Troubled 5 kinds of diet, often eat too terrible!I often take a lot of things, let you "return to the old children"

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Troubled 5 kinds of diet, often eat too terrible!I often take a lot of things, let you "return to the old children"

2022-01-25 00:08:01 54 ℃

Aging is a natural physiological process, which is inevitable, but reasonable maintenance can delay its process.

Terrible is that many people are unknowingly accelerating aging speed. Today, Xiaolan is coming to tell you, how to resist aging!

Stand! Five types of food reminded people

▋ baked food

Baking food packaging often writes a hydrogenated vegetable oil, while the vegetable oil produces trans fatty acids during hydrogenation.

A large number of tests and evidence showed that trans fatty acids may induce cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. The common chronic diseases such as diabetes, which not only accelerates the body aging, but also makes us suffer from disease.

▋ machining meat

Nitrite is an additive that is often used when making such food, not only anti-corrosion, but also makes food look good.

However, the nitrite will cause carcinogens under the action of in the body enzyme, and it is easy to cause inflammation to form a premature aging.

▋ ▋ 咸 食

Salt is much eaten, due to osmotic pressure, the moisture of the body tissue is reduced, which is not conducive to the skin to maintain water. If there is an important date the next day, you must ensure your best image, you must pay attention to less salt one night, otherwise it is likely to look forward to the gray face next day.


In addition to the burden of liver, drinking is also affecting sleep.

Although the feeling of dizziness after the wine seems to be conducive to sleep, but it is not conducive to our high quality deep sleep. One of the most obvious performances that can't sleep is to have wrinkles on your face.

Sweet drink

Sweet drinks contain a large amount of pigment, additives, etc., which require a lot of moisture in vivo. As the water is discharged, the body "preservation" will be more difficult.

Excessive sugar will also react with proteins in the body, form brown proteins, so that the skin is dark, relaxed.

In addition, sweet drinks can also lead to dental caries, and the result is that people are still not old, the teeth are bad.

Do one! Changzhi seven sites anti-aging

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▋ 搓 waist

The waist is the case of "veins" (surrounding waist), especially the back waist on both sides of the spine is the position of the kidney.

Frequent waist, warm kidney yang, smooth blood, everyone can heat up with both hands, press the lumbar, stop for a while, then force down to the tail section (long strong points).

Do 50 ~ 100 times each time, every morning and evening.

Note: Hands on the waist, four fingers before, the thumb is behind, the position of the thumb is basically the waist eye.


Massage foot heart can not only promote blood, strong kidney, can be safe, step-down and improve the human immune function.

The method is to hold the left hand on the left foot and hold the left foot and take the right hand along the heart. It reaches the heart of the heart; then hold the right foot neck with the right hand, with the left hand along the foot, 100 times, 搓 strength should be comfortable It is advisable.

It is necessary to remind it that it is best to rest immediately after the feet, it is best to rest for 15 minutes.

In addition, it is best not to massage your feet within one hour after a meal.

▋ ▋

Although the intensity of the hand is not running, it will make people's heartbeat, sweating, and sweating, in addition to being able to dredger the pulse, there is a certain exercise effect.

At home, you can take the double palm of ten, double elbow, so that the two palms are quickly on the 搓 200.

▋ 搓

Studies have shown that people's face muscles are only 20% of them can be active, while older people have less activities than young people, so many health experts suggest that older people should be more face.

Two hands are smashed, feel fever, then close your eyes, hands from the hands, by light to the heavy, until the face is hot, at least "washing" twice a day, 3 ~ 5 minutes each time .

▋ ▋ nose

Regular nose can make the nasal cavity and can prevent colds and rhinitis.

For already runny, nasal symptoms, you can first put the moisturizer on both sides of the nose, with the index finger or middle finger to return 200 or more, don't be too big, to prevent breaking the skin.

Then press the upper side of the jasteles on both sides of the nose. More drinking water, after 3 days, the nose is significantly reduced, and the symptoms can be substantially relieved after one week.

This method is safe and easy. Adhere to 1 to 2 times a day, can also prevent health care.

▋ ▋ 搓

The ear acupuncture is dense, and the various parts of the human body will usually be displayed on the ear when the human body is disease. Chinese medicine talked about kidney and opened in the ear, often with the auricle, kidney and strong waist, and raise his body.

Returning the ear 50 with your palm, promoting the health of the whole body by stimulating acupuncture points on your ear, and enhances hearing.

▋ ▋ 搓

This movement can also enhance the heart and lung function, soothing emotion, smooth emotions, and it is recommended to do it. Pull the two palms according to the sternum and both sides of the ribs (ribs), do looping, each part is 50 each time, each day can do more times a day.

Move! Health aid for longevity

▋ ▋ 芪 生 白白 白

Material: Ginseng 4 grams, 18 grams of Astragalus, 70 grams of glutinous rice, 4 grams of sugar, 8 grams of Atractylodes.

Practice: Use the ginseng, Astragalus, and the Atractylodes with sauce, divided into 2 times, add glutinous rice porridge. After 2 times, add sugar when eating.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of replenishing gas, anti-aging, beauty, and giving thirst, teraphic muscle. Suitable for yellow and white, lost and small Chinese.

▋ 杞 杞 血 血

Material: 20 grams of 枸杞, 30 grams of yam, 10 grams of longan meat, 120 grams of rice. Practice: Cooking the yam with rice, add 枸杞, longan meat into porridge when it is half-cooked.

Efficacy: This porridge can nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the blood and puzzle, used to dizzy, tinnitus, forgetful, dry, waist and knees. Especially suitable for patients with middle-aged and elderly women and anemia. Healthy people often eat, enhance physical fitness, and longevity.

Don't miss six kinds of vegetables!

▋ anti-aging - Broccoli

Broccoli-rich antioxidant vitamins C and carotene, the vegetables of the Cross flower have been confirmed by scientific research to be the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

▋ Supplementary protein - fish

Fish can provide a large number of high quality proteins, and the digestive absorption rate is extremely high and is the best choice for supplementing high quality proteins.

At the same time, the cholesterol content in the fish is very low. Studies have shown that all fresh fish will help prevent cardiovascular disease.

▋ 健 脑 - Spinach

Spinach contains a large number of antioxidants, with anti-aging, promoting cell proliferation, activates brain function, and enhances youthful vitality.

▋ anti-oxidation-tofu

In addition to lean meat and fish shrimp foods, tofu is also a good protein source.

At the same time, the bean food contains a chemical substance called isoflavones, is an effective antioxidant, an anti-aging effect.

▋ ▋ 活 活 - Cabbage

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, the vitamin C content is rich, and it is rich in dietary fiber to promote gastric peristalism, allowing the digestive system to maintain a young energetic.

▋ Promotion metabolism - carrots

The beta carotene contained in the carrot can play an antioxidant in the normal metabolism of the body and mitigate the human aging speed.