One flavor, solve the toothache caused by the stomach, what did you do?

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One flavor, solve the toothache caused by the stomach, what did you do?

2022-01-28 00:07:49 29 ℃

I grew up in the hospital grew up, his father is an old Chinese medicine the hospital, I can say that I was a real "doctors II. At that time doctors and drug division has not been so clear, so I often go to the hospital pharmacy to play.

Playing a long time, and on the inside of the uncles got to know each, during which know a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, among them gypsum. Was feeling very strange, stone can be used when traditional Chinese medicine, can treat disease? Due to the small age, but was limited by the lack of knowledge of medicine, ultimately did not remove plaster, what role exactly?

Although there is no clear role in plaster, but let me get a chance to make money with plaster. Remember when purchasing medicine pharmacy, and not been so strict system, so there are a lot of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine procurement, all resolve itself in the country.

There was a small mine near the hospital, which had not cleaned after many broken plaster, to recover just to do with medicine. So I pick up a few good partners every day after school, about half of the time, to get the hospital going to change, actually a value of about two yuan money.

The money, at that time is definitely not a small number, but remember that a bit of pocket money, to have a corner, corners, and it has been rather generous on others. It was like the most is where to go after school to pick up plaster.

Mr. plaster

Mr. plaster here, refers to a famous doctor's Republic of China Zhang Xi pure, native of Hebei, for the use of gypsum, has his own unique set of theories.

For febrile disease, plague and other diseases, it is the bold use of plaster, but the dose used is not small. For instance, he febrile disease, disorder using light volume of about 12 or so (now about 30 grams), and for the critically ill can be used seven hundred eighty-two, this dose for clinically less experienced young doctors it is unthinkable.

Due to the high frequency of use of gypsum, used in large doses, to see the effect is very good, so people respectfully call Mr. plaster.

He said two stories about the plaster, let's take a look at his source:

Gypsum sources

As already mentioned plaster, it is actually an aqueous calcium sulfate ore, there are dozens of provinces has its own distribution, which is the largest distribution in Shandong.

Processing Processing

Processing is not much gypsum species, only a calcined gypsum, the processing method generally is such that the gypsum blocks, into which fire or containers, heated by the fire, until the calcined gypsum to flush into crisp when can be removed, this is calcined gypsum.

Gypsum effect

Gypsum has Xiehuo thirst quenching effect, for often clinically stomach fire, toothache, headache, etc., can be used gypsum, in addition to high fever caused by thirst, polydipsia, often using plaster to achieve a good cough .

Calcined gypsum is mainly reflected in the efficacy of the convergence, for sore ulceration, eventually becoming shut, to use the calcined gypsum, which can be labeled as powder, evenly spread on the sores.


As medicine gypsum ore, extremely difficult to dissolve in water, so in order decoction efficacy, it needs to fry, fried a long time, as the time of one hour.