A buried "Thousand Old Spleen Sorps", especially suitable for winter!

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A buried "Thousand Old Spleen Sorps", especially suitable for winter!

2022-01-24 12:04:04 54 ℃

It, the kidney effect is stronger than the yam, the dampness effect is better than the red bean, the calm effect is strong, which can be said to be a buried spleen and kidney supplement.

What is it?

It is a truth, one of the topic medicinal materials described in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics, and is also a commonly used medicine. It is a sleeping lottery.

It is a mature root of the sleeping lotus plant, because its fruit is very like a chicken head, so it is called "chicken head rice", there is a reputation of "People in Water".

In the ancient medicine book, it said that it has the effect of "the baby's food is not old, the elderly."

There is a "Dream of Red Man", "Autumn Shuangzhai Jie Jiyu Shi, Yu Yuyuan Night], said Jia Baoyu sent people to Shi Xiangyun, there were two days of fresh goods, one is Hongling, the other is the same .

The big literary Hao Su Dongpo in the Song Dynasty also liked to eat. Su Dongpo is still fit, his face is ruddy, and his mind is agile. He has a study of health, with "Dongpo Health Articles" and other books.

One of his health is to eat. It is quite a few days: from time to time, it will be cooked, and in the mouth, put it in the mouth, slowly contain, until it is full of mouth, and then drunk a few times, Xu Xun.

He uses this method every day to eat 10-30 capsules, day after day, year, and persevere. It is said that Su Dongpo still loves to eat "chicken head rice porridge" with the truth, and called "porridge is fast, the porridge is in the porridge, and it will not say".

Chinese medicine believes that the taste is sweet,, flat, into the spleen and kidney, can strengthen the spleen and dampness, solid kidney diarrhea, and "make up", "anti-dryness" advantage. Its kidney effect is stronger than the yam, the dampness is better than the red bean, and the calm effect is strong, which can be said to be a buried supplement.

Winter is relatively dry, this is still moisted but not cold, so it is especially suitable for eating in winter.

In many ways to use the truthful replenishment, the most famous is the "four god soup".

When the Qing Dynasty Qianlong Emperor Jiangnan, the four ministers served next to the four ministers, with the day and night, plus the boat rushing, soil and soil refined, therefore, in the face of this situation, even the royal doctor is also helpless. So the Emperor Emperor Qianlong lived the local knowledge of Zhang Play to ask for medical, soon, one person came to revealed, and after putting a prescription after pulse, declared "four ministers, things!". After the four ministers took this medicine, he could heal immediately.

Since then, every official south patrol is used to stew food, for a long time, this is convenient for "four minister soup" and is widely circulated in the people. Later, it will become "four god soup" .

"Si Shen Tang" is a famous spleen food party in Chinese medicine. Among them, "Si Shen" refers to the four "gods" of glutinous ringer, lotus seeds, truth and 苓, and they have collected each other after complement, and the soup made to the human body Multi-benefits such as spleen, beauty, and drying, can play a role in spleen and kidney. Here you recommend a "four god soup" that is more suitable in the fall, called the four gods. Jinqiu chestnut kidney spleen, the reputation of "King of Dry Fruit", it is also known as "people's ginseng", Yiqi spleen, and thickening.

The composition of the four couscies:

Material: glutinous rice, lotus seeds, truth, 苓 15 grams, 150 grams of millet, 100 grams of rock sugar, 2000 ml of water.

Practice: Cook with small fire 30 points, add rock sugar, continue to cook for 10 minutes with a small fire.