The 32-year-old woman was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors: 3 things in the house are not changed, the whole family is suffering

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The 32-year-old woman was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors: 3 things in the house are not changed, the whole family is suffering

2022-01-28 00:06:14 39 ℃

Ms. Zhang, 32 years old this year, is more poor in the family. In addition to going to work, she has to take a child, and they are very busy all day. She is a few days ago, Ms. Zhang felt that she had a lot of small red dots on her body. At the time of the shoulders, there was a pain that couldn't say it. She just thought she was tired. I didn't go to my heart. She slowly felt that her appetite is getting worse, often diarrhea, the whole person is thin. A circle.

After the body's incorrect, Ms. Zhang quickly went to the hospital to do an inspection. I didn't expect to directly find liver cancer. Due to cancer cells have spread, after 2 months, the condition still did not control, the final Ms. Zhang still Handshand.

After the doctor's understanding, because Ms. Zhang's life is very poor, she rarely change her home chopping board, chopsticks and other things, sometimes vegetables are moldy, and they will cut off the broken, this is to cause Ms. Zhang's liver cancer. the most important reason.

32-year-old woman was diagnosed with liver cancer, the doctor sighed: 3 things in the house did not change, the whole family's liver was suffering

Chopping board

The common cutting boards in the family are woody, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it is best not to use it later, because the cutting vegetables will cause a lot of cutting on the chopping board, after washing, after washing, cutting It is not easy to dry, it is easy to breed a toxic substance called Huangquisin. After entering the body, it will seriously damage the liver tissue, and the yellowlaxin has a certain heat resistance, and it is generally not possible to kill it in high temperature.


The chopsticks used in our house are doing wood, just like chopping boards. If the chopsticks are used up, the above oil stains are not cleaned, while the kitchen environment is humid, and it is easy to make a mold toxin. Therefore, chopsticks should often be disinfected and replaced, preventing these hazardous substances from entering the body, endangering liver health.

Oil pot

If you don't clean the oil pot for a long time, the oil will change the oxidation, and there will be a "hara" taste. This oil-defeated oil will produce free radicals and peroxide, harmful to human health, increase cancer Risk, after these hazardous substances enter the human body, the liver needs to be detoxified, and it is easy to cause chronic poisoning.

And if you don't clean the oil pot for a long time, the new oil will be "polluted" and endanger the health of liver. So everyday must be cleaned with the oil pot, and the oil pot after washing must be dried, and the new oil is injected when there is no water.

Before the arrival of liver cancer, there are 4 abnormalities in the body, and one must be vigilant.

Hair - hair loss

When there is a problem in the liver, it will cause a slow metabolism in the body, so that a large amount of fat in the body is accumulated, and the fat content in the hair follicle will also increase, resulting in a head of the head.

2. Eyes - eye white

Yellow eyes are the most obvious symptom of liver disease. He is mainly because hepatic function is abnormal, resulting in bilirubin metabolism disorders, long time, bilirubin stacked in the body, if it is not asked in time, it It will penetrate into the body and blood, there will be yellow-shaped yellow, and it will also cause yellowing.

3. Flavor - obvious smell

When there is a problem in the liver, the nitrogen and amines produced by metabolism cannot be discharged in time. They are stored in the body. Some are taken away by sweat, and they produce sweat, and this smell, also known as "liver odor", and smell it. Rotten bad water fruity. Because the underarm net sweat gland is intensive than other parts, it has become an odor "gathering".

4. Liver District - Pain

When the liver load is too heavy, there will be symptoms such as abdominal pain, which are caused by liver function. This is because the lesions of the liver pulls nearby nerves, causing pain in the upper right abdomen, severe constipation, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

Reagence of the liver, you need to adhere to 2 things

Diet balance

Now many people are meat animals, so it is easy to cause liver fat and cholesterol to accumulate together, and it will affect the liver metabolism. Everyday eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, can promote the creep of the gastrointestinal, help clean up the gastrointestinal road, reduce the liver The burden of metabolism.