Dredging blood vessels, Danshen and Sanqi which better?Can you eat long-term?This article tells the truth

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Dredging blood vessels, Danshen and Sanqi which better?Can you eat long-term?This article tells the truth

2022-01-25 12:03:53 43 ℃

Old person, the risk of a cardiovascular problem will gradually increase, especially the issue of atherosclerotic plaque, coronary heart disease, is a common health problem a lot of middle-aged friends, whenever faced with this problem, many friends want to be able to control the risk of cardiovascular disease through a "safe and effective" way, so there is a lot of friends made such a problem -

"Clear the blood vessels, which is better Salvia thirty-seven?"

By User friends concerned about this topic, today's science this article, we will come and chat to clear the blood vessels, as well as salvia, problem thirty-seven reasonable application.

Clear the blood vessels, is itself a false proposition

Before talking about salvia and thirty-seven medicinal effects in the cardiovascular area, we should first clarify a misunderstanding that: clear the blood vessels it is itself a false proposition!

Around us will have such old friends, always try every means to "clear the blood vessels," and some believe infusion can clear the blood vessels, will go annually infusion clear the blood vessels, while others believe that some therapeutic method or medicine can clear the blood vessels, so he has always insisted on eating, some unscrupulous businessmen also spotted the desire of the elderly want to clear the blood vessels, for some products made false hype, Fudge elderly to buy some high-priced health care products.

If we can understand old age hardening of the arteries narrow and the real reason the real situation, you will understand these so-called health products, infusion, etc., are not achieve "clear the blood vessels' role.

The reason why older people have problems of atherosclerosis with age, is closely related to the impact of chronic diseases related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and the impact of unhealthy living factors of smoking, obesity, under the influence of these factors , the gradual aging of vascular smooth muscle, decreased flexibility, because inflammation, endothelial cells, vascular wall damage occurs, the influence of blood flow, appear lipid accumulation, and thus the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to hardening of the arteries and severity of local vascular stenosis and other issues, leading to hardening of the arteries stenosis is the real reason, and physiological changes in the blood vessels and the vessel wall plaque formation problem,

And by eating certain foods, or infusion of sodium chloride or dextrose injection, eat some medicine, or eating some kind of health care, is not able to alter the aging changes in blood vessels, can not stop three high impact on vascular health , plaques but can not put the blood vessel wall endothelial formed under the "clean up" out, therefore, want to "clear the blood vessels," through a variety of methods of desire is good, but the reality is that we have been hardened to narrow blood vessels, should be adopted actively control the risks associated with chronic disease and risk factors to improve control and progress, not possible to simply taking some herbs, such as salvia, 30:70, you can play clear the blood vessels, the role of clean-up garbage.

Salvia, Panax are cardiovascular medicine, the role of different

In my country's traditional Chinese herbal medicines, Salvia and thirty-seven are common drugs for cardiovascular diseases, the compatibility of the two medicinal compound related to medicine, are also common drugs used for the treatment of coronary heart disease, such as Danshen tablets Dan seven, CSDP and so on, these drugs are mainly Salvia and thirty-seven is the main component of Chinese medicine, then in control of atherosclerosis, the risk of cardiovascular disease, and Salvia Panax, What effect has it? Respectively, to give us a presentation.

01 Salvia

Salvia is blindly traditional Chinese herbal medicine, only contained in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic": Although parameter names, but lack the power of its blood, and blood circulation of more than force. Unlike other Ginseng, Salvia slightly cold, bitter, mainly into the pericardium and liver, with menstruation blood, pain stasis, Chufan cooling, meditation sedative effects, clinically for pain and blood stasis, comprising angina, abdominal pain, rheumatism, arthralgia and other applications there. In the Qing Dynasty "Herbal prepared to" also pointed out:. "Ginseng repose Sadashi, Tom Lee blood, the real test of God"

The modern pharmacology, the main active ingredient Salvia mainly various types of tanshinone pharmacological effects mainly role in improving coronary blood circulation, improve myocardial ischemia, anti-atherosclerosis and other aspects, there are many animal studies and clinical trials are conducted on Salvia explain and demonstrate the important role for cardiovascular health.

Therefore, the above description we can understand, Salvia for a major role in cardiovascular health is Tom Lee blood, stasis and relieve pain, as contained in the "Herbal justice": Salvia, hand Blood, its function of promoting blood circulation Blood Circulation that, within The organs of stasis. Another hepatic through which, having a breaking strength of Sanjie gas, can help regulate the flow of air-gas line is the blood line, and therefore in cardiovascular disease, to improve blood stasis type angina pectoris, symptomatic drugs of Salvia one.

02 thirty-seven

Compared Salvia, Panax is also well-known traditional Chinese medicine blindly, especially in recent years, seven powder is popular, many elderly friends in long-term use seven powder. Thirty-seven usually refers to the Araliaceae ginseng root plant genus Panax, Panax earliest for bruises, topical oral administration with stasis, stop bleeding analgesic effect, the famous traditional Chinese medicine to stop bleeding Yunnan Baiyao, there are thirty-seven medicinal ingredients, and in the treatment of cardiovascular, blood circulation panax, and also can play blood circulation, improve myocardial ischemia, improvement of angina pectoris.

Point out in the "New Year's Compendium": "Three or Seven, Hemodopharms, No matter the blood, China, the blood, all the outer vessels, one free useful, joining the qi and blood medicine "In the" Yumi Pharmaceutical solution ", it pointed out that Sanqi has the role of bleeding, Tonghai, all blood stasis, all new blood. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the main active ingredients of the three seven in cardiovascular are various three-seven saponin. These active ingredients can effectively improve the microvascular blood vessels of coronary, improve myocardial oxygen consumption, and there is also a certain suppression of coagulation material aggregation. The anticoagulant effect, therefore in improving coronary heart disease angina, preventing thrombosis, Sanqi is also a common conditioning medicine.

Danshen and Sanqi are two-flavored Chinese herbal medicines in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, control, and they can play a role in promoting blood circulation, improving angina, preventing thrombosis, etc., therefore mentioned earlier In Chinese medicine, the compatibility of these two drugs is also used, so can the salvian powder sold on the market, can it take long time?

Although the action and taste of drugs, Danshen and Sanqi may have a certain benefit of cardiovascular health problems such as coronary heart disease, but as a Chinese herbal medicine, the reasonable application of drugs should be clearly identified. Under the premise, whether it is Danshen or three seven, or both, the people they apply, all of the blood stasis, belonging to the patient with chest, and if it is the heart of other types Patients with vascular diseases, long-term use of these two medicinal materials, may not be able to play a good conditioning improvement, especially those who are not suitable for using these two medicinal materials, should pay more attention to it, such as spleen and stomach deficiency, stool Friends who do not do, it is not suitable for taking salvia, while blood hot travel, it is not advisable to use three seven.

For problems that can take long-term, there should be two points, Danshen's cold, should not take long-term, usually take a period of 1 to 2 months, and for the three seven, if the symptomatic situation, It is not necessary to pay attention to the long-term effect. It is important to pay attention to it. Don't drink other cardiovascular routine treatment for drugs, antihypertensive drugs, control of coronary heart disease because of the use of salvia or three or seven water. The related drugs of thrombosis should not be discontinued at will, otherwise it will bring greater risks.