What are the side effects of antihypertensive drugs?Slow disease experts inventory, worth collecting

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What are the side effects of antihypertensive drugs?Slow disease experts inventory, worth collecting

2022-01-28 06:05:58 41 ℃

It is clinically, often used in antihypertensive drugs are 5 categories, which are Puli, horizon, sandan, diuretics, and β-receptor blockers, of course, there is an alpha having already named Receptor blocking agent.

Today, I will talk to everyone. During this common five-class drug buck, what kinds of side effects and precautions do, very worth learning.

1, Puli drug

The first is the proportional drug, also known as the ACEI class. Its augmentation is very obvious. It has a strong effect on anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-heart reconstruction, reducing proteinuria, etc. good.

Therefore, it can be preferred as a patient with heart failure, combined with heart disease, and renal insufficiency. Its role is on the enzyme between vascular tension-tension-tension-tension-tension-tension-tensioned concentrates, among the vascular tension converted substances, the impact of vascular contraction and blood pressure is very large.

By suppressing the transformation enzyme, it does not let it convert to 2, thereby playback. However, this transformation enzyme, mostly attached to the pulmonary organ, so the proportional drug is damaged by the lungs, and the performance of cough will occur, the incidence is about 20%, which is the throat, and there is no measuring.

In addition, Puli drugs may also cause high potassium piles. Once there is a risk of cardiac arrest, especially in renal dysfunction and the elderly groups, such people are in diligent Blood potassium and prevent danger.

2, horizon

The second type of drug is to be horizon. It is called calcium ion antagonist. The step-down principle is by inhibiting calcium ions, thereby achieving expansion of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure; the benefit is that the buck is large and the effect is fast.

Our most traditional use is nifugous, of course, in recent years may not have to be used, just because it is a fast-buck performance, it will cause a lot of fluctuations in a short time; maybe you eat, blood pressure is now Control, dropped, but didn't have a little, blood pressure and rumored!

This kind of blood pressure fluctuation is very difficult, and the human body is very bad. The World Health Organization guidance on blood pressure buck, a buck is not easy to fluctuate, and the second is smooth step-down, but simple flat drugs are obvious. These two aspects require that a series of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease are very likely to induce coronary heart disease.

Within the world, it has once denied the drug, but later found that nifedipine condensed release tablets and controlled release tablets were very good for lowering blood pressure, because it can intervene for drug effects.

The sustained release tablets can be released slowly, and the controlled release tablets are a device, which is a two-layer drug like a iron barrel. The following is an expansion agent, and the upper is nifedipine, the device can enter the water, and the expansion expansion agent expands, thereby blocking a buck The drug is slowly pushed into the blood, allowing the blood in the blood in the stable state within 24 hours, which plays a good buck.

The sustained release tablets are in a small ball like a packet, and then the small ball is packed together. When the drug is like a shell in the human body, a layer is peeled off, then release the drug, can tube 12 I have a hypervision, so the controlled release tablets eat one day, the antihypertensive effect is very good, but the sustained release tablets need to eat 2 tablets one day.

Others there are many types of flat-class drugs, which are long-lasting, and the effect is remarkable, such as amine chlorine, nonallox equality.

The horizon is more useful in our country, because our patients want to eat blood pressure, will praise the high level of doctors, so the doctor also loves this drug, the patient is happy, the doctor is saving, but the blood pressure is blood pressure Wave the problem, use the wrong to cause other multiple complications.

It will also cause the sympathetic excitement, resulting in the flushing of the face, the heart rate increases and lower extremity edema, which is the most common three-class side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to eat the horizontal class. In this regard, don't overlap with each other, such as edema caused by nephropathy, or the heart rate is too fast, it should be used with caution.

3, diuretics

Diuretics, low price, is very good, is the preferred drug with hypertension and obesity, heart failure patients, and is also ideal for senior systolic patients with hypertension. This type of drug application has been a long time. So far, it is one of the main force of antihypertensive drugs.

If the blood vessel is compared to the container, it is poured out the moisture in the container, so that the pressure is reduced, and the blood pressure is reduced. However, the Western countries are more useful, especially in black people, and the effect is more significant. In addition to antihypertensive effects, it has a protective effect on the kidney, so it is placed on the first place of antihypertensive drugs.

However, while the diuretics are discharged in vitro, and they also take away many ions of the human body, which can easily lead to electrolyte disorders, to supplement ions, such as potassium ion.

The diuretics are most important to affect the potassium ions. After the body lost a lot of potassium ions, the phenomenon of strength and even soft paralysis. I have pushed the old father to go to the outpatient crying, and I will not move. One check is a low blood potassium, and the potassium is lifted, so it will be auspeted, so potassium chloride while eating the diapers.

4, Sassan drug

Shatan drugs, also called ARB, because the ACEI classes inhibit the converted enzyme, which will damage the lung function, and the sandan drug is studied.

It turns inhibiting the target from the converter enzyme, what does it mean?

For example, if you have a bowl, you have to eat it smoothly, but now Shatan's drug puts the bowl, there is no place to put it, you can't eat the mouth, that is, let the converted enzyme do not have a function or a small effect. Thus a bucking effect. The side effects of this type of drug are relatively small, but the buck is limited, such as more than 200, which is not enough to use it. It is better than the child can't do adults. In addition, it is too stable to step down, and the effectiveness is slow.

For example, chlorine, it takes 4 weeks to get effective. Many people will have no effect in two weeks, and they will think that the doctor can't work. In fact, it is largely caused by the cause of the drug, including now, now At least 10 days can be achieved.

5, beta receptor blocker

β-receptor blocker, after blocking the beta receptor, the blood vessel expansion, the heart rate slows, so that the carocal oxygen is reduced, the myocardial diaphragm is enhanced, the blood supply will increase, and the center of heart is active.

It is very reliable, and now, it can be used for heart failure patients. You can check it, one of the gold triangles of the cure, of course, now called new Four.

Previously, from the perspective of the laboratory, it was forbidden to use it for heart failure, but later after clinical application, it was indeed useful to heart failure; Swiss doctor was used in clinical practice, but he insisted until it was later, it can be It is said that this medicine is used in the pioneer.

Modern medicine is from the laboratory, and now it has developed to evidence-based medicine, evidence-based medicine regardless of the test results, only clinical manifestations. Evidence-based medicine is a medicine that does not speak laboratory. It only sees that there is still no effect. It is popular, evidence-based medicine is not reasonable.

The side effects of the beta-receptor blocker are exactly the heart rate, so it is not used in the heart rate. If it is 60 years old or 50 years old, the heart rate will slow down. Every time the human heart cavity is fixed, we require at least 50 times of the heart to pump, in order to supply systemic use, otherwise it will have an ischemic hypoxia state.

In addition, it may also induce bronchospasm, asthma, and therefore, patients with asthma should not take such drugs. Some male patients taking β-blockers can have male dysfunction.

There is also a type, alpha-receptor blocker, is kicked, there is a buck, but the stability is poor, no longer used. More urging regions caused in prostate hypertrophy

The above is the side effects of common antihypertensive drugs, which is basically comprehensive. You can use it as a reference, but actually use it, we must pass the hospital doctor to judge, relatively safer, more responsible.