Lower 5 minutes = 1 hour walk!5 kinds of squat exercise: anti-aging, health bones, serviles

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Lower 5 minutes = 1 hour walk!5 kinds of squat exercise: anti-aging, health bones, serviles

2022-01-28 00:06:22 31 ℃

What is the favorite posture of the body?

Neither lying, not sitting, but squat.

Medical research found that people's pose is very similar to the fetus in the womb, which is the instinctive posture of human beings seek comfortably and asylum. It can make our body relax and give the inner enough sense of security.

In fact, in addition to the physical ability of the body, more "一" sometimes brings us many unexpected health effects.

蹲 蹲, 利

"People are old and old, the tree is exactly". The legs are the human traffic hub. The two legs are distributed with 50% of the human body, 50% of blood vessels, flowing 50% of blood, it is a large circulation tissue connecting the body, is the second heart of the human.

If you don't want to be early aging, you must ensure that your legs are healthy and energetic. Pay attention to the health care of the legs, as long as the way is correct, the right way is properly promoted.

Reduced sedentary injury

During the sedentary, you can relax your muscles, activity joints, promote the circulation of blood under lower extremity, thereby reducing the injury of sedentary to us.

2. Good heart

When people are squat, it is conducive to the smooth blood and blood, and the cardiopulmonary blood flow is relatively abundant. It can alleviate the arteriosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and brain stroke; the squat can also increase the range of thoracic and lungs Thus improving our cardiopulmonary function.

3. Lubrication joint

The squat can enhance the range of activities of waist, hip, knee and ankle joints, enhance the flexibility of knee joints, delay the aging of joints.

4. Improve vascular function

Properly underground, can help expand micro, small arterial blood vessels, reduce heart peripheral resistance, improve the elasticity of the vascular wall, effectively reduce blood pressure.

5. Exercise the lower limb muscles

It is targeted to do a squat exercise, enhance the stability of knee joint and lower extremities, which in turn promotes speed, explosive force, and endurance, while bodybuilding thighs and hips.

6. Improve osteoporosis

The resistive movement is characterized by effective stimulating bones at a certain weight, thereby increasing or maintaining the bone amount. The lower squat belongs to its own weight-bearing exercise, and can strengthen muscle strength while exercising, and double prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Exercise in the sun can also assist calcium absorption.

7. Treatment of gastric disease

In the book "Nan Huai's last 100 days", he introduced the squat to help treatment of stomach disease, if you can persist, there is even the magical effect of health long life. If you eat it, this is also a good way to help quickly digest.

8. Weight loss slimming

The next fat can consume a lot of fat on the buttocks and the thigh; when the squat is extrusion abdomen, it has promoted the fat burning decomposition around the abdominal organ, and also stimulates the gastrointestinal food digestion, promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes. A good way to lose weight.

9. Promote qi and blood operation

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the lower limbs and the foot are the essence of the human body, the library of blood. By exercising, our lower limbs are more energetic, the heart will be more energetic. The blood circulation of the lower extremity can only drive the blood of the limbs to the heart, so that the whole body blood is smooth, but will not be stasible to the lower limbs. The blood pulse of the lower extremity, the messenger has been proven, so there is "the blood of the blood, the blood of blood and the wind".

Male often squats, enhances the muscle strength of the waist and does not easily feel fatigue. Male pelvic muscles have been exercised, and the blood supply of the entire pelvic and male genital organs can also improve male sex.

11. Promote metabolism

The squat movement is mainly based on the flexion of the two legs to support the weight of the body above the torso. When squatting, the weight of the body extruded the blood vessels in the leg muscles, speeding the venous blood flow to the heart; when the body got up, the body weight of the body weight on the lower limbs were extruded, and the blood pumped from the heart Enter the lower limbs, so repeatedly, get up, then squat, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism; blood circulation is strengthened, increase blood volume, effectively promote blood supply and metabolism of myocardial blood supply and metabolism.

12. Related to longevity

Through the lifestyle investigation of some people-old health old people, they are engaged in the field farming, squatting in the pond, washing vegetables, washing clothes ... This is strongly fitted with their waist legs, reaching the role of strong body.

These five kinds of squats are most healthy!

Although it is just a simple squat, there are several kinds of squatting.

乞 蹲: 防 ighterosis

乞 丐 丐 南 南 有 一 法 法 法 有 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好

"As long as you stick, it is endless."

丐 蹲 简 是, 手 手 手 蹲 蹲 闭 闭 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张. 张... 地 地 地 地. 地 地..... 在 在 在. 在 在 在 在

【Specific steps are as follows】

Step 1: After the meal, find a wall, it is best to find a comfortable cushion (not too soft).

Step 2: Standing in front of the wall, knee kneeling, back, close against the wall or on the cushion. The lady is two feet, and the knees are squat. Men's two feet are slightly separated (not two feet together), and the knees are squatting, so it will not clamp the tang and can relax. Don't pay attention to this detail.

Step 3: Hands and Confucius handprints, naturally put on the knee and relax.

Step 4: Head is zone, the top of the top will be a straight line, but the butt is closed, and the calf belly is pressed.


Every time I can't think about fifteen minutes or longer, my eyes are restrained, I will take my heart, concentrate on kneeling, I can't think about it, but I don't think about talking to people or playing mobile phones. If there is a snoring, farting and other gastrointestinal motility The phenomenon is the best effect of squatting, and the turbidity is naturally fart, and it will not be able to put it. In the process of squat, there is normal, and it is natural, and it will naturally be a long time, and it will increase the feet, and the meridians are dredied. After fifteen minutes after the meal, cooperated with slowly, and even well. This method is simple, but the efficacy is outstanding, it is insisting, there must be a strange job.

Chair: protect the knee joint

With your own back, the lumbosacral is relied on the back of the chair, and the hips should not be lower than the knee, and keep it after squatting. The exercise time can be gradually extended, which is suitable for 2 to 4 minutes, and has the effect of protecting the knee joint.

Foot tab: protect the kidney

The front of the two feet, followed the ground after the foot. Both knee, the thigh is pushing the calf, and the time is controlled in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

When the foot is squatting, the inside of the front feet is supported, and the ambigulent kidney, the foot and the Yhenhanke and the foot and the foot and the sage are through which, stimulates the Sanyin can warm the kidney yang. However, due to the difficulty of action, it is sufficient for half a minute to avoid adherence to the sepile injury or cramp.

Bow Step: Detoxification

The practitioner takes the left foot, and the right foot is touched in the foot. The weight of the body fell between the two feet, and the left and right feet were sent each exercise for 30 seconds.

The hip is the total switch of the six meridians of the legs, but also a bridge that connects the blood of the human body and the blood. The most vulnerable to cold, wet and blood stasis can be said to be the largest poisonous nest in the human body. Once the toxin stacked can cause cold and feet, menstrual blood clots, uterine fibroids, or even infertility, menopause. When the bow is squat, the hip muscles can be used to achieve the effect of the hip detoxification.


Weight loss, conditioning male women's disease

Crouch, hug your knee, and then go forward. This is because it lacks the flexion of the knee joint, so it will force yourself to mobilize the strength of the waist. In other words, it is to force the waist "walk". When the waist is a driving force, the blood can not know how to get into the small belly, which will practice for a while, the feeling of the navel and waist will be very comfortable.

The motherland medicine believes that the kidney is the foundation of life, and the "kidney main life" said. Since the part of force is in the waist, the most direct role of this action is to exercise the "kidney" of the Chinese medicine - waist. At the same time, I will take the fresh qi and blood naturally drain into the lower abdomen, and the stomach is hot.

If you have a blood stomach, you can feel it. In addition, after the blood is guided here, it will begin to impact repair lesions. Therefore, there is a significant improvement effect on gastric cold, constipation, prostate disease, gynecological disease, male disease, etc.

[Reminder] Doing any squat action requires a chest abdomen, keeps the upper body straight, the knee is to align the tip. Also keep any one of the posture for a long time, it is healthy, and it is the same. When you get up, you must slowly, so as not to stop the head.

Action essential

[Prepare to stand up]

The correct posture should be from the beginning to the end. Relax in the body, the legs are separated from the shoulder width; the direction of the foot is inverted; the direction of the knee is in the prolonging line of the second toe when squatting. The knee must not be buckled, the buckle will hurt the knee.

[Squatting process]

The knee is curved, and the thigh is parallel to the ground, and the knee does not have a tip. 1 time the squat standard is 5 seconds, the upper body keeps vertical ground, the buttocks will be brought to the body, and the side is sucking. The elderly or the initiator can take half of the squat or 1/4, think that the effort can help the back.

[Stand up process]

When you stand up, you should push the ground downward. With your thighs and hips, the muscles of the lower back will bring your body, don't put all your strength on your knee, slowly stand up. Stand up and breathe.

[Sports Time and Strength]

It can be determined according to its own situation, each exercise for 5 to 15 minutes, usually 1 time or 2 to 3 times a day.

If you can't do it, you will be graduated until the standard. Guarantee the heart rate within 120 times, the whole body feels comfortable.

The amount of exercise is not forced to underwent a 5 minute movement is equal to 1 hour, equal to 20 minutes of kneeling knee, is a time-saving aerobic movement.


When practicing the next exercise, the number of times is controlled within 10 ~ 20 times, and it generally does not cause muscle pain. Even if pain, you should continue to do a few slight squats, help to relieve the pain.

For those who are weak, they can be adjusted according to their own situation; when the elderly do the exercise, the hand should grasp the bed, other handrails or the door frame, slow and smoothly, the lower speed is not fast, it is best to do 10, do not exceed 5 times a day.

If muscle pain occurs at the beginning of the exercise, please do not give up, this is due to the motion such that acidic substances such as lactic acid produced in muscles are accumulated in muscles, thereby causing muscle pain. Continue to do a few slight squats, and the body is relaxed.

Search, from today, persist in 3 ~ 5 minutes every day, let us go together, getting healthier, getting more and more longevity!