Introduce a "king" in Chinese medicine living blood circulation

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Introduce a "king" in Chinese medicine living blood circulation

2022-01-28 06:05:14 28 ℃

In "Treatise on Febrile", Zhang Zhongjing used to treat soup

Blood madness (para. 124), blood stasis (Article 125), blood stasis fever (Article 126, reimbiating the soup to arrive at the pills, the drug composition), the blood stasis (Article 237).

Treatment in "Golden Drash, Women's Maxosis

Women are unfavorable or closed

. In the "Golden Diseases · 血 虚 虚 病 病 病 病 大 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 汤 汤 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为Among them, there is 100 taps, adding yellow, dry land, almond, 蛴螬). Arriving in Zhang Zhongjing is a common side, which can treat a variety of patients caused by blood stasis.

However, in the 1979 edition of the national teaching materials "Partnership", in the country, the soup is in the form of a small-character number, and the tits can be attached to the Tao Nuclear Tournament. In 1985, the national colleges and universities were "prescribed" to delete the soup. This is a great regret for a classic name, a prescription that has high practical value in the clinic.

The reason why it is not valued is that the one is not correct to understand the soup, and mistakenly put the soup to be a broken blood, the "Tiger Wolf Square" of the hurt, so it does not dare to apply; the second is to believe in the soup The water is a poisonous product, and it has been passed down.

Arrive in the bet, because it is now necessary to have more conditions for the treatment of soup treatment, such as cerebral thrombosis, cavity cerebral infarction, cerebral throat, cerebral embolism, cardiovascular disease, various nodules, polyps, Ulcer, intestinalization, hyperplasia, fibroid, diabetes, nephropathy, cirrhosis, cancer, etc. If you can use the treatment in the treatment, the effect will be significantly improved.

The author will now use the typical case of clinical application to see the soup, which is intended to make contemporary Chinese medicine people correctly recognize the soup, boldly applying to the soup, and give full play to the practical value of the soup.

Ischemic cerebrovascular disease

In the era of Zhang Zhongjing life, the soup is used to treat blood stasis, and the condition is relatively single, only blood is hot. However, the disease related to blood stasis in today's clinic is very complicated, and there is also a phlegm, wet and heat. This may be related to many factors such as today's diet, excessive work, and unregistered. Therefore, the author often uses it in conjunction with other prescriptions when clinical use. If you will arrive with the soup and the bloody soup, the peach and four soups are combined, and the addition and subtraction, it is used to treat ischemic cerebrovascular disease, including cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cavity cerebral infarction, cerebral arteriosclerosis Causes cerebrovascular dementia, good result, and unpaid blood circulation and cultivation. Especially in the clinical language, limb numbness, limbs, slow response, headache, brain, etc., use this way to improve or disappear.

Building, male, 85 years old, professor of foreign language. I have had high blood pressure for 12 years, 2 diabetes for 18 years, after the left half of cerebral infarction, 15 years, mental depression for 52 years. The language is unclear, forgotten, everyday family life is always afraid of his wife to cook or reverse the glass of water. For decades, the trivial things of life have relatives, and they are also illustrative, and there are many troubles and pains in life. Yu Wang's gait is strange, the action is slow, and then the deceased will stay if there is a wooden chicken. If you don't send it, you have to take a medical certificate by your family. The rest of the tongue is yellow, the tongue is dark, the tongue is obvious, and the pulse is string. TCM syndrome evolution is a phlegm and elay, blood stasis, treatment with clearing heat, blood circulation, open-minded god, vocabulary to soup, peach and four soup, pluster Nanxing, Shichangpu, French half summer, 苓, etc.. Afficing and subtraction, treatment for one month, the patient's gait is normal. Three months later, the patient's language fluent, the look is cool, talking about a often people in the diagnosis, remorseing his wife's doubts about his wife, regret. Its 52 years of depression completely disappeared, and he believes that this is a head work. This case has forgotten the symptoms, so it is recovered by the phlegm and phlegm and stasion.

Liu, male, 77 years old, Beijing people. On July 10, 2015, the patient took a wheelchair to visit, and his family took a history. I have never had nephrotic syndrome, renal insufficiency, high blood pressure for more than 12 years, and gout, drug-friendly liver injury, coronary heart disease (with stent surgery), hyperlipidemia, cerebral infarction, prostate hypertrophy. Now dizziness, lethargy, chest tightness, shortness of breath. The tongue is thick, the tongue is dark, and the pulse is slippery. Tempered to serve as a soup treatment, take 77 doses. On December 3, 2016, he was on the floor, and he conspicted to health, the disease is all, and the road is like wind.

The good for forget, especially cerebrovascular patients, due to insufficient blood supply. This is a clear understanding of "Lingshu · Deman", the original cloud: "The people are good for forgetting, what is the gas? 岐 伯 曰: 上 伯 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰Then, the camp is still left, and I will not be on time, so I will give it to the "Lingshu". The "Treatise" Yangming Sick 237 mentioned: "Yangming It will have a bloody blood. So, there is a long-awaited blood, so it is forgotten ... Zhang Zhongjing used to use the forgothips caused by the treatment of blood stasis to the soup. The rest of the imitation of the sacred people, with the treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases in the soup, and received the effects of generally promoted blood circulation and phlegm.

Rheumatoid subcutaneous nodules

Jiang, female, 37 years old, professor of a university in Harbin. July 13, 2018. The patriarchal double-legged skin is a lot of hard knots, according to the pain, and the calf is swollen for 2 months. Local examination of anti-glutinous bacteria "O" antibody super normal value is 1 times. For the past 20 years of pain history, there are many blood clots, ovulation period bleeding for half a year, gallbladderitis, shoulder pain more than 10 years, it is difficult to get up seriously. After the survival see: the patient's calf hard, the pain, the pain, the big, the adult thumbnails, small, like a small thumb, the tongue is white, the tongue is dark, the tongue, the pulse, the pulse. Diagnosis is a rheumatoid subcutaneous noductick (wet heat and blood), and the ciant Cochetan has been scattered with Tang Jialianqiao, 1 dose per day, divided into 3 times, combined 16 doses (10 days). Patients from July 29, 2018, come to Beijing, and v. The rest of the original origin 14 doses. The patient came to Beijing on November 16, 2018, and the painful pain was healed. The ovulation period did not bleed, and the shoulder pain was also disappeared. Thyroid nodules, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroid, prostate hyperplasia

The author treats thyroid nodules, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, prostate hyperplasia, each with a tangry and oligo liver collateral, and it is more efficient than using the liver collier.

The liver scattered completion is the experience side of the famous Chinese Medicine, the "Chinese Medicine Internal Medicine", the original composition: Angelica 15g, Danshen 15g, Bupleurum 10g, Red peony 15g, Kunpa 15g, seaweed 15g, The sea float is fried 15g, the summer is 15g, the Chuanbei powder joins 3G, raw oysters, 4g, mysterious 15g, Chuan Knee 9g.

The printed river is subtracted to this party: Treatment of breast hyperplasia, thoracic osmitis to Chuan Chuannee, plus full melon 30g, public English 30g; treatment of neck lymph nodphitis to Knee Achyranthes, Calang 9G, housing 9g; treatment of uterus Myometry is used in Zelan 15g, and the 茺 子 30g.

Miao, female, 33 years old, Inner Mongolia Chifeng people. The past bilateral breast hyperplasia for more than 10 years, accompanied by nodules, the right spectrode is 0.6 × 0.3 cm, the left spectroduction is 0.3 × 0.4 cm. The patient's v. Your own arm or upper body, otherwise it will trigger the pain, seriously affect your life and work. After the doctor, I learned that the patient was angry, insomnia, hair loss, and the stool were serious. It often relied on the opening of the Tonglu or Tongchao, the tongue is white, the tip of the tongue has a red dot, and the pulse is fine. Yu Tan takes the soup with the soup and the liver touches, and the printed will be submitted to the Knee Knee, and add melon and dandelion. The patient's reminded three doses after the double milk swaining pain was significantly reduced, the breast has begun to gradually be weak, and after the 15 doses are complete, the patient will tell the pain of breast pain and the hard symptoms completely disappeared. After taking 96 doses of medicines, it has all disappeared, insomnia, hair loss, back pain, and dry and other symptoms.

Menstruation is not adjusted

"Golden Chambers · 篇" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " The rest of the imitation of the law of Zhongjing, with the treatment of the Tang Tang and the treatment of women and the moon is closed or the blood stasis is not adjusted, and the effect is extraordinary.

Gold, female, 38 years old, Beijing people. Self-complaints have been about 30 days of menstruation cycle, but there is no menstruation in the past 3 months. Has been gynecological in Soumei Hospital, giving oral progesterone capsules, 2 capsules per night, continuously taking 6 days, menstrual flow, and there is a phenomenon of midnight abdominal pain, eliminating early pregnancy, gynecological B super related There is no abnormal test, and the hospital has changed from intramuscular injection of progesterone. One day, continuous injection for 3 days, the menstruation is still not, the patient came to see the doctor. Inquiry knows that there is a history of pain, color darkness, plumbin, blood clot, post-abdominal pain reduction. The tongue, the text is tender, the sharp is red, and the pulse is fine. The diagnosis of Chinese medicine is closed, because blood stasis and blood are biased, the treatment is born with blood circulation and blood stasis and replenishment and gas, and the soup and expired drinking party plus ginseng, raw scorn, and mother grass. Prescription: Raw Term 10g, Sichuan Army 6g, Sworm 6g, Worm 10g, Peach Term 10g, Angelica 15g, Chuanxiong 10g, Red Acony 15g, Land 12g, Xiangfu 10g, Zuo 10g, Guizhi 6g, Wooden Sweet 6g , Tongtong 6g, Yihara 30g, Prince 30g, raw scutellarium 30g, licorice 6g. The patient was tide after taking the medicine, and there was no abdominal pain.

Li Sou, female, 42 years old, Jilin Province White City, first diagnosed on October 5, 2018. In 17 years ago, a hospital was diagnosed as Baijiki syndrome. In 2017, a boy, after 10 days, due to the abortion, from this Baizhe's syndrome, the local treatment is invalid. There is always a history of endometriosis for 3 years. Zhibo: stomach bloating, dry, tone, hook, slight, strip, texture stick, 3 × 7 cm of outer ulcer. Tongue tongue, dark, sharp red, pulse string slippery. TCM diagnosis: liver spleen and cold and heat and volatility, surprising stomach spleen (treatment of mouth erjeous) He Longqi diarrhea soup (the mortary genital elimination) plus water, earth element, 7 doses. On November 6, 2018, after 3 days of complaint, the mouth and the mutin were ulted. After seven days, they disappeared, and the seven doses were taken in the local area, and the 14 doses were taken before and after The rest of the tongue, there is still a heat, and the original addition or decrease is 14 doses, and it consolidates the treatment to prevent recovery.

Han, female, 44 years old, Beijing people, first visit on December 19, 2017. The self-prided dysmenorrhea has been 30 years since the age of 14, and the last menstrual period is December 13, 2017. After the abdominal pain such as a knife, the pain is desperate, the cold breeze, the whole body is chill, the first day, the pain is the highest, the blood clot is more, the color is dark, and the temperature is reduced. I checked his tongue dark, and the moss is thick and greasy, and the pulse is string. TCM syndrome differentiation is a bloody dysmenorrhea, which is investing in the treatment of soup and Xiaoyao. After 3 weeks, January 7, 2018, the dysmenorrhea has not obvious, the feeling of the whole body is cold and the cool breeze has disappeared. The continuation and destination of the continuation and decrease from January 28, 2018 to the painlessness, change the degree of peony drugs and arrogant to the effect of the soup, until February 24th, there is no obvious discomfort, and there is no obvious discomfort. Hepatobiliary system disease

Yu Zhihua and Huasheng Tongyu in the past ten years have been used in early treatment, and the medium-term nodules of cirrhosis has achieved good results.

The Huashen Tongyu is the empirical side of the printed river to treat liver disease. The treatment of nodules is especially, the drug composition: Bupleurum 15g, Danshen 15g, red peony 15g, raw oysters, 10g, grass 10g, Haiji 15g, peach kernel 10g, safflower 10g, born yellow 6g, raw leeches 10g, Tuyuan 10g, tulip 15g, Chuanxionzi 9g, orange 10g, purple 10g.

Wang, male, 54 years old, people in Longjiang County, Heilongjiang Province. In 200 years, I have been diagnosed with liver cancer placement lesions in a hospital in Shanghai, in November 2013, and tiened the treatment of tissue-proof interventional treatment of skin liver puncture microwave hotcutum cancer damage. Because of its early liver cancer, there is no premature, and there is no release, chemotherapy. Diagnosis of discharge is: postoperative liver cancer, hepatitis B after hepatitis B, hepatitis is high, spleen, gallbladder multi-initial meat, hepatitis B carrier, benign prostate hyperplasia.

The patient was diagnosed into TCM after discharged from hospital. Inquiry knows that patients have twenty years of alcoholism, oral Western medicine entecavir three years, self-vision, feel bad, I am tired, I am upset, urinary yellow, dry eyes are not suitable, her hands are "Zhu Sand", Face Black, the tongue is greasy, the tongue is dark red, the tongue is obvious, and the pulse is strong.

After the afterticism of hepatitis B, the tuberculosis of hepatitis B is firing during the compensation; Chinese medicine syndrome is liver and humidity, and it has been injured and caused by tumor. Treatment, blood circulation, dredging liver and gas, and invests in arrival of soup and Huashenian. Prescription: Bikawa 10g, Sichuan Jun 6G, peach tire 10g, 蟅蟅 10g, 虻虻 6g, Angelica 15g, Bupleurum 10g, Danshen 15g, Red peony 15g, raw oysters, 4g, safflower 10g, Tulip 15g, Sichuan Neville 12g, Campanula 10g, purple 10g.

Due to the fact that the patient is far from living, 30 doses each time, respectively, the tongue is greasy, the liver disease has a history of cancer, so that there is a wet poison, so it is in the square to join the 30g, purslane 30g, Mountain 30g, Half Lotus 30g, white flower snake tongue 30g, to increase its clear and humidity.

After recent four months, after nearly four months, the nuclear magnetic recurrent confirmation is disappeared. After the treatment of a year, the nuclear magnetic confirmation caused by the nuclear magnetic confirmation. Patients have no discomfort as ordinary people. The hospital checks the gallbladder and spleen and the spleen are also disappeared. There is no abnormality in all blood biochemical examination. The rest of the patient's palm, its liver has no, 余于 方 中 中 中 解 解 解, 嘱 嘱 嘱 1, continue to consolidate for two months. After a few months, the patient reviewed, no abnormal liver, normal liver function, and stopped medicine.

In the past ten years, I used to treat the dispensing period of liver cirrhosis, especially the nunishanic cirrhosis of the compensatory period, cured, so the summary experience is as follows:

First, the resistance to the tones and the tonal gas consistency, the subsequent sub-treatment and subtraction, the treatment of post-residue residue after hepatitis is very good. If there is a patient with a large amount of ascites or vomiting, hepatic kidney syndrome, which is a patient with a large amount of ascites or vomiting blood, and hepatic kidney syndrome, which is not as good as a compensatory patient, but it is difficult to cure.

Second, the treatment of cirrhosis, must adhere to the medication and can not be available.

Third, cirrhosis and liver cancer are not only related to blood stasis, heat, and also related to wet poison, in the clinic, can be added to raw glutinous rice, 30g, Soil 30g, 30g of white flower snake tongue 30g, etc. Clearing wet toxicity contributes to the treatment of cirrhosis and preventing the occurrence of cancer.

Fourth, patients must be taboo, avoid greasy, spicy, sweet, to prevent wet heat. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid smoking, tune mentality, and prevent it.

Five, Yu Zhihe is hardened with many people. After half a year to two years, there is no damage to all blood biochemistry and liver and kidney function after healing, and the patient is better, and the symptoms of the soup are used. Evil is not hurt, and it is also harmless. Therefore, the author Lenovo Zhu Liangchun, who has treated the use of insecticides to treat the problem of incurable diseases, and believes that it is never a wind.

Blood stasis

Ningmou, male, 7 years old, Beijing people, on December 1, 2017. The right spermatic hydrochrite in the scrotum, Chinese medicine is called hernache, and there is a slump in the scrotum such as adult thumb size, hard, touch pain. Because of the slowness of this disease, it is more difficult to treat this disease, so the balance refuses to treat it, it is recommended to go to Western hospital surgery. After the mother of his mother, the child came to the outpatient clinic, and the clinic was taken. It is unexpectedly, after 7 doses, the tumbles have resolved 1/3. After another 7 doses, the tumor has retired in a half. After taking 21 doses, the mass is completely disappeared and is gratifying. Yu Mou, male, 43 years old, Shandong, April 12, 2018. ZHO: Cirrhosis, high abdomen, scrotum is big from the small pear, bigger to Apple, and finally developed to the small watermelon, walking with both hands to hold the scrotum, vitality. There have been many years of alcoholism, and the whole body is used for 8 years in the whole body. He did the second trimming of the intestinal perpendicular in Weihai on May 7, 2016. On March 6, 2018, the diagnosis was inspected in Western Hospital. Water, seminal cystic hydroce effluent, right-test sheath fluid, the right groin and the scrotum mixed echo, considering hernia.

Tongue tongue, dark red, pulse. It is believed that this is blood stasis, and the blood is sick, and the herodion is caused by water, and the orange nuclear pill is added to the soup. Prescription: Orange core 9g, lychee core 9g, thick bush 9g, 枳 shell 9g, Yuanhu 9g, seaweed 15g, Kunb 15g, Chuanxionzi 9g, peach kernel 9g, Xiangfu 10g, Tongtong 6G, rack 10g, Tuyuan 10g, Sichuan Jun 6G, Sichuan pepper 9g, wood anti-self 9G, 葶苈子 包 10g, 苓 皮 30g, Hai Mao Geno 30g, Chen Yucao 30g, Big belled 30g, mother grass 30g. 7 doses, water fried, 1 dose. The patient recovered from April 26, 2018, and the 14 doses were returned to normal, swollen, swelling, pain, and pain, the patient was relieved, and the abdominal distension and ascites have also been reduced. Yu Zijiao fry 30g. After the 7 doses, the abdomen is reduced by half.

As mentioned above, only the author's approval of the application to resist the soup in the past decade, and its efficacy is far less. Arriving in the Tang in today's clinical practice, no one is unreasonable, this is a very regrettable fact, now you need to wake up to the application of the soup, so that it makes it practical.