Weight loss health little common sense: seven ways can help you "steam"

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Weight loss health little common sense: seven ways can help you "steam"

2022-01-28 06:06:31 50 ℃

The reason why you are fat is because the calories that usually eat is greater than the calorie consumed, and the heat is turned into fat.

Therefore, to lose weight, in addition to less eating, increase the burning of fat, which is to increase the metabolic rate of the body. But unfortunately, the metabolic rate began to decrease after 25 years old. After 40, the daily than 5% decreased every 10 years. Many people will say that they "drink cold water,", because their metabolic rate is lower than others, which has a congenital physique factor, which is difficult to change.

However, if you can do what you can do, you can help you "burn" fat:


When the ambient temperature is 20-30 degrees, the metabolism is stable, more than 30 degrees, the metabolism increases, so some southerners will be thin than the northerners. From this perspective, the northerners can take a few times a few times, and it is also a good way to lose weight.

Crude food

Eat more than a variety of foods can increase the metabolic rate, and the popular tallery is to eat more coarse grains, because the coarse grain is more cellulose, the satiety is very strong, and the increase in blood sugar has restricted heat to fat. Transform.


The food must be guaranteed to increase the metabolic rate. The digestion of proteins is difficult than carbohydrates and fat. It is simple to say if you eat 500 grams of meat, but eventually leave only 300 g of hot calories. Therefore, the diet containing the lean egg beans products is not easy to get fat than the food of the puree, which is one of the mechanisms of "eat meat weight loss". However, there is not too much intake of protein, otherwise it will be tired of kidney, in general, 10% -35% of food energy source, is sufficient from protein.


In addition to ensuring a certain protein, it is best to have a pepper, because capsaicin can stimulate the body secretion of adrenaline, thereby increasing the metabolic rate, and the spicy food is easy to make people feel full, some degree also inhibit appetite .


Studies have shown that under the premise of overall food, it is 5-6 times a day, and the metabolic rate is 24: 7 compared to a day. As long as each meal is no more than 4 hours, the body's metabolic rate can be maintained in a constant consumption, and such a range of treatment also avoids over-hunger caused by retaliatory overweight. However, pay attention to that the total amount of food must not increase because of the meals, and the meant is: "Total total control, structural adjustment".

High-intensity intermittent exercise

The energy consumption is inseparable from sports, how can you exercise better improve the metabolic rate? This is a high-intensity intermittent exercise. Specifically: 20 minutes of high-strength exercise, more effective than you run for 1 hour, because there are aerobic exercises such as long run, time long, the body is adapted to this Method, and after diet, it will encounter a platform period, which is no longer effective, and the body is no longer consumed due to adaptation without excessive energy.

So, the best way is to wear 30 seconds every 5 minutes of jogging, allowing the body to generate emergency consumption and improve the metabolic rate.

Muscle training

In addition to walking and running, strength training is also a good way to improve the metabolic rate. Strength training is a muscle, a person who often conducts muscle movement, his metabolic rate is 6.8% -7.8% higher than that of no exercise, because the energy consumption is completed in the mitochondria, the mitochondria is mainly in the muscles, muscles The more, the more the number of mitochondria, the better the function, this kind of person, even if he is lying, the consumption is much more than the people without muscles, so the more muscles, the more It is not easy to get fat, the reason is here.