Three kinds of tuberculosis don't need to worry is malignant, the doctor will refuse to open the knife, nor does it threaten life.

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Three kinds of tuberculosis don't need to worry is malignant, the doctor will refuse to open the knife, nor does it threaten life.

2022-01-28 00:06:09 32 ℃

The opportunities of each person discovered in the small nodules of the lungs are different. Some people are found to find that some people have a cold. CT discovery. Some people are doing other organs to check routine check chest CT. It is found, but the same thing is to find that everyone is very nervous. I have done countless times before, I have spent many times about how I have brought about it, I have said a few times. Today, I will judge my nature, what kind of nature, I have to worry, What kind of nodules don't worry.

Don't worry about the micro-norm

From the perspective of our doctor, there are some nodules to basically don't worry, whether it is a solid node or a hair glass nodule, such as less than 5 mm mini nodules. This is also a concept of our very classic imaging department. It is from the diameter of the diameter. The nodules of less than 5 mm are called micro-nodules. If the micro-norm is basically unable to threaten life, even if it is vicious, In the process of follow-up, there is an increase in the process, and it is basically cured by cutting it, and it is generally not necessary to worry. Most of the tumors have a multiplication time of growth. This multiplication time refers to the time required for tumors to twice. The speed of 5 mm is generally slow, even in the process of follow-up, it is increased, and most of the surgery is also available. So I found 5 mm nodules generally don't worry, 78% are benign, few are vicious, even if it is vicious, how big is the big life, the worst result in a lifetime, maybe it is a knife, generally not Will threaten life.

Calcification nodules generally don't need to worry

In addition, there is a class of nodules to basically don't need to worry. That is the calcified nodule. The so-called calcification is equivalent to the long stones in the pulmonary, and our gallbladder kidney stones generally do not block the channel, most of them will not have serious symptoms and consequences. The nodule of the lungs is also the same. If calcification has occurred, it has produced a large amount of calcium in the inside, which has no longer changing, there is no activity of cellular components, generally become a malignant probability, which is relatively small. Of course, this is also classified, there are some nodules containing eccentric calcification, but if the calcified ingredient exceeds more than 50% of the nodules, the vicious probability is very small, basically does not need to worry, so The nodules do not have increased possibilities.

The nodule is formed into a grinding glass nodule from the solid nodules.

There is also a kind of nodule that everyone may not understand. It is basically wrong, which is that this solid nodule is found to be realistic, and the process of follow-up is a grinding glass nodule, some people The superstition grinding glass nodules must be malignant, and when your own solid nodule becomes a grinding glass nodules, it is very afraid. In fact, if it is confirmed that it is not a growing grinding glass nodule, but the original nodule becomes a grinding glass nodule, it is basically excluding the possibility of malignity, because from the cell ingredients, solid knots The number of cells in the section is much larger than the grinding glass nodule. If the solid node becomes a grinding glass nodule, the cellular component inside is reduced, and the general malignant tumor is impossible to happen. This is the nodule improvement. A manifestation.

Overall, most of the nodules are benign, and a small part is malignant, most of which can be cured in this small number of vicious nodules, and a small part will recurrence, so most people don't need especially worry. The worst result is to get a knife, a very small number of patients may threaten life.