It is not a hot heat!3 strokes your fumet, nourish the five dirty!

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It is not a hot heat!3 strokes your fumet, nourish the five dirty!

2022-01-24 12:03:48 53 ℃

Although the temperature is very low, it is easier to get angry. For example, the heating is very hot, the grilled person is dry, the body is dry; eat a cork string, the second day, the gum, spacing; even if it is painted in the milk, the skin is also dandruff ...

Various signs, the fire in our body, special! Under normal circumstances, our body is in yin and yang balance, under the water, the fire is because the yin and yang balance is broken, and many people go to the fire, think of clearing heat, no matter how three seven twenty eleven, cold The cold belly, the fire did not fall, but diarrhea stomach pain.

Not all of the fire must be destroyed

We get angry, fractured fire and fallen fire. If it is completely real fire, eat some of the fire, but most, the upper is bluff, especially after overmanal, eat a spicy fried After the matter, often stay up all night, under high pressure, easy to be angry, and even over-tonic people, it is easier to have fallen.

Once you have encountered the fire, don't clear your cold tea, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach injury, spleen yang is damaged. If you want to scatter this dry heat in your body, you will have specific problems. First, it is a fallen fire or real fire, and the control form is below, this is the first step in the fire.

We can imagine the body into a pot filled with water. When the firewood below is getting more and more prosperous, the pot will become more hot, this is equivalent to "Yang" more, that is, the fire. If the firewood itself is constant, it is still so big, but the water in the pot is less, and the pot will be more boar. This is equivalent to "yin" is less, that is, the fire.

Real fire can be used directly with some cleaning of heat, such as gold and silver flowers, chrysanthemums, mulberry leaves, wheat and soap, and so on. And the fire is more complicated, and the fire is mainly supplemented, and it is not necessary to help you clear your fire. In short, it is the real fire to be destroyed.

Body is not smooth, root

People who are fire, the body must have a blocked, and the position of the blocked is in Coocke, that is, the location of our abdomen, and the blonde will find that we get angry, it is in the upper half of the upper body, and it does not move the mouth ulcers. Sleam pain, face the neck acne, but the lower body is still a cold, the foot is cold, palace and so on.

This kind of fallen fire is not caused by our heart, and the heart is going down, go to warm the kidney yang, and the kidney water will go up, nourish the hearty, the water, the water, but because of the coking No, the fire is not going, the water is not coming, the card is naturally angry in the middle.

That's why the fire can't be removed. These cold and cold things come in, but also accumulate in the middle of the abdomen, and the Coof is too cold, and it will stomach tight. Therefore, the body has fallen fire, to dredge medlar, fire Returning to the yuan, put the fallen fire, warm our kidney yang and even the top of the whole body, so it is neither a waste of our fumes, and will not damage the yang, why not!

3 strokes help the fallen fire

Two hands Tu Tianzi Sanjiao

The so-called virtual fire, simple division is the coke blocked under the focal fire, open the medlar, the upper and down focus, this gas machine has become a complete loop, and eight paragraphs "double-handed Tianzi Sanfang three", you can Effectively comb your three-focused, smooth and full body, push the bluff down.

When the two sides are slow, when the top is above the top, ten fingers are crossing, palm down, visiting the top; the head is backward, turning over the heart, strike hard, arm elbows; simultaneous two heels Take it, approximately 1 inch; palm is turned down, ten fingers are loose, and the arms are decremented from the left and right sides; the two heels are still lifted; the two men will slow down.


That is, it is jogging, be sure to run very slowly, this will make up and down vertically, then the turbid of the coke in our center is also shaking up, a shock will go down, so you can get turning turbid, fire Downward effect.

When you run, you will hold the box, your thumb should be under the rest of the four fingers, you don't look at it, don't look around, just look at your feet, you must jog, keep your breathing and foot harmony, if you don't breathe, the proof It's too fast, to slow down, even if this run is still slower than walking.

But can't walk, the vibration of walking is small, the stimulation of the Coochemistry, the nightingale, usually runs for half an hour.

Eat some chicken gold

The fire can also be downgrade, but it is mainly not clear, but dredge, there is such a good thing, it is a dredging role, it is a chicken.

The chicken gold is a yellow film in the stomach (chicken). The chicken is not teeth. It is swallowed. So many things are in the stomach, which is grinded by the stomach of the chicken. Inscribe played an important role.

The Chinese people are most good at tuition, the Republic of China, the national medical Thai Zhang Xi pure, and found this wonderful use of chickens, for this purpose, in the book: "Chicken, the spleen and stomach of the chicken. There is porcelain stone, copper iron Can be digested, it can be understood by tangeting ... It not only uses chickens, not only the accumulation of the spleen and stomach, no matter where the dirt is expensive, the chickens can be eliminated. "

Tangible and invisible, you can use chicken gold to mobilize it, so we can eat some chicken in the abdomen. It's just that the curtain of the chicken is very bitter, and the average person is unacceptable. Therefore, the old people often match all kinds of ingredients with the chicken gold, one of the nature, two different ingredients, you can It is not enough to make it too much.

I shared a cuisine, sweet and delicious, sweet and delicious with chicken gold and hawthorn, not only to cover up the taste of the bolden in the chicken, and the taste is peaceful, and the elderly children can eat. (Because of hawthorn, pregnant women should not eat) fresh hawthorn 150 grams, tangerine, 苓, malt, Huai Masham, 19 grams of chicken, 200 grams of rock sugar, after cleaning all ingredients, soak for 2 hours, then fell together In the casserole, the fire is boiled, the fire is slow for more than 1 hour, then filter out the food residue, leave a soup, pour the pot, add a rock sugar to continue to make half an hour, wait until the soup is thick.

Six things, orange-skinned temperate, qi, qi; hawthorn microthermal, ruthenium, ruthenium, horticulture, replenish spleen and stomach; 苓 性 平 平 平, spleen, spleen, nostalgic; malt , Pendant three-focused; plus chicken gold, this six objects are combined, you can adjust the gas machine in the body, medium focus, natural fire can naturally go down, will not block in Co-focus into fallen fire.

If it is not convenient for yourself, you can taste this ancient house, the six kinds of ingredients are unchanged, and the process is more refined, the origin of all ingredients, the choice of ingredients, and then go to various The proportion of food is constantly improving, and finally puts the ganshanne, the acid, the bitterness of the chicken gold, the sinister of the peel, the light of the 苓, and the fragrance of malt together. After the octave, fusion, the cream, the paste and other eight processes, so that there is such a hospice, a sweet and delicious hawthorn, a sour and delicious hawthorn.

And the low temperature and slow, can better retain the nutritional taste of the ingredients, the cream sticks can be brushed, and the extension is strong. Since the preservatives and thickeners are not added, they will not add a drop of water. The thickness is a long time, and the water is evaporated.

Eat a sweet and delicious appetizer, if you feel that it is more thick and greasy, it is recommended to apply it on the bread or use warm water, 2 ~ 3 spoon each time, after the water is opened, especially clear.

Hawthorn six-way cream health cream

These three are dredging in the middle of the coke, and the magazine that is fired. Finally, we will mention it. The fallen fire mentioned above does not directly replenish the fire, but it is necessary to make a deficiency. What is the meaning of qi?

You can look at the picture below. Co-focus includes the spleen and stomach, and the middle focus is also a spleen and stomach. The ability to resolve these stasions of the body, so that if you need to burn the fire, you need two steps. The first step is that the second step is complement.

The spleen and stomach is a place where food, transported, wants it, and eats. And our modern people are lazy. To say what spleen spleen, there is no time to do, I can't do it, so I recommend it from ancient to today, I have been praised by everyone. It is a very mild, and it is superior.

This pastry, there is a record in the classics of the Qing Palace, the Emperor Qianlong and Cixi used it to do the imperial meal, and the modern national doctor Dr. Luo Dalun has also mentioned it. In the past, the Qing Palace, the ingredients, the Yam, lotus seed, hawthorn,苓, glutinous rice, truth, party beta and glutinous rice, is the yam, lotus seeds are all hurting the spleen; the party ginseng, the glutinous rice is Wenyang; 苓 and glutinous rice are wet; hawthorn is convergent. Such a small pastries, yin and yang, the rise and fall is all.

The production method is also simple, as follows: Codonopsis 5G, 苓 50g, coix seed 50g, lotus seed 50g, yam 50g, hawthorn 50g, 50g of hawthorn, glutinous rice flour 100g, glutinous rice flour 100g. Put all the ingredients into fine powder, the better the finer. After the water is added, the shape is applied to the shape.

Steam in the pot for half an hour, you can eat it, if you feel too light, you can add some salt in the production process. Square, delicious, eat is not greasy. If you are too lazy, we can also eat an ancient eight cake of eating, just tear open packaging, you can enjoy delicious.

In the formula, we have adjusted according to the physique and demand of modern people, with chicken gold, malt, and Sandren instead of party governments and truth, children can eat, and use wheat powder to replace glutinous rice flour, lotus seeds, have a clear heart Role, first wake up our spleen and stomach.

[Self-operated] Mei Feng Daozhi Cake Soft Sweet Sweet Phase Same Soope 210g / Box (7g * 30)

苓, glutinous rice and the mating, these three have a wet effect, and the wet turbidity in the body is discharged. There is a spleen and dampness, first put the wet turbidity in the body; at this time, it can play the role of the drain, and clean it out of this, wet, wet, let the spleen to complete the election. The last glutinous rice is turned turned, these three can help the spleen and stomach to complete the loop cycle.

In the above mentioned in the chicken, there is no longer repeating, malt, 理 顺 行 行 机 机 机 机 机...... 强.... 机...... 强 强 强

After mild baking, the taste in the food is excited, the fragrance of wheat, the sweetness of the yam, the refreshing lotus seeds, the chewing of glutinous rice, all in this small cake, the dry and humidity, If you don't stick to your teeth, and you don't add sucrose, many friends who can't eat sweet can eat.