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Solve urticaria, Pikai expert

2022-01-28 00:06:52 31 ℃

Urticaria is a common disease dermatology for many kinds of allergens, for patients with recurrent disease, can be said to be tortured.

Dermatology expert Professor Feng Xianzhang through clinical exploration and practice, summed up the experience in the treatment of urticaria square, and achieved good effect, let us learn together under the bar ~

Picco expert Feng charter based on years of clinical experience, summed up the experience side treatment of chronic urticaria.

Drug side the following composition:

Angelica 20g, Cynanchum 30g, Clematis 10g, white peony root 30g, tragacanth 20g, mulberry 10g, Passepartout 10g, Tribulus terrestris 20g, licorice 10g, scorpion 10g, Rhizoma 10g, wind 10g, Atractylodes 10g.

Fang Astragalus righting solid form;

White peony root, mulberry reconcile business health;

Passepartout, all Trichosanthes itching promoting blood circulation addition to the wind, taking "the first rule governing the wind of blood, blood MORALS from the off," meaning;

Cynanchum, Clematis allergy; Astragalus, wind solid table without leaving evil Quxie injury is not.

"Ancient and modern doctors side theory", saying: "evil of the hash gas will empty, so rule the wind and not to remove it without suffering, and suffering from no to Royal, the wind of fear and not to fear the wind of the complex, He then ...... husband with wind chills of the good, to get Astragalus solid form, has the outside guard; Atractylodes to have solid years, it has been in the data, but not pathogenic wind to come again. "

Experimental studies confirm Modern wind inhibit delayed type hypersensitivity in mice, enhance macrophage phagocytosis, suppressing hypersensitivity to achieve the anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effect.

Feng clinical use of this charter party, the condition of patients with the disease often add and subtract.

If the rash at night, plus turtle shell, Rehmannia;

Stomach pain plus dried tangerine peel, Magnolia;

Heat add gypsum, duckweed, gardenia;

Sheng cold Guizhi, ginger skin; wind of plus Wujiapi, fresh white skin.

In addition Feng also stressed that the Charter should pay attention to food taboos during treatment and recovery, eat fish, pepper, beef and mutton, ban alcohol and tobacco, in order to avoid recurrence.

Typical Medical Records

Chen, female, 29 years old, July 19, 2011 newly diagnosed.

Chief Complaint: the body appears itchy wheals two months.

History: two months ago, the body appears red wind group of patients, severe itching, has a particular hospital, according to the acute urticaria given prednisone and dexamethasone injection intravenous injection, and oral ebastine tablets, every 10, 1 day. After treatment to reduce the wind group, reduce itching, but after stopping recurrence.

Now syndrome: generalized body red wheal, itching, accompanied by chest tightness, difficulty breathing, worse at night, two can, dull red, white fur, pulse. Generalized body red wind group, higher than the skin, press the fade, can be self-limiting, without leaving any traces subsided.

Western diagnosis: chronic urticaria.

TCM diagnosis: urticaria.


Newly Diagnosed: cold syndrome to type. Expelling Qi solid form, to reconcile business health, Shufeng itching. Prescription: angelica 15g, Astragalus 30g, Atractylodes 10g, wind 10g, Nepeta 10g, Xu Changqing 30g, Clematis 10g, Millettia 30g, Health keel 30g, raw oysters 30g, white peony root 30g, Gui 10g, Notopterygium 10g, silkworm 10g, Trichosanthes 15g, Ligustrum lucidum 15g, duckweed 15g, Tribulus terrestris 15g, licorice 10g. 14, decoction, a day, half an hour after a meal, warm clothes.

Second diagnosis: a new reduction in patients with systemic wheal, itching significantly reduced compared with the previous, satisfied sleep better, two will be transferred, dark tongue, thin white fur, slippery pulse. Plus front melon skin 15g, Coix 30g. 10, decoction, a day, half an hour after a meal, warm clothes.

Three clinics: the majority of patients with systemic wind group dissipated, consciously cold extremities, cold front add ginger 10g, Scorpio 10g, Chinese yam 30g. 14, decoction, a day, half an hour after a meal, warm clothes. After two weeks in stable condition, up six months without recurrence.


Feng Charter emphasized in the treatment of hives to note the following two aspects:

First righting Qi, to reconcile the yin and yang.

Chronic urticaria rash usually caused by recurrent, prolonged healing Haoshang blood, Wei table is not solid; or postpartum blood loss, wind cold outside attack, it can not cause the catharsis, shall not be reached through, depression in the skin Cou between incidence Competing Xiezheng; or by emotions fail, liver not sparse, Yu-long heat, Yin Ye injuries, deficiency heat, wind caused by blood deficiency.

Therefore, treatment should righting BNI, yin and yang main blood. Reuse Astragalus, Angelica Qi righting solid form blood, peony root, mori reconcile business health. Modern pharmacological studies confirmed that Angelica reducing capillary permeability and anti-histamine, astragalus has enhanced the role of cellular immunity.