This is a medicine, gas, blood, heart, spleen, full of essence, full of energy

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This is a medicine, gas, blood, heart, spleen, full of essence, full of energy

2022-01-25 06:03:34 52 ℃

Always tired, physical weakness, faint flowers, no appetite, insomnia fluster, memory is not good? Introduce a Chinese medicine, help you make up blood, adjust the above problems.

The symptoms mentioned above, all of the Chinese medicine said, called heart spleen and two emulsions, heart blood, spleen can be angry, heart spleen two imaginary will lead to insufficient qi deficiency, and there is an insufficient blood and blood.

For this reason, let's analyze how to think about this problem, the Chinese medicine theory believes that the blood of the heart is to say through the vessels, and the function of the heart is strong, the heart is strong, and the heart is sufficient. The whole body, blood carrier gas, if the blood is insufficient, the carrier is also reduced, and the gas that reaches the whole body will be reduced, and the energy required by human physiological activities will be insufficient.

Heart of the blood

In addition, gas is a handsome, gas part from breathing, part from the renalm of kidney, more importantly, from the back of the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach, the source of blood, the source of blood, eat in After the spleen and stomach, absorption, transform into water valley, supply human life and organs to play normal function, when qi deficiency, human function is in sub-health state, the organs will negatively lapse, and the blood is also affected, leading to blood loss State, fatigue, positive, insomnia, palpitation, etc.

how should I solve this? Today, I will introduce a Chinese medicine, it can cope with the above problems, that is, the people's participation in the god soup (people participating in the pill).

Let's make up: ginseng, fried atractylodes, raw jaundice, 苓, tangerine peel, raw white peony, cinnamon, alcohol, rehmannia, Schisandra, system, jujube, licorice, ginger, although there is more medicinal taste, but this In fact, it contains Eight Zhen Granules, let's take a look.

People participate in the energetic gas

First of all, ginseng, atractylodes, 苓, licorice is the filing celebritic, four gentlemen, a lot of illegitimately blood-blooded squares use it as the bottom side, then add a rehmannia, white peony, angelica, if you add Chuanxion, Fang Tang Decoction, due to completion of the deficiency, and the angelica itself can be blood, so go to Chuanxiong, to avoid injury. This way, it has formed a very good end of qi.

In addition, adding Schisandra and Yuanzi. These two medicines have the role of the nerves, and the Schisandi is able to make lungs and spleen and kidney. It is also able to use the "eight-day soup" to make up the blood and the heart, improve the heart. Palph, simultaneously,, make up and not born.


In addition, add a cinnamon, supplement, Chinese medicine, and scattered, it will be in the yin, rehmannia, white peony, when you return blood, add a flavor, Yangzhong seek yin, supplement Not hurt.

Finally, add jujube, licorice, ginger, these three medicines, let's see the doctor Zhang Zhongjing's favorite, why? Because they can take care of the spleen and stomach, supplement the benefits, and can also be adjusted to the drug.


In this way, adjust the problem that is always tired, fatigue, improve the dizzy, insomnia forgetfulness, etc.

Do you learn?