with diabetes and obesity. The phthalic acid and bisphenol A containing plastic products have an effect on insulin secretion. It is a problem in insulin resistance. And these two substances are often used on the daily necessities and snack packaging of infants, such as suction cups.

It can be seen that plastics are relatively large in cardiovascular disease, and chronic diseases. In addition, there are some potential dangers, which is too much in plastic garbage, which is more important to the ocean, and ecological environment. At this time, it is not to pay attention to various diseases, or even cancer, or should Pay attention to environmental protection, and it is to use plastic products and change to environmental protection.

Glass bottles are more harmful than plastic bottles, is it?

On the surface, there is no harm of the glass bottle, nor related evidence shows that the glass bottle contains harmless ingredients, but everyone ignores a problem, which is the production of glass bottles. The glass bottle is more complicated, and a large amount of silicon sand and dolomite are required. This impact on the ecological environment is relatively large, and it is easy to cause dust pollution. For mining workers, there will be some threats to health, especially Respiratory system and lungs, long-term suction of large amounts of dust, it is easy to initiate respiratory diseases, and the harmful substances inhaled in the lungs are also more serious, resulting in serious problems in the lungs, and can endanger life.

Moreover, when the glass bottle is processed in the factory, there will be a hazardous substance, which is sulfur dioxide. This material enters the air, which will easily form a bad weather, and may cause a greenhouse effect to cause some large harsh disasters. In summary, the hazard of the glass bottle is not to see, but once it is accumulated to a certain level, it must be a very serious problem, just like a dumb gun, there is no sound, let you not know I am deeply harmful. There are two main hazards that the glass bottles bring, one is to cause the lung injury, and the other is to threaten the extreme climate and bring a big threat to life safety. Through the article, the harm of the glass bottle and the harm of plastics are different natures. It is necessary to say seriousness. It is also a glass bottle more dangerous, mainly unknown danger, more terrible than the knowledge of knowledge, more importantly, glass products applications Very extensive, how to improve the problem, no good way is there yet. References: 1. "Plastic Products Increase Male Chronic Disease Risk" · Medical Forum Network · 2017.7.142. "Eat Plastic Packaging Food can induce Diabetes" · Medical Pan · 2011.10.273. "Plastic chemicals or children Suspension and diabetes risks "· Medical vessels · 2013.8.23