Get lumbar muscle strain, what kind of bed is better?

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Get lumbar muscle strain, what kind of bed is better?

2022-01-28 12:06:47 64 ℃

From the perspective of treatment and prevention of lumbar muscles, it is preferred to use comfort and slightly biased beds, so that the balance of lumbar vertebrae can be maintained.

If it is too hard bed, such as a hardboard bed, not only the physiological curvature of the spine is not well, it will make people feel that the comfort is poor, and the muscle tension in the back is not fully relaxed, which in turn affects sleep. Improvement of quality and back pain.

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If it is too soft bed, it is difficult to provide sufficient support and protection, which may form a medium low and high-side shape under the weight of the human body, and it is easy to increase the muscle tension of the waist back.

Although it is well wrapped, I feel comfortable, but after night sleep, the waist muscle does not get full relaxation and rest, and it is easy to lead to the disorders of the backpapers, ligament balance, and aggravate lumbar and pain. symptom.

For patients with lumbar muscle strain, the role of mattress is to mitigate excessive tight waist muscles during the day, don't overream your brand or material, is the best for yourself.

The specific choice is mainly carried out according to the patient's weight, and the weight is recommended to choose a mattress that can be supported by the memory sponge; the weight is lighter, it is recommended to choose a brown pad, and appropriately adjust the hardness on the surface bed.

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