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Happy Home | Sun Hao raises the young brother is 15 years old??Still a goddess!

2022-01-25 06:03:21 38 ℃

In the first phase of the latest "Hahahaha", 42-year-old Deng Chao actually tested only 27 years old when carrying out physical metabolism! ! ! The whole is 15 years old than the actual age, OMG, know that the result is a happy to blur, in the recording site, the ground is circled.

Focusing on Super Brother Dynamic knows that he has been adjusting to Sun Hao's health, living, and diet.

After seeing this test of Chao, Sun Hao said that this change is related to her. Little praise the lady in the video, the color is not hidden.

Everyone should know that Sun Hao is a healthy person of the entertainment circle. Deng Chao once said that he mackend in a piece of interview, but Sun Wei's, Sun Hao can climb three mountains, such a physical quality is envious!

From "Jade Guanyin" to "Biography" to "Ideal City", the role of the Niang Niang's film and television drama role has changed, but her appearance and attitude have not retired, work and life are very exciting.

Before Sun Hao did not embrace the health of the health, the physical condition is not very good, often migraine, diarrhea, including allergies, vaccinia, etc. After the summary, after summing, after summing, after summing up, after a summary, it began to study Various health tips.

It turns out that the way of the mother's health is really good, and the capital is coming!

Four seasons

Sun Hao's health method has always been with the throttle. She will comply with different seasons, and different solar terms have adjusted in health models.

Not only we have been in spring and summer, the body also needs to adapt to changes in the four seasons a year.

Everything in the spring is the most important body organ, the body organ is liver, and the liver corresponds to green, so spring should eat more green vegetables. The takeaway party has a blessing, you can consider the spicy, according to your own happiness, some green vegetables, a few days ago, Jin Yu also said that he was taking 15 pounds. According to this method, it seems that everyone is quiet and beautiful, waiting for the amazingness.

Summer looks hot, but it is especially cold in the body. At this time, you should eat more red food, put the inner cold. When Coco was doing TCM massage, the master said that the teacher said that there will be especially the cold food. There will be no effect on the moment, but it is extraordinary to be cold, and the moisture is aggravated, and the Chinese medicine health is still very learning. of.

Autumn corresponds to white, eat more, white fungus, yam, pear this kind of food. Winter corresponds to black, like black beans, black fungus is a good choice, the radish is radish, saying that winter radish games, radish is very good supplements in winter, nothing is better than coming The radish soup is more enjoyable, but it is still not long meat!

Single diet

The ideal big meal has a fisher, and the color fragrance is full, and people who will eat will pay attention to food. Life needs to be reduced, it is better to make a subtraction. Don't pursue how rich the vegetables is, but it is necessary to admire, just eat a protein. Simply, you have eaten fish, then you will no longer eat other foods (shrimp, beef mutton or other meat) protein.

Of course, in this single diet, learn to allocate the protein species of each week, this meat, the next meal can arrange beef, and so on.

This is the greatest benefit is that the nutrients in the food are easier to be absorbed by the body, and the body naturally becomes refreshing, and it is more likely to find what they are not resistant and easily allergic.

Behind the scenes: "sugar"

After going to work, I found that I was getting more and more fat, staying at the station, three days, afternoon tea, the tea is letting you get fat slowly, the biggest fierce is sugar!

Usually there is no intention of life, there will be a lot of sugar, like milk tea, drinks, desserts, including eating too much carbon water, there will be sugar in the body, eat too much sugar + no exercise, then your body can not be met. These sugar, finally converted into fat, accumulated on the waist, on the belly, and this type of fat is the most difficult.

Can eat sugar, but must be appropriate, the most critical is to exercise! To consume it.


Sun Hao will perform a light break to adjust the diet and body, where her favorite is "16 + 8 light break" method. What is "16 + 8"? That is, 16 hours does not eat, 8 hours are concentrated, and this time period needs to be fixed.

For example, the daily eating time is 10:00 pm, then two or three days in the week, completed three meals a day during this time. Stick to three or four months, you can see the body's change. This method is too suitable for office workers, this CO is ready to move.

In addition to taught some health skills in the Internet, Sun Hao will also put homemade health food in social platform for everyone to study. Like a warm ginger milk tea, ginger juice, health black sesame paste, four god soup ... Every road is simple and easy to learn, food supplement is the best tonic.

In all of her health food, Coco's most vegetarian is nut! The nuts are listening to a heat bomb, but in the hands of the girl, turn around to the health of the snack.

No oil-free sugar-free, no starch, can come up with two pieces, and there will be children in the family. The key is that the production method should not be too simple, you can learn the kind! Ingredients: Pneumon 30g, Nanyuanzi 40g, walnut 70g, pistachios 10g, black sesame 10g, white sesame 20g, decon red dates 60g, two eggs

Tips: Nuts, everyone can match according to their preferences, the total weight is controlled around 180g, such a matching ratio can be made of 20 nutcakes.

The first step: Put all the nuts into a mud, if you don't want the nuts to look black, this step can remove black sesame, mix it with eggs alone.

Step 2: Play two eggs, put black sesame together and stir, and finally add the good nutter.

Step 3: After the oven is preheated to 140 degrees, laying tin foil in the baking tray, and uniformly divide the ingredients into small pieces into the oven, 20 minutes will get it!

This Co didn't lie everyone, simply three steps can get the girl with the health package.

Eat more nuts in winter is particularly good, nuts are rich in high-quality fat, fat can provide heat to cold winter, so that yourself is full! After the nuts bake, remember to eat after cooling, such a taste is more crisp. If you can't eat it, you can put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate. Heat it directly in the microwave oven next time.

The days are flat, clean and free, and what the female star's health is what the sanguings are icy, but the morning is falling, returning to the daily day of the firewood salt.

Especially now the positive value of the epidemic is repeated, there is a strong body and the super immunity is a very important thing. I learned to love my health with my family and grow up!

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