Men fever, cough, think that new crown pneumonia, who knows is a more dangerous disease!

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Men fever, cough, think that new crown pneumonia, who knows is a more dangerous disease!

2022-01-25 18:04:19 51 ℃

Today, it is a more horrible case.

Male patients, 38 years old, because of the hospital.

Originally he thought it was an ordinary cold, and he had some antipyretics at home, but the effect was not good, the drug was stopped again, the highest body temperature was 38.8 ° C, and there were some coughs.

So I went to the pharmacy to buy other cold medicine, because the new crown pneumonia epidemic control Some of the headache (in fact, it can also be acetrated, such as acetaminol), anti-virus, cough drug.

I have been eating for two days, still there is no effect.

Still fever, and cough seems to be more and more serious. Cough during the day, cough at night.

Looking at TV, the epidemic situation of mobile phones said, he is also nervous, it will not be recruited. It is often necessary to go through people in more than one, especially the hotel, supermarket, and theater, and wearing a mask is not so honest, often covering the mouth of the nose. Sometimes sometimes I feel that my suffocation is simply.

The more you want to be afraid.

If it is the ordinary cold, it is okay. After a few days, it has passed. The problem is now almost 5 days. I used to have a cold for 2-3 days. Now I haven't been good for 5 days, still fever, he is really afraid. . If you really have a new crown pneumonia, you can't make a crowd, then you will be a life.

Hurry up my hospital.

Hospital is hot in the hospital.

The doctor heard that he was fever, and more than 5 days of fever, suddenly vigilant. Asked his recent epidemiological history, has you been to high school risk, have any injection of vaccines, and so on.

He recalled carefully and did not have to go through the high risk area.

But in the case of a city, there is a city to exploit the epidemic, and dozens of cases in diagnosis, and some cases may flow into the city, so doctors don't dare to slide.

It immediately made a neogoni nucleic acid, and the hospital was included.

After admission, there was a regular examination, the body temperature was 38.4 ° C, and the vital signs were stable, but the doctor's auscultation patients were obedient and abnormal, and there were less humble rosers in the double lungs, which means that patients may have pneumonia.

In this sensitive period, there is something that is not able to underestimate the pneumonia. The pathogens of pneumonia have thousands of pathogens, the most common is bacteria, and the bacteria are still a lot. It is then virus, fungi, etc., there are many kinds of viral pneumonia. At present, everyone is the most fear is new crown pneumonia virus, because this is strong, and it is slightly unsatisfactory.

In the afternoon, the results of neoquap pneumonia nucleic acid came out, negative.

However, a negativeness cannot represent a patient, it is not a newzigni, and must be strengthened. Tomorrow, try again, and the superior physician explains. If you have two consecutive intervals of 24 hours, the neoquiroppneumonia detection is negative, then you can feel more.

Everyone sees new coronal pneumonia nucleic acid negative and relieved. If he is positive, it will be the first example of this city in this round. In addition to being a disease problem, or political issues, the city will attach great importance to it.

At the same time, the doctor also arranged the chest CT examination to the patient because the doctor had a small CT examination because the tube bed doctor had a lot of torus lungs, which may be pneumonia, since it is pneumonia, it is necessary to be a CT, CT can see more details.

At the same time, the common pathogens test of the respiratory tract, the result is negative.

The blood drawn came out, suggesting that the white blood cell count is mildly decreased, and hemoglobin is a little lower than normal.

The tube bed doctor wondered, generally if it is bacterial pneumonia, the patient's leukocyte count (mainly neutral granulocytes) will rise. White cells do not rise means either viral pneumonia, or patient infection has severely inhibited immunization, resulting in a decrease in white blood cell count.

Anyway, antiviral drugs and antibacterial drugs are first.

Soon the chest CT results came out.

The CT film made a doctor in the scene to suck a cold. why? Because CT sees the patient's double lungs, it is, especially double-upper lungs, and is local.

This is definitely not bacterial pneumonia, the superior physician said that it should be a viral pneumonia. From experience, CT of bacterial pneumonia is not in this, and the patient's white blood cell count is not high, and it is very unfortunate.

Is the patient's second new neoguan pneumonia nucleic acid results? The superior physician asked. He is most worried about neoguanpi pneumonia, although the patient has a negative, but a negative is not 100% excluded.

The tube bed doctor is also worried. He also noticed that the patient's difference was different early. In this special juncture, there was such a relatively special pneumonia, and he did not dare to relax. Prior to this, he had seen many patients with new coronal pneumonia, part of the severe cases, and the CT film changes of these patients have a more obvious feature, that is, the grinding glass changes.

However, grinding glass changes can only be said to be caused by a virus, and it is not necessarily a newzigni pneumonia virus.

That is, no one dares to be underestimated.

Fortunately, the second new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid is reported or negative.

Everyone is relieved.

That problem, the patient has two consecutive new crown pneumonia nucleic acids are negative, combined with patients have not been high-risk, and basically eliminate neoguanponic diagnosis. What will be caused by pneumonia caused by pathogens?

Everyone started analysis.

And it is still analyzed, and the patient's sputum has been left many times to do test, did not see a valuable thing. Different to the Niki Mycobacterium, the patient PPD test is also negative, unlike a tuberculosis. Of course, it is not like bacterial pneumonia, because the blood is not high, other infection indicators are not very high (PCT is normal), CT is not like, the patient has no pus, more, more dry cough. Especially for a few days of powerful antibiotics, the condition has not improved, still fever, and can eliminate bacterial infection.

Fungal pneumonia? Not talking. It is not as if it is not as negative. But this thing is hard to talk, you can't look at an indicator and have to grasp global. The superior physician said.

The most likely to be viral pneumonia, because the chest CT looks like a virus, and the blood is not high, and the cough has no sputum, these are pointed to the virus.

As long as it is not a new crown pneumonia, the other will do it in the class. The superior physician is spoken to review a chest CT, this time I have an enhanced scan, I see that the patient seems to breathe a little, although the blood oxygen saturation looks fine, but carefully drive a million ship .

The superior physician has rich experience, sometimes it is very accurate, and he lets review CT, then review.

The patient is also fit, after all, he is also afraid. I did a chest CT on the same day. The result was very fast. Everyone looked, it was a excitement.

Because the double lung lesions are more serious, especially double-on-lungs, it looks ratio.

This progress is a bit fast, only 2-3 days, there is such a big change, you must first put orthopedic / Sisishrant (a very broad spectrum, very efficient antibiotics, for bacteria, Do not antiviral and fungi) top, although not caused by bacteria, no one does not dare to use antibiotics, rather than killing, probably this.

However, there is not an universal, and there are many pathogens that are not enough. Therefore, the upper physician lets jointly use Mossazard, this antibiotic is slightly weak, but can cover non-typical pathogens, combined with imine Can play the effect of double swords.

There is Otthawei, anti-virus, added.

Do you want to use antifungal? Pipe bed doctor asking.

The superior physician thought about it, there is no evidence of fungi infection, it is not allowed to go. After all, the drugs have side effects, and it is also easy to lead to microbial disorders in the patient in patients.

But hormones are still on. The superior physician said. From the perspective of the patient's lung situation, inflammation is still more intense, this time, hormones, strong anti-inflammation may be helpful.

However, hormones are used up, which may cause infection and spread, in case the patient is bacterial or fungal infection. Some people worry.

We have used imine, and Moss Shaxin. They have their suppression of the venue, with hormone problems, use it. The superior physician has made decisions.

The patient saw the doctor's look and more nervous. Asked what is caused by the current consideration, it has been fever, and the cough is getting more and more powerful, and I can't sleep at night.

If you can't sleep well, you can add some sleeping pills, and the problem is not big. The doctor said that you are sick now, and there are some nervous anxiety, and you can't sleep well.

What's your job? The superior physician suddenly asked the patient.

I am working in the hotel, someone has asked before. Patient answered.

Yes, the tube bed doctor has already asked, it is the management cadre of local hotels. There is nothing special of this job, and it is not necessary to go through and from all over the place.

The superior physician is slightly thoughtful, further asking, honestly, has no unclean behavior in the past few years.

The patient is smashed, unclear, what is unclean behavior.

It's 娼娼, I'm going straight. The superior physician smiled and said. At this time, there is no other patients in the ward, which are medical staff, so the upper-level physician is not concealed.

Oh, this, this, huh, huh. The patient's speech begins to be a little bit, it seems unwilling to tell the truth.

The superior physician glared at him, saying that this is very important, may be related to your disease, you have to tell the truth. Of course, if you don't say it, we can take blood test. This is also a routine examination. Since you are hospitalized, you can't refuse, you must do it.

Turning the tube bed doctor, the immunization is all done.

The tube bed doctor sweats, when I was going to the hospital, I wanted to do it, and later had a blood dissolved, did not make success, this matter fell.

As a result, the superior physician is dissatisfied, and the results did not do.

did not do. Take the doctor like a child who is wrong, bowing red face.

Today, they have taken blood, and they must make this check up.

Ok, have you told us, is there anything? The superior physician continues to ask.

That is not, but there are other women who have the hotel. Patients are sorry.

Nothing is sorry, the superior physician said, I see you wrote 39 years old, not married, sexual life is normal, but to protect measures, wear a set, do you wear it?

No. It is a timely rise.

Ok, we know, let's talk about the results. The superior physician ended the conversation.

Back to the office, the superior physician opened the patient's blood routine report, meaning that the patient's lymphocyte count is low before, and now it looks back, it is still significant.

The four immunization is the regular admission, how can I ignore it? He began to count the tube bed doctor. Every patient's growth environment, we don't know, we have to be responsible for his security, responsible for our safety, in case he has AIDS, you often give him blood, if you get exposed, what should I do? ? Who is it? I have learned that the superior physician is a fire.

The worries of superior physicians are not reasonable. The patient has been hot for more than a week. The chest CT prompt is the possibility of viral pneumonia. Now it has been excluded from neoguan pneumonia, and there is no evidence of common viral pneumonia, so you must be alert to a dangerous disease, AIDS.

AIDS has come to the later, and the immune function collapses, it is easy to have a fatal infection, such as common lungs, such as common lungs, cough, chest CT, can now be a change, showing is a variety of changes Performance of sexpid pneumonia. The superior physician continued. The identification of these pathogens is that there is no way to see the film, and you must have a pathogen detection, comrades.

The tube bed doctor war, he made mistakes, in fact, it is clear, because the patient has no protection history, it is estimated that he usually makes a style of people, saying that it is not awkward, it may be true, but only It's not good to admit it, because it is implapted, he does not admit it, but admits that the relationship between men and women, this is a moral issue, not legal issues.

Since the patient has such a situation, it really can't consider AIDS. Especially when I see such a lung change, I really have to doubt.

The next morning, in the morning, I received a telephone inspection department.

problem occurs.

The patient's HIV antibody positive.

The tube bed doctor heard this news, the whole person is not good.

The superior physician has a face of iron, saying that this situation can be found in 5 days ago, and it is delayed for a few days. During these days, our nurses are at highly exposed risks. If there are things, we will be unresolive.

Fortunately, I know that AIDS is terrible, but AIDS is sexually transmitted, blood dissemination disease, ordinary contact is no problem, nurses give him a drug, and the nursing is not big.

The problem now is that this AIDS antibody is not reliable. The test department said, basically reliable, more than 98% is reliable. But you must have to do once again, review. At the same time, it is also sent to the CDC to control.

When the tubes told the patient when he told the patient.

His heard of AIDS, but did not have seen it. This is good, directly provoked. Whoever has changed this disease, it is scared.

The result of reviewing is still positive.

The results sent to the CDC were not so fast, but the results of sending the lymphatic assay were also come back, and CD4 + lymphocytes were significantly reduced. This is the basic stone hammer, and the CD4 + lymphocyte is a virus-specific cell. It is an important immune cell of the body. It is now so few, and it is definitely the result of HIV attack.

Please invite the doctor's doctor's consultation, confirm that this is AIDS, and later the disease control center is a hammer.


Finished. The patient is emptied, and the look is bleak.

So a long time, he is alone, no family members, no friends, even paying itself, doing CT is also alone.

Finally, the patient transferred a disease hospital to continue treatment.

The patient has been fever, as well as dry cough, this thought is new crown pneumonia. I didn't expect to ask that the patient has a unclean life history. Considering the possibility of AIDS, I didn't expect it to be so unlucky. One check is positive. The patient is a pneumonia caused by AIDS. It is the late AIDS, and various concurrency attacks.

Slee your body.

Real cases have been adapted, non-hospital cases, and the wake up.


Finally, tell everyone, be sure to be self-sufficient, both parties are basically impossible to provoke AIDS. Once the mind is dilapidated, it is very regretful. If you are afraid that you have AIDS, you must go to the disease control center early. In general, you can find the positive of the AIDS antibody around 3-4 weeks. If it is scared, you can also find a doctor as soon as possible within 48 hours of relationships, eat AIDS blocking medicine, and the success rate is more than 90%.

AIDS will have a symptomous period, may have a few years or more than ten years, no symptoms, the patient does not know that there is AIDS, this time if there is no protective life, it is easy to transmit to others. The sooner the AIDS, the better the AIDS, if it can be treated early, insist on eating anti-viral drugs, current AIDS can be chronic, do not affect life. But if there is no treatment, until the condition progressed in the later period, as if the patient is in this article, I am afraid that the murderer is less, this AIDS patient has almost 100%.

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