Pretty poor second-generation dilemma: entering social work, behind others 5-10 years, self-awakening is too difficult

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Pretty poor second-generation dilemma: entering social work, behind others 5-10 years, self-awakening is too difficult

2022-01-28 06:05:00 43 ℃

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With regard to the gap between the rich and the poor, many countries have, my country as a developing country has been twisted with brains, after all, if necessary, it is difficult to develop policies to all levels, so in the next ten years, People who ordinary working class do only rely on their own efforts to complete the counterattack of life.

The economically Kni coefficient is a gap between the rich and the poor of a country or region - its coefficients between 0 and 1, the greater the coefficient, the greater the gap between the rich and the poor.

my country's statistical bureau announced in 2020 is 0.465, according to international standards, 0.4 is a warning line, more than 0.4 is the gap between the rich and the poor.

BBC's "Seven Years" documentary is expected to study in 56 years, and the children of 14 different classes have been studied, and the director only makes a precise future prefusion of them according to the class, and the children of the rich are very small. At the time, it made a precise plan for life, so as a large number of ordinary people in the individual's ability, family conditions, and social economy. From now on, breaking the poor gap is the most equitable way is the college entrance examination.

If you want to change from the poor into a rich, the minimum thing is to change the poor thinking. As soon for you to truly use our rich thinking, it is recommended that ordinary people don't forgote, this is a long awakening process.

The gap between the rich and the poor has created hundreds of millions of second-generation dilemmas. When they entered the social work, they have been behind others 5-10 years, and they are unwaken.

An ordinary person is even the original family has a disadvantage to achieve counterattack?

From the perspective of professional psychology, hundreds of billion second generations are mostly from these 2 "thinking traps."

Thinking trap 1: scarce mentality

The wooden barrel effect is a long plate and a short board. If it is very divided, you are a nine-point talent, a short board on the "wooden barrel" allows you to rapidly fall to five points or less than five points Ordinary people.

American scholar Murlaronson analyzed in "scarce: how we are in poverty and busy"

For example, the poor is too poor, so it is allocated in money. When there is conflict in life, the self-control ability will decline, so that some things that have lost their senses, resulting in the cause of evil, will continue to zoom in money, thus Form a vicious circle.

Whether you are in the heart, which factor is extremely lacking, it will become a great obstacle on your growth path, the foolish people will be bound by their feelings, and the feelings are the only thing in this world that cannot be worked hard, so the rich I don't want to be affiliated.

How to get rid of a scarce mentality, only one in your own way, that is, set the time buffer mechanism, any scarce is in essentially time is not enough, the rest of the scarce is just a surface phenomenon, reserved 余 余, establishing a buffer mechanism is the most effective Methods, learn more knowledge to change fate with buffer time.

Through meditation, we can let us form rational thinking, realize the nature of the problem, rather than evading the problem, is dragging the way, we all know that changing fate is subconscious, meditation per day, the strength of the accumulation change is huge.

Many company's high-level management will meditate on training. The research shows that meditation can re-plastic the machine's function, let people feel positive emotions, have a big role in treating various psychological diseases such as depression.

Some companies even make a week's time to the temple, throw away the mobile phone, seriously reflect on the behavior of this year, and thus implement the daily behavior, conduct accurate time management, establish a time buffer mechanism, meditation can make people maximize people from scarce Psychological transformation is focused.

The difficulty of meditation is that the impetuous people are difficult to persist for a long time.

Thinking Trap 2: The longer the face

Anyone who wants to succeed must face, the first trap of young people who have just born society is a face trap, even if you are a good background, if you can work more than the people around you, Making more bold behaviors, it has exceeded most of ordinary people.

First: Thick face can make you strive to get the opportunity and resources that others can't get, the second: thick face can meet your leadership leadership what.

And choose the gap. Third: Thick face can make you rejected and fail to immune, people who succeed will always be the number of failures.

There is a psychotherapy method called "rejected therapy", which is created by the American Chinese Jiangjia. Jiang A is a person with a typical face psychological disorder (childhood shadow), and he has repeatedly refused, caught in the entrepreneurial process. After the self-doubt, it was created this therapy to help yourself to successfully counterattack, and helped many people in the world, so the character is not an excuse of the thick face.

The thick face has two basic premise, the first is a desired goal and long-term pattern, the second is a strong belief.

Summary in the "World Videos'" programs, these riches have found the beliefs and goals that can cause their passion at a very early.

The happiness of Harvard is in the open class, the goal is the means of success, not the result, the goal will fail, the successful person begins to reverse, the process and goals are equally important after the average failure four times, and the goal is brought about Butterfly effect is huge. The difficulty of the thick face is that the target development hinders, many people can't find a clear goal, love the things and the air outlet industry may be two yards, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said, "Standing in the air, pigs can fly", but in the traditional industry You may "fly" in a few days.

For ordinary people, if you can't support the latter, you will start with a love thing. If you can't find it, you will try a lot from interested place.

To become a life winner, goal, choice, belief, courage, etc.

If you have already begun self-awareness, then you have won the life of life, people have to have a pattern, you can see the next ten years, you can also see the feet, do everything in front of you, reduce internal consumption, cultivate The heart and attention, the real outstanding person can do every little thing.

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Reference: Vogel, D. L., & Wester, S. R. (2003). To seek help or not to see Seek Help: The Risks of self-disclosure, 50 (3), 351.