When should you accept new crown viruses?

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When should you accept new crown viruses?

2022-01-28 00:05:57 28 ℃

This should be seen, but the vaccination people should usually wait for five days after inoculation to conduct antigen tests. The reason is as follows:

With the madness of the Austrian varieties, millions of people worried that they had come into contact - and eagerly wanted to know if they were infected. But in many regions, it is difficult to find a home fast antigen test. If you can make an appointment, the PCR test may take several days to recover the results. So, if you can conduct a valuable test, when is it the best time to use it to get the most accurate result?

JOHNS HOPKINS Bloomberg Public Health School of Immunologist Gigi Kwik Gronvall A peak. Disease Control and Prevention Center and many state health departments suggest that the exposure of vaccination is then detected at this time after contact with new crown viral infections, to ensure that negative detection is indeed negative, because the highest virus load will be to detect viruses Provide the best opportunities.

But for O'K variants, the situation may not be the case: the symptom seems to be faster after infection. Therefore, infected people can also spread the virus to others faster. Recent studies have shown that people who are infected with O'Koi may continue to flow out of virus after symptoms, which means that the CDC is currently suggested that it may not be long enough after infection.

What can you tell you about different test types?

The two main types of new crown virus detections that consumers can use are very different in sensitivity. The PCR test of the body virus RNA can detect up to 200 SARS-COV-2 per mulg. In contrast, if the virus copy is less than 500,000, the fast antigen test may not restore positive.

It is not clear whether the increase in virus load is inevitably meaningful. After all, the number of viruses replicated in vivo does not necessarily track the number of viral particles released during breathing. But Gronvall said that it is that antigen detection is positive is a good symbol of contagious, because these tests are to achieve peaks to the virus load to detect SARS-COV-2. PCR test is very sensitive, so that after a person is no longer infected, it may continue to show the virus in the body.

Ajay Sethi, the epidemiologist of Madison, Wisconsin, pointed out that epideologists are increasingly difficult to determine if a variant has a higher virus load, or how the virus load is infectious Related. This is because so many people have infected new crown viruses or vaccinated different number of vaccines, which means that their immune system has different reactions to new variants. Sethi said: "It is said that a variant will produce a higher virus load too complicated."

What is the science behind the five to seven days of the five to seven days recommended by the CDC and many state health departments?

This guide is based on SARS-COV-2 original strains infected with symptomatic average time: If the symptoms of five days have not appeared, the possibility of a person infection is very low. The theory is that the virus load and symptoms reach the peak, providing a sufficient virus for PCR or rapid antigen testing to eventually give positive or negative results.

However, the symptoms of O'Koi variants seem to have earlier: the average is in contact with three days. In addition, the new evidence indicates that earlon patients can infection at least one day before symptoms. A premium paper released on Medrxiv on January 5 tracked 30 people during OMICRON outbreaks, and most people were found to have contagious days in the rapid antigen to detect COVID.

What is more confusing is that a study of Japanese patients has been found that O'K克 variability may have to achieve three to six days of symptoms to achieve a virus load peak. The clinical microbiologist of the University of California Los Angeles, Omai Garner, said, but this does not mean that people will not be infected earlier. Since the PCR test can detect infections before the peak of the virus load, they may be more good at Omeglev before the patient has achieved mutation but before the propagation infection. However, now the PCR test may take several days to return the result, when the person will be able to infect others.

Why should we wait for the test if oman is infected two days?

There is no harm to test after two days. However, it is worrying that two-day antigen detection may provide false sense of security, because the virus load may still be too low, and cannot be detected by fast antigen test.

A person is exposed to two days to detect negative, especially rapid antigen detection - it is meaningless, and the person needs to be detected again before the isolation state. Garner said: "They can't assume that they don't have new crown viruses." "They need to behave like a new crown virus until they get a result of confirming them without infection."

The shortage currently tested makes problems complicates because it may prevent people from seeking this extra test. Garner said: "This means that the federal response is lacking in this virus." Every case has surged, "We can't get enough tests."

How long can people stay infected?

According to data from the original coronavirus strain, most mild new crown virus patients no longer contagious after 10 days of symptoms. Garner said that viruses may vary in vaccination, un-vaccinated or recently vaccinated people, but currently information on these differences. On December 27, 202, the CDC has changed the isolation recommendation. It is recommended that people with mild new crown virus symptoms from five days, then returning to work with a mask, even if they are not negative. The agency said that the guide is based on new science, although it has not issued data, many anecdotes have shown that Oktiki infections may last for five days.

Many experts believe that the cancellation test requires that it is related to new science, it is better to say to avoid testing shortages, especially because of the understanding of O'K戎. Michael Mina, infectious disease, wrote: "We paid all these efforts to discover infectious people ... Why don't you make sure that we find people will spread?" He is in the twitter post The decision called the CDC is "reckless".

Better testing on the horizon, including the test of saliva collected from the oral or throat?

Preliminary evidence suggests that Omicron may be more common than previous variants, which often copies in noses. Small preliminary study found that the results of PCR and antigen testing using saliva swabs were more than a few days earlier than nose. Many anecdotes also show that throat swabs will produce more accurate results, although a study shows that the rapid antigen test is not so sensitive to the throat rather than in the nose, as suggested.

Although some experts advocate collecting saliva, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends not to use family throat swing: In the twenty post of January 7, the agency said that in addition to security issues, "We have not yet any data indicate the throat. The swab is a predetermined or appropriate method of family tests. "Garner said, changing this guide requires more research and new test standardization.

Bottom line: When should a person accept new crown virus detection?

PCR testing within three days can tell you if you have infected a virus, even if you have not been infected.

If there is no PCR test, and you can only access an antigen test, your time is largely dependent on the situation. If you have the ability to remain isolated, do you know when you contact, SETHI and GARNER agree, wait for five days to perform antigen testing is that you ensure that the negative test is actually negative or whether you encountered is the best choice caused by new crown viruses .

But if you don't have symptoms, you need to contact someone, and only a fast antigen test, it may be worth it on two days. SETHI said that if positive, you can assume that you infect new crown viruses. He added: "If it is negative, you will want you to do it again."

In either way, experts say that before having enough time, you know before the test results are indeed negative, you should express the same as infected with new crown viruses. Negative test - especially rapid antigen test - does not mean that you have no contagism, and it will not become so. Gronvall said: "If I say one over and over again, it is the test is a timely moment."