Shandong boys suffer from painless dish, general feelings can't feel pain, even bitter fingers

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Shandong boys suffer from painless dish, general feelings can't feel pain, even bitter fingers

2022-01-28 00:08:30 40 ℃

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Each of us is born there will be pain, and even envy the film there are some no pain Superman.

In real life, there is really no such a person pain, no pain, but also to his life brought great distress.

In the absence of pain in the case of drinking water into the stomach inside the teeth and bitten my tongue is no sense.

This life of ten years time, because there is no pain, his health is seriously threatened.

This is no pain little boy called Zhang Hong, is already 17 years old at this time, this time to see his appearance was lying inside the hospital.

I saw this little boy's fingers did not complete fingers, each finger is in the process of growing because of injury caused by naughty.

Not just a few fingers in the mouth and tongue Zhang Kang also see some bite blisters, have the names of some of the gaping hole in its shocking.

Because the pain is never clear what kind of feeling small when Zhang Kang had the courage to try a variety of dangerous things.

For example, a cup of boiling water to drink once he was able to enter inside the stomach, she simply did not feel pain.

Although not feel pain, but physical damage is still irreparable, because the stomach as well as esophageal tube will be hot to hot water.

Zhang Kang this condition has been going on for 17 years, it is the time when they were found in the newborn did not take long.

Just hold on a newborn at home, all the people are very happy, watching the children are getting more and more fun.

However, just 11 days in children when the accident happened, the child began to blush, he had a fever, and the fever has reached a temperature of 40 ℃.

Children have been in crying, and accompanied by such a situation limbs twitch, the family of adults are also very frightened.

At that time the family was only their mother as well as the child's mother, but to see such a situation, and her mother attend to their own confinement, to hold the children go to the hospital.

Zhang Yingmei child's mother came to the hospital is a few meteor big step to find the doctor, who saw the child with fever so serious we should give children injections.

When the doctor when the needle went in very strange that this child did not cry loudly, this is the spot for all things are puzzled.

In fact, doctors also feel very puzzled, then they thought might be too severe child has a fever awareness a bit unclear.

At that time the child began to fever after a shot, watching the children a little bit better, parents also feel reassured, to take the kids home.

But the next day after the accident took place once again at home, the child had a fever.

And this time the fever duration is 20 days, so the children have been playing bottle, until the full moon did not see improvement.

The family began to worry a little, put the child taken to the hospital inside the bigger, SISHUI ​​into the hospital.

In the beginning is that the child is simply a fever, he has been the name of the hospital after penicillin as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.

Later, the hospital has been not improved, they begin to suspect that is not encephalitis, begin to do various checks, brain CT, blood tests, lumbar puncture, and so a series of inspection.

A variety of inspection still do not see any problem on the body, doctors began to recommend referral to a bigger and better hospital.

This time, the family listened to suggestions, they took the children to the Jining City hospital, which came to the hospital after a meal is still checking.

This inspection have drawn cerebrospinal fluid, lumbar puncture this check, which means the child to suffer great pain.

Lumbar puncture is, to a very thick needle into the lumbar spine wear inside to check, adults usually have no way tolerate such intense pain.

However, just in the doctor gave the child to do a lumbar puncture, when the child did not cry, and even facial expressions are relaxed look.

This time Zhang Kang's parents have been next to tears, especially distressed that their children.

But this all checks are gone, the child's cause is still not a little bit of progress, parents give their children transferred or removed.

This time they came to the city of Jinan Qilu Hospital, this time seems to have a little progress, there is an old professor, he became a doctor has been nearly 50 years of experience.

This time, she judged the child may be suffering from the disease is painless anhidrosis, this disease is a rare anomaly, but seen such cases, but never seen such a patient in the data above.

And experts also said that such cases as the child grows hurt themselves, there is no way to treat the disease.

In this speech the doctor's rhetoric, Zhang Kang's family have felt despair, find a doctor to find the last so many years to get such a result.

Helpless, they brought him back to his hometown, this time they did not know everything in the future will face.

Slowly, family love is found in the mouth of the child with the doctors of the same, children will have the phenomenon of self-mutilation.

Because of his son's illness, the mother also quit his job and began full-time care of his son.

Slowly they began to find that the child uncomfortable when it will dig their own skin, often are bloody.

Because the husband and wife two people sleep at night have never been off the clothes, it is to be able to better care for their children.

They take turns watching their children, for fear of what children make unexpected movements, so that children in danger. Slowly, Zhang Kang learned to grow up to walk, learned to crawl, he began to show unruly character.

Will often climb the table and chairs to climb, because never feel pain, he was having all the fun.

But Zhang Kang is completely unable to leave parents, just leave there will be accidents.

Even if the parents are watching all the time Zhang Kang, he still will make things hurt themselves.

For all of his childhood in this world is full of curiosity, his fingers and his tongue is like chewing gum, like to bite a few mouthfuls.

There are entire fingers are confused by his own tongue out of shape, but he was never pain, grandmother grandfather grandson to see this is also exceptionally distressed.

Turning Kang-child thing, the mother of the most impressive is that a hot iron Kang-hand.

At that time in their own ironing, is a back of effort, Zhang Kang picked up an iron on his hand, hot irons burn out immediately Zhang Kang layer of skin.

But Zhang Kang never feel pain, but also hee hee laugh at my mother, my mother this time have been terrified, and immediately took the children go to the hospital.

In addition to not feel pain, Kang-most uncomfortable physically or summer time, because he can not sweat, his body could not row sweat.

Summer is very hot, Zhang Kang entire human body is hot, and that is more than cries, the mother must also help him cool down.

Summer sometimes take a cold towel on her body, but can not sleep at night, often waking Zhang Kang will be hot.

Later I went to a little bigger when Zhang Kang will go to their own sinks where red look cool water.

Not only in the summer, winter Zhang Kang will also suffer, he will feel a cold winter than normal, often to his mother prepare thick clothes, there are several quilt.

As Kang Zhang grew up, he began to understand that there are many ordinary people with different places on his body that he also began to pay attention to their parents taught.

For example, a cup of boiling water, he will carefully observe the water is not hot after his drink into his stomach inside.

These aspects he noted that the new situation has emerged, his body began to frequent fractures, in such a situation, but the doctor has a new discovery.

They found that after the inspection, Zhang Kang bones there is almost no bone marrow, such results make everyone shocked.

Could it be that painless anhidrosis can cause bone marrow missing? Or, because the original is no painless bone marrow caused by anhidrosis happen?

Doctors are also the first time that such children do not feel pain, it makes all doctors are surprised.

Dr Zhang and Kang who also found a lot of special places, the wound healing process is very slow, usually a month to restore normal good, Zhang Kang to wait two months or three months.

The nurse Zhang Kang infusion, also found that his skin like ordinary people do have flexibility, but more relaxed state.

Just six months, Zhang Hong went in the hospital three times, and each time because of broken bones.

Once just a bit Wei, his bones broken, even if Zhang Kang will not hurt, but it is absolutely not stand in the state.

This is a time of fracture fact, Chang Kang particularly sad heart, he began to feel like a burden has been spending money to see a doctor, can not help but burst into tears.

Doctors check out the very little Kang-marrow, the diagnosis is syringomyelia, such a condition would result in Kang-recurrent fractures.

Not only is the case, there are very difficult to heal the body accompanied, as well as a number of factors on the body.

The test results with test results Kang Zhang childhood a few years ago has a very different, the disease is a rare disease.

In such cases we found 150 cases worldwide, the situation is there are some differences among these cases are not entirely the result of a good cure.

In these domestic sick people it is very small, and now the survival of the population total of five cases, the treatment situation is not very good.

Kang Zhang's condition is certain is that the disease caused by a genetic aspects of change, a genetic disease.

But the treatment method is still to be fine, because not very common treatment, and treatment of patients with good results for reference.

In Zhang Kangcheng a long way in his care for parents can be said very carefully, Enoch Cheung living is also relatively smooth.

The disease can only be through life a little more careful, try to avoid his injury, to reduce as much as possible, the only way to avoid harm to their bodies.