When you want to jump in the height, you want to see the knife and want to cut yourself: What is this magic?!

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When you want to jump in the height, you want to see the knife and want to cut yourself: What is this magic?!

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Recently, I have a friend Yuanyuan told me that there are always a terrible idea in her mind, she wants to get rid of it, but they can't get rid of it.

For example, she and my friends go hiking. When everyone is going to the top of the mountain, it is difficult to describe: While pointing at Jiangshan, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the mountains; drink your long echo.

But when she is standing on the edge of the cliff, she has the idea of ​​jumping down in the mind, she feels afraid that she will really urge to jump.

She tries to control herself not to think, but the more controls this idea and worry.

She is afraid of the heartbeat and breathing, and the scalp also sweats on the scalp. She didn't have other choices, only returned to tell friends, they have a little dinner.

Since then, she does not dare to go high, afraid that she will really jump to the bones.

Later, her home lived on the 20th floor of a high-rise building. She actually had the idea of ​​jumping down at the balcony at home, so she did not dare to go to the balcony.

Every time I wash my clothes, she didn't dare to go to the balcony to dry clothes, I have to go to the balcony to dry.

Yuanyuan's main symptom is afraid to be at a height. Whenever you want to go down, she wants to control it, but the more I want to control the idea of ​​jump.

This symptoms belong to the forced impulse, and Yuanyuan belongs to an forced obstacle that is mainly performed by forced impulses.

What is forced impulse?

The so-called forced impulse refers to an individual immediately improving some kind of inner impulse to violate its own willingness when facing a certain environment or occasion. This is a very common forced thinking.

Contents of forced impulses often involve attacks, adventure or make yourself in portraits, for example:

When I saw the sharp knife in the kitchen, I thought I would take a sharp knife out of the kitchen to cut my family, and even a picture of the bleeding of the arm bleeding in my mind.

The idea and scenes in this mind are too terrible, so you say "Don't want to hurt the scene" or "if you want to hurt the scene, I will not be able to hurt people."

There will be a hurt once, and even if you reject it, you will be activated at this time.

With the appearance of the word "hurt", according to the past experience, you think more and more things, the situation seems to be more and more serious, the picture is getting more and more vivid, where is it to help us?

In the control of the forced impulse, your strength you spend, the more you get the pain.

Because the content of the forced impulse has the content of attack, venture or makes itself, the patient is worried that the implementation of the forced impulse will bring serious consequences, and it will immediately take the avoidance behavior: such as not dare to high, do not see the knife , Do not dare to drive, etc..

"White Bear Effect"

This psychologist has made a study:

They let A group participants try to think about a white bear in the first 5 minutes, and whenever they think of white bear, you can record it through oral reports or knock on the bell.

In the next 5 minutes of participants, the free association, if the white bear is also recorded in a manner as just now, it is just a manner as just now.

Group B participants don't want to think about a white bear in 5 minutes, and then freely believe in the same five minutes.

The results showed that the B group participants who were not allowed to be allowed, although the number of times the first 5-minute report was allowed to think about the participants of the white bear, but in the free Lenovo phase thought that the number of white bear was significantly more than another participant, That is to say, they easily think of white bear more frequently.

Psychologists tell us through such a clever study: These ideas may temporarily disappear when trying to suppress certain ideas, but will soon appear again and more frequent.

As a result, this idea became more important in your thinking, and even there may be a chain reaction. In short, it will make your own ideas will make things worse.

Spiritual interaction

Many times, even if there is no suicide, 43% said that there is a impulse that I want to suddenly jump from the height. This impulse is not from what "death instinct" but is superior to survival. Desire is in practice.

Under normal circumstances, our body has two sets of systems to coordinate human behavior and reactions, and a set will make a decision when you encounter danger.

For example, when your hand encounters hot stoves, it will be immediately returned; it will be more careful or later.

And another system is manifested in the fear of coming after you have returned God, it is a bit similar to what we often say.

That is to say, these "scared" ideas and fear are normal, don't mean that it doesn't mean that we are sick.

That why we will suffer because of these ideas? We can use the word "spiritual interaction" to explain.

The spiritual interaction is a core concept of Senfield therapy (the main method of obsessive disorder), which explains the causes of forced symptoms and continues.

The interpretation of spiritual interaction is actually very simple. It means that you pay attention to a feeling of feeling this feeling, this feeling allergy makes it pay attention to this feeling, this feeling pays further interacts The more allergic spiritual process.

For example, Yuanyuan's example, she has a feeling or idea who wants to jump at a high place. She thinks this idea should not be not normal. She has always point his attention to this idea. The more I want to be afraid that I will turn my thoughts into urgent behavior and then I will get rid of broken bones.

So she has been resisting her thoughts, the more obvious, the more obvious this idea, and she appears some discomfort, such as a flip-hand treeping, etc.

People have some feeling about everything around, if people feel particularly paying special attention to their own feelings;

This sensitive will be in turn to strengthen attention, while the intensive attention will make the feeling more sensitive, and such a loop has formed a spiritual interaction.

The interaction of the spirit plus people's hints, there will be a variety of singular feelings. In this psychological state, people think about what, and these are often non-objective.

This malignant cycle has caused uneasy fear, causing the disorders of the plant nervous system to produce so-called mental symptoms, such as fluster, hand shake, sweating, dizziness, etc.

Spiritual interaction often leads to a fixedness of symptoms, and a long time has formed a fixed behavior pattern.

Use the original idea to break the spiritual interaction

The spiritual interaction is like a spider web: a worm fly to this Internet, the start network is not sticky, but this bug wants to escape it, it will move, it is, it is, it is strive to get rid of it. The network's binding results are the tightening of the network, the more you want to break free by the network boiler, and the end is completely thoroughly lost freely.

Is this bug like everyone in symptoms? The more you want to get rid of the pain by some ways, you will be bonded by pain.

The first mentioned that the spiritual interaction is the root cause of the existence of forced symptoms, then the key to treating it is undoubtedly breaking the spiritual interaction.

The key to break is not to fight with your own symptoms, but consciously identify your symptoms, without judgeting to observe it and accept it.

Only this symptom does not have a bad impact on us, and the method of doing these is "righteous" therapy.

The idea of ​​the idea is awareness, and everything is in the moment, and everything about it does not make any analysis and any reactions, just simply recognizes that it pays attention to it.

Breaking the spiritual interaction We can do the following steps:

First, use Rain's negative emotions

Do not equip the negative and fear of the idea of ​​our own, but it is a guest who is coming in with the outside, but it is just a guest who came from outside.

We can use rain four steps to make yourself a negative emotion in the witnesses. Rain refers to --- recognition, acceptance, investing, nonidentification.

S1: Identification. "Hey, it is fear, it comes to it, it comes from bad emotions."

S2: Accepted. "Come here, don't care. The more you pay attention to it, it may become more and more energetic."

S3: Inquiry. "It turned out that it was consisting of a moment of anger, a moment of anxiety, a moment of helplessness and a moment of panic."

Finally, expressing non-recognition of it. "You can sit in my house for a while, but I am the master here. I have to let you go now, please forgive ..."

We habits when you criticize, because they are afraid, because they are ashamed and angry.

RAIN four steps can help us become a negative "witnes", then strip the additional reaction of one layer, identify it to remove it back to the starting point ...

Second, improve the awareness of these negative emotions

Tell yourself that some negative ideas is normal, but don't be driven by catastrophic thinking.

Whenever some crashing negative ideas come, we can improve your own aware: Wow, this bad idea is coming again! I won't be controlled and driven by him!

And when we don't put emotions, we will find that the emotions will continue to rise and scatter, neither is neither neither is not a constant.

It produces a particular situation, from the outside to the guest like a sudden visit. What we have to learn is to know yourself, accept yourself, cultivate yourself, and enable rational to these negative emotions.

A large number of studies have shown that emotions can be trained. When the negative emotion is lifted, use the righteousness with him peacefully, you can balance your emotional state.

Third, transfer attention

If you find that you can't extricate your clothes under negative emotions, you can immediately try to transfer your attention.

For example, from lying on the bed, we will get together to work to wash your face to do housework to promote the production of endorphin. Or you can travel to change your environment for a while.

Fourth, keep communication and connection

People are socialized animals don't deny this, and communication is the best way to establish relationships.

Communication requires attention to "55387 Specification", and a message is passed out, but it ends not only depending on our content, 55% depends on visual information (temperament, posture, etc.), 38% depends on auditory (sound and tone, etc.), Only 7% is content. So when you are bothered by the "Negative Negative Ideas" you think, you can think about these ideas whenever you think.

You can use a more full spirit, more elegant gestures, and elegant sounds and loved ones with every day, love people.

Because expressions are healing - Talk IS Cure, when we can express these problems, on the one hand, we can promote our thinking, on the other hand, we can get more understanding and support to increase our internal security feel.

"Negative and fear" is like a "black box" that will eat people, it searches for prey everywhere and swallows them.

And you constantly "spiritual interaction", it is its best hunting object.

May you receive more self, your heart is born!


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