How much side effects of antihypertensilic acid benzene sulfonate?Master 3 points for common sense, help stabilize blood pressure

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How much side effects of antihypertensilic acid benzene sulfonate?Master 3 points for common sense, help stabilize blood pressure

2022-01-28 00:06:19 38 ℃

In life, we often encounter community staff to organize medical staff for free blood pressure measurements for the old population in the community. This is because their changes are very important for each of our health. The height of blood pressure will directly affect our health level, especially for middle aged people with high blood pressure, more need to increase the awareness.

Then maintain blood pressure stability is extremely important. In addition to the diet, we can also reducing blood pressure and stabilizing blood pressure by taking antihypertensive drugs. We are very familiar with benzene sulfonate, which is a very typical antihypertensive drug, but pay attention to "the drug three disters". Error blind medication will bring a lot of side effects. Therefore, we must master these common sense of medication, to stabilize blood pressure and protect your health.

First, blood pressure

Low blood pressure

The main causes of low blood pressure generally include: primary, secondary, gaseous, pregnant women, after meals, primary grain low blood pressure. They are mainly associated with human natural genes, the day of work habits, changes in external environments, and side effects of other diseases or induced factors. Its reason is complicated and diverse, so it should be more emphasis.

The symptoms of hypotension are also very diverse. Includes: For example, some patients with chronic hypotension may have no symptoms and will not affect daily life. Conversely for patients with acute hypog blood pressure, there will often be symptoms such as fainting, blur, nausea, fatigue, and severe people may even have syncope, fall, and shock.

And low blood pressure is risky and hazard. Long-term low blood pressure can lead to poorly infected people in the human body, and it is harmful to the human body. When the patient suddenly stands upright, it will cause cerebroic oxygen, ischemic. The biggest hazard of this action is easy to induce the cerebral infarction, dizziness, and even shock, which will also cause problems such as liver and kidney blood. In addition to the above, it will cause poorly oxygen supply, resulting in damage to the heart organ.

Patients with hypotension is also divided into two types: light and heavy. Their symptoms are different in different treatments. Most of the words are no obvious symptoms for light people, so there is no need for any special treatment. Just enhance exercise in daily life and strengthen nutrition. And serious, there will be obvious symptoms, like dizziness, fatigue, etc. This requires drug treatment, which can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, timely diagnosis and treatment.

2. Hypertension

The main causes of hypertension include: age, genetic, sodium salt excessive intake, high blood fat, high blood sugar, smoking drinking, etc. Unlike low blood pressure is this more relevant to usual dietary habits, and accompanying age growth, the more you don't pay attention to the management of blood pressure, the occurrence of other relevant symptoms such as hypertension. So you should pay more attention to your own and your family's blood pressure health.

Regarding the symptoms of hypertension are different from those, depending on the population of different ages and their extent to high blood pressure. The main symptoms are: short-lived dizziness, headache, eye flow, tinnitus, insomnia, not focusing on symptoms. Severe people may have advanced mental dysfunction, hematuria and renal dysfunction.

Different people will have primary and secondary hypertension, which are mainly related to genetics, and generally have multiple kidneys. For pregnant women, there is high blood pressure, which can be used as pregnancy, hypertension syndrome, pregnancy poisoning. Finally, it is directed to the old population, mainly that the systolic pressure over 60 years old is higher than normal levels, is an independent type of disease, which increases the risk of elderly cardiovascular disease, affecting the health of the old people.

Medicine is also very much in harm to high blood pressure. Generally, the most common is to suffer from high blood pressure to cause damage to the heart and cerebrovascular. For example, there is a problem such as vascular mucosa damage, arteriosclerosis. And if you have high blood pressure for a long time, there may be a complications such as arrhythmia and cerebral infarction. These disorders are extremely dangerous, which will endanger our health. So pay attention to the health of high blood pressure.

Second, benzene sulfonate

1 benzene sulfonate

Benzene sulfonate is a drug, the main role and efficacy are used for lowering blood pressure and anti-angina. It is also one of five major types of antihypertensive drugs. Its role is to reduce the peripheral resistance of the artery by expanding the peripheral resistance of the arterial blood vessel. This drug is used in clinically to reduce the treatment of hypertension and stable angina. It can be used to relieve the effects and reducing the pain.

2. Side effects of benzenesulfonate

There are more side effects of benzenesulfonate, first is headache. The reason for generating headache is that the drug can function as an expansion of the blood vessels and may cause expansion of the brain vascular during expansion, thereby causing the patient's headache. However, this symptom may be reduced or disappeared after the patient stops medication or drug resistance to the drug. It should be noted that when the patient uses the drug, it is difficult to see the hospital to go to the hospital in time.

The second larger side effect of benzenesulfonate is: edema. General edema is in the legs of the patient, when the calf is pressed with your fingers, the depression may occur and will not rebound quickly. Mainly because of calcium ions. Benzene sulfonate is the associated side effect of calcium ions, thereby causing edema in patients. It may also cause the patient's gums to swell and teeth hyperplasia.

Benzene sulfonate is a side effect: heartbeat speed. Many patients will also accompany symptoms of heartbeat. This is related to the principle of the action of benzenesulfonate, because it is mainly to reduce blood pressure by sole the periphery of the blood vessels. So sometimes causes the myocardial shrinkage and the center of conductivity of the heart to varying degrees of inhibitory effects, which will generate the discomfort in patients with a sudden heartbeat and other hearts. When it feels difficult to endure, you should seek medical treatment in time. Side effects of benzenesulfonate amine: faces. This is similar to the principle of the above heartbeat. Some patients will generate facial flushing phenomena after taking benzeneulfonate The face red tide is mainly related to the facial capillaries, but this side effect is not too serious about the health of physical health. Therefore, when the patient has this symptom, it is not necessary to worry too much. If you really don't worry, you can ask your doctor or further check. Treatment. Side effects of benzenesulfonate amazo level: indigestion, loss of appetite. Benzene sulfonate is sometimes caused in patients with poorly indigestion, so some patients will drop appetite, reduce interest in food, and reduce eating, lead to insufficient nutrients in physical intake, weight loss. Although this does not cause serious health problems, long-term nutritional intake will also cause malnutrition, causing other diseases.

Third, 3 points use medicine common sense

1. Take the dose and time

The dose and time of taking the medicine are close to the drug effect. There are many kinds of antihypertensive drugs on the market, but all drugs need to be used to control their efficacy, they need to control reasonable amounts of medication and time. Especially for patients with hypertension, it is necessary to pay special attention to the dose of the drug when taking benzene sulfonate is lightened.

Generally, when taking benzenesulfonate is usually taken from a small dose, this is mainly due to relatively more depending on the side effect of benzenesulfonate. According to the response and effects of taking, the doctor is developed to develop a new medical plan to properly adjust the drug dose.

For the treatment time, this is mainly determined according to the degree of changes in the patient's own blood pressure, because the amylobenchlorosis of benzenesulfonate is mainly reduced blood pressure, so the patient should determine the reasonable time according to each blood pressure. Choosing reasonable time can be more conducive to absorption, and increase the effect of the drug.

2. Joint medication

Sometimes combined with use can make each other defects, which make the effect of the drug reflect, but sometimes combined drugs will mutual rejection, reduce the efficacy, and increase side effects. Therefore, different types of step-down drugs are distinguished, and they cannot be combined blindly. To make a joint matching of combination under the conditions of determining its efficacy.

Typically, the doctor chooses joint medication in the secondary hypertension and above high blood pressure and above, which ensures more stable efficacy. And if long-term use of a single antihypertensive drug is easily dependent or resistance, it is not conducive to the treatment of the condition. Therefore, the advantage of the combination of pharmaceuticals is convening. However, it is extremely necessary to note that all drugs are combined, and they must be strictly listened to the doctor's regulations, and they may not be mixed or changed. Otherwise, physical damage may be caused.

3. I will follow the doctor's advice and don't change the medicine.

I would like to comply with the doctor's advice. This is also the key to guarantee the treatment effect. The correct choice of drugs directly with our health is healthy. If you choose a suitable drug, you will speed up our treatment time, save time and fees. Conversely, if an inappropriate drug is selected, it will not only affect the effect, but also the consequences of our physical health, and the facts of time.

During the medication, we need to follow the doctor's advice. Strictly take it under the doctor's prescription. And it is not possible to change the drug or change the amount of drug. The most important thing in the use of medication is this aspect, but also the necessary guarantee that can effectively relieve the condition in the specified time.

If you feel that the side effects of the current drug affect your life, you can communicate with your doctor. Doctors will be appropriately adjusted through the actual situation of the patient. This is because the changes of drug types and the change of drugs are very complicated, so they need to be carried out under the guidance of doctors and professionals, and cannot be changed without authorization.

Fourth, other common sense

1. Change lifestyle

Lifestyle is the most important way to prevent and prevent disease. Lifestyle also includes a key part is a diet in life. It is difficult to play its true utility if the light is slow down without changing the lifestyle.

A population typically suffering from half blood pressure in life is mostly because of bad living habits, especially people of eating habits. I often have a habit of having high protein, high fat, and some junk foods. Leading the body's long-term accumulation of a large amount of fat, making the body's digestive system difficult to make metabolism, and finally caused high blood lipids and high blood pressure. So want to stabilize blood pressure, or reduce blood pressure, we must maintain our healthy lifestyle.

For patients with hypertension, pay attention to three aspects: eating habits, exercise habits, reduce bad habits. In terms of diet, eat more dietary fibers, such as fruits and vegetables, grains, etc., eat less fried, junk food. Keep low salt and low fat eating habits. Sports: Be sure to remember more exercise, such as morning run every morning. Older people can also perform a way of movement such as Tai Chi. Reduce bad habits mainly include: refusing to smoke and drink. 2. Precautions for benzenesulfonate

This medicine is generally oral, and it is still a half-life drug, so it needs to be used when taking it. For special people, such as: pregnant women, children, drug allergies, etc. need to pay special attention to the doctor's arrangement. It should also be taken to take the side effects of benzenesulfonate, including headaches, edema, facial red wire, etc., should also go to the hospital for the first time when other different symptoms, can not be diagnosed, otherwise it may be delayed.


Blood pressure is produced by the blood of the heart, which represents the energy of the heart of the ceremonial muscle contraction, is closely related to our physical health, and is directly refunding an important indicator of our physical condition. So keep blood pressure is necessary. There are many people in life with hypertension or hypotension, and we can use drugs such as benzene sulfonate.

However, "is a three-point drug", although the amylobenchloropathy of benzenesulfonate can increase blood pressure, the effects of coatation, but it has many side effects. It mainly includes these side effects: edema, generally mainly refers to edema of the patient's leg. Headache, this is overheated, it will cause blood pressure by expanding blood vessels, so it will also cause changes in cerebrovascular. Faceless, this is related to capillary. In addition, there are side effects that have accelerated, indigestion, loss of appetite, and other side effects.

So in order to stabilize our blood pressure, keep the blood pressure, we must keep this three common sense of medication, avoid drug hazards, keep us healthy. These three main points are: taking the dose and time of medication. This is the primary condition for the action of the drug. Take the medicine time mainly look at the changes in blood pressure in patients, there is no specific provisions. And the amount of drug is mainly through the doctor's doctor's order.

The second point is to pay attention to the combination of medicine. It is necessary to make a reasonable match after the efficacy of each drug is fully understood. But this is not a self-contained, but to adopt the doctor's recommendations and appropriate adjustments according to their own situation. Finally, I have to follow the doctor's advice, don't change the medicine, this is all guarantees. Everything is not good for, with the doctor, actively cooperate with treatment.